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    Whats Next?

    A friend of mine told me about this thread so I had to see what was going on,Ive been in this area for some time now and ive seen alot of things that make ya go hmmmmmmm.Ive seen this drum at more then one powwow and I knew when I read this that they would do the right thing,as far as the powwow commity goes its good to know they also are makeing things right,there are alot of good people in this area however........When are the real issues in the area going to be dealt with?
    What I am talking about is the fact we have an all womens drum here that is doing nothing but causing havoc,they think that drumming on their moon time is ok so long as no one knows about it,What about an Ojib elder that sits back and does nothing when all this is going on and will damn near put any woman in a jingle dress if she asks.This is only the tip of the iceburg and i know that not every thing can get cleared up at one time but dont you think its time to at least make an effort in putting an end to this kinda B.S?
    Maybe nothing has been done because it wasnt public knowledge so now it is!The issue with the drum and the powwow commity has been handled and every thing is ok between the 2 parties involved,So let it be and deal with the real issues at hand.We as Indian people live by strong traditions and beliefs yet we look past wrong doings from white people tring to be indians,they have no clue so they make up their own rules to justify what they are doing,In doing this they step on the true traditions pasted down to us from our grandfathers and grandmothers and yet no one does nothing but look the other way.Is this the indian way that my grandfather spoke about?
    Im sure Indian country is going to hear alot more on some of the things ive mentioned here and I am also sure that there will be alot of feathers getting ruffled when the names of the ones ive spoke of comes out but I will not be the one who puts the names up here,However if you want to know i will tell you in Im.the ones involved know That im talking about them for I am sure they are keeping track of whats said.
    I for one am done with the B.S Its time to start cleaning this place up and that exactly what alot of us are makeing plans to do.
    This is also posted in another thread but should be on the front burner so to speak.

    Well I guess ill put my 2 cents in on the subject of MEB and AAIWV cuz that is who is being discussed.I was a a Powwow last year and they played a "so-called" Veterans song and 8 Vets walked out of the Circle and 4 of us never went back in the Circle for the weekend.This so-called drum went to a Drum Competition in CA and from what friends in CA have told me that they were asked to leave because of the song that was played.What they should do is practice more and do a lot less gossiping and spreading some of the rumors and outright lies that come out of their mouths.Some of the things they have said have really hurt many people in the community,but if one follows back to source most are from them.They have a great following of Wannabes with their ebay regalia.I try and avoid them and powwows that have them as a drum.As a group they have no honor nor idea what kind of bad medicine they bring to the Circle.
    So are there any comments cuz I saw a thread about womans drum groups and know a great one that is really well like from CA and another from the East Coast.
    I've said all I can but will watch and see what people about this subject.
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    Wow I just wrote that in another thread this morning!thanks joe for seeing that it might need more attention, sounds like you know the people im talking about!maybe we know each other.


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      well hmmmmmmmm

      Well i guess that answers the question on if you know them or not lol. So I guess you are in this area and know what im talking about.I dont know much about what happened in that competition but I do know that they have sang ojibwe sweat lodge songs at powwows.and then they wonder why people are getting pissed!
      there are alot of people waiting for them in ohio to show up at a powwow,some how I dont think its gonna go very well.Any way im glad to see there are alot of people that feel the same way I do about whats going on in this area.
      Its clean up time people......get yer boots on!
      peace Joe!


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        You guys are talking about that Mother Earth Beat womans drum. Those women dont know what they are doing. I was at the drum comp where they were kicked out on their butts.
        They were doing Ojib lodge songs there. They really suck. Someone should cut open their drum head and save the ancestors if the have any inside. Some ndns call them Mother Dead Beat. Like i said before THEY SUCK!


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