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  • gas and pow wows

    how is the price of gas going to aflect your going to powwows this year?

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    We're REAL close to hitting $3.00/gallon and I can almost guarantee it will be there as the summer rolls on. With a 2006 Suburban that's bad news. I have a 30 gallon that's what??? $90.00/tank!!!

    But I'm a hard core pow-wow girl! Just gonna have to pile in all of my homies and take a crew EVERYWHERE I Gonna have to split the cost because that's just crazy!


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      Yeupp.....Thats how we're gonna be doing it too. *S*. Pile as many people in the car and split the costs. Plus camping instead of hitting the hotels. Last summer when the costs were just as high, we ended up staying local or min or 3 hrs to a powwow.
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        I think it will hurt some of the smaller dances that are not in the heart of NDN communities. I hope not.

        I know we will have to select our dances and limit the ones we go to, mostly close to home. We have one long distance dance we will go to. We go to this dance every year.


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          As of monday, the regular unleaded was $3.25! It's pretty depressing!!! The newspaper says the gas will probaly go even higher. So, i don't know what will happen with long distance pws this year. Unfortnately, when gas goes up-everything else goes up, too!!!!!!
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            Yep, you got that right. We ordered a pizza last week and they are now including a delivery charge. Gas prices are outrageous. It is already starting to affect us as far as going tp p/w's. We are just gonna have to pick and choose carefully.
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              At Wal Mart a few weeks ago, I saw some summer tops that I wanted to buy. I checked them out the following week and the gas prices were not even at $3.00 yet and those tops went up a dollar. They were already in the store when the gas went up!!! WTF!!!


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                probably stick close to home ... gas is like gold nowadays .. lol.

                ppl phoning for rides to the store or whatever, used to do for nothing but now gotta charge ... or just say no
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                  I's think'n 'bout crammin' my lil' tribe into a little Honda Civic or sumthin'. I wanna limit the cost, but not the extent of my adventurous travels.


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                    gas is krazy high
                    but i was jus going over my powwow calender and i dont think im gonna let the gas get me down i still plan on traveling this summer with the kids!!!! powwow trail 06 is gonna be greAt !!!



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                      Gas has actually just went down 1 cent. We now pay $2.73. I hope it goes down some more. I need to fill up my truck soon.


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                          Lord, gas prices are CRAZY!!!! I'm just getting back into the powwow scene after time off for school. Guess I better use my charm to bring in the big tips!!! Otherwise my powwows will be few and far between!!!


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                            This is my first year back after almost two years of not much is going to stop me!! I've just decided NO a/c, and I'm going to be leaving waaaay early so I can drive under the speed limit. I'm also going to have to take my brothers Warren and Rocky with me so they can chip in!! BUT WE ARE SO THERE.....
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                              well now, i checked the gas prices today......regular unleaded is ......(drum roll please)...$3.43!!!!!!!! me and my friends joke that we should buy anything we need/want on the day we see it cuz the next day, it'll be $10.00 more!!!!!! and it's sooo SAD cuz that's what will be happening.......probably. everything else is gonna keep going up in price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID PRES. BUSH do something for us!!!


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