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~2006 UCLA Pow Wow Results~

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  • ~2006 UCLA Pow Wow Results~

    UCLA Powwow
    6 & 7 May 2006

    Jr. Girls Fancy
    3. Morning Star Yazzie 2. Miss Asapace 1. Jaylee ?

    Jr. Girls Jingle
    3. Tia Moreno 2. Auriah Rose Begay 1. Briana Pinnecoose

    Jr. Girls Traditional
    2. Dancing Star Layton 1. Larissa Bohay

    Teen Girls Fancy
    2. Sonia Sierra 1. Alyssa Phillips

    Teen Girls Jingle
    Briana Smith (Morning Bear)

    Teen Girls Traditional
    3. Harmony Rossi 2. JaShun Tsosie 1. Celeste McGurk

    Jr. Boys Traditional
    Shyden Pinnecoose

    Jr. Boys Grass
    Cesar Robidaux

    Jr. Boys Fancy
    Robert Powell

    Teen Boys Traditional
    2. Eric Bohay 1. Michael Solis

    Teen Boys Grass
    3. Leigh Yazzie 2. Jackson Tahuka 1. Mason James McGurk

    Teen Boys Fancy
    3. Nathan Logan 2. Fabian Phoenix 1. Anthony Toya

    Woman’s Golden Age
    3. Virgie Tsosie 2. Karen Wahwasuk 1. Sammye Dominguez

    Women’s No. Traditional
    3. Tamara Toya 2. Alva Fiddler 1. Jacinta Tsosie

    Women’s So. Traditional
    3. Devin Lopez 2. Dalyn Alley 1. Danita Goodwill

    Women’s Jingle
    3. Rio Pennington 2. Henrietta Scalplock 1. Acosia Layton

    Women’s Fancy Shawl
    3. Heidi Navarro 2. Starr Robidaux 1. Verna Street

    Men’s Golden Age 50+
    3. Badger Wahwasuk 2. Giles Bullshield 1. Barry Hamilton

    Men’s No. Traditional
    3. Paris Layton 2. Lonnie Street 1. Ardel Scalplock

    Men’s So. Traditional
    3. Silas Perkins 2. Matthew Shieka 1. Lewis Perkins

    Men’s Fancy
    3. Julian Phoenix 2. Rene Navarro 1. Dennison Brown

    Men’s Grass
    3. Dennis Tate Navaquaya 2. Randy James 1. Dakota McGurk

    Drum Contest
    3. Painted Whistle 2. Bear Springs 1. Red Buffalo

    *Sorry if names are misspelled or didn’t get them. Have a nice day!
    **"Father eagle will always guide and protect."**

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    Thanks for the list


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      good powwow


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        Is this powwow still on the soccer field? I enjoyed it 6 years ago. Plus it's close to the beach and Hollywood. Congrats to the winners!


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        • Emmy
          by Emmy
          July 21-22 2007 winners

          i got the full list from Dot. Im pretty sure the spellings are bad, so im sorry in advance :)

          Boys Traditional
          William W. Mosley Jr
          Slam Dunkley
          Danny Fragaso

          Boys Grass
          Quinton Wilson
          Dustin Bigmountain...
          07-30-2007, 10:03 AM
        • Modern Day Warrior
          FSIN Results...
          by Modern Day Warrior
          Evening Everyone..any results from Saskatoon yet???

          Go Sox Go...
          10-21-2007, 09:06 PM
        • Mato Winyan
          FSIN Powwow - Saskatoon
          by Mato Winyan
          All listings are from First to Last Place

          FSIN Powwow Princess 2006-2007 ~ Nicole Waskewitch

          Golden Age 50+ - Mens Traditional

          Larry McKay
          Cecil Nepoose
          Mike Peeyachew
          Gordon Lewis
          Arsene Tootoosis
          11-11-2006, 11:31 AM



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