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'Muckleshoot Veterans Assn 5th Annual Powwow' june 23-25, 2006

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  • 'Muckleshoot Veterans Assn 5th Annual Powwow' june 23-25, 2006

    Host Drum:
    Northern Cree - Morley, AB

    Masters of Ceremonies:
    Vince Beyl - Bemidji, MN
    Jerry Meninick - Yakama, WA

    Arena Director:
    Ray "Bigfoot" Thunderchild - Thunderchild, SK

    Head Judges:
    Elaine Miles - Umatilla, OR
    Joe "Tiny" Bellanger - Red Lake, MN

    Golden Age 800/600/400/200/100/100
    Adults 1,000/800/600/400/200/100
    Teens 300/200/100 - Juniors 200/100/75

    Chicken Dance - George Flett, Spokane Tribe
    Crow Bustle - MIT Veterans
    Veterans Special - MIT Veterans

    1st Place - $4,000 plus jackets and trophy
    2nd Place - $3,000 plus sweatshirts and trophy
    3rd Place - $2,000 plus hats and trophy
    4th Place - $1,000 plus trophy
    5th Place - $800
    6th Place - $600

    First 15 non-contest drums paid.

    Host Hotel: King Oscar (253) 288-1916, mention Group #623 for Powwow Rates
    1st Grand Entry, Friday, June 23 @ 7PM
    Honoring Veterans June 24th right after the first Grand Entry

    Muckleshoot Ballfield
    39015 172nd Ave SE
    Auburn, WA 98092
    Google Maps & Directions | Hotel & Motel Locator
    Contact Info:

    Kelvin (253) 261-2179 or Mike (253) 261-1764 Vendor space is limited. Food vendors must have food handlers permit

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      to the toppppppppp


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        to the top


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          this weekend


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            got this in a email

            Schedule for Trial Run on Saturday 6/24 & meeting on 6/25

            Friday- Receiving guests from Canada, Cowlitz, Quinault, Elwha, Squaxin Island and Jamestown. Will not have protocol or dinner. We are expecting canoes from Suquamish, Muckleshoot, Hoh River, Port Gamble to depart from Suquamish at 6 AM to arrive at shilshole around 9-9:30 AM to meet up with the canoes above. Tulalip and Puyallup and will also show up to launch at Shilshole.

            Saturday- No Breakfast. Will be launching at Shilshole Bay at 10 AM. Travel through Locks and Ship Canal to Sand Point. Expect to arrive at Sand Point around 1 PM. Will have sandwiches and drinks before returning to Muckleshoot. Will have dinner at the Phillip Starr Building catered by the Muckleshoot Casino around 5 PM. Following dinner we will have open floor time at gymnasium.

            Sunday- Will meet at Muckleshoot Casino HR ConferenceRoom at 9:30 am. Will have a big brunch at meeting catered by the casino. Expect to wrap up discussions around 1 PM.

            Muckleshoot Veterans Pow Wow will be ongoing during the weekend at Muckleshoot. People cango to pow wow on Friday night and after meeting on Sunday if they want.


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              Who are the winners?


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                I left early but I heard it was 1st: Young Spirit 2nd: Wild Rose 3rd: SRO-Standing Room Only in the drum contest.

                ...that's so, so true...


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                  good powwow! and it DIDNT RAIN!!!


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                    someone must have the complete winner list


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                      This was a very good pw. The only thing is, I didn't see any pw shirts for it. I left before the winners were announced too. The chicken dance specials were excellent.

                      We couldn't find the place when we first got there. We followed that map on the calender page w/ the feather. We were right in the middle of auburn. I started thinking, these white people are very nice to have the pw right in the middle of town. Then we asked for directions and found out it's down the road about 10-15 miles. I got a good laugh out of that one.

                      Half of nevada was on fire when we drove thru.


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                        I think that Manuel Mount won the Chicken Dance Special!
                        Headed out early, loaded up on fireworks from the boomtown!

                        They did this weird thing were they had fancy shawl dancers leading in the chicken dancers at the start of each round of the chicken dance special??? What the.......?

                        ...that's so, so true...


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                          yea i was wondering too!!!


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                            Originally posted by 1fromozette
                            Arena Director:
                            Ray "Bigfoot" Thunderchild - Thunderchild, SK

                            Head Judges: Joe "Tiny" Bellanger - Red Lake, MN


                            Bigfoot Thunderchild and Tiny Ballenger are two names I hadn't heard for quite awhile. I'm glad to see both are still alive and well in the powwow world! Both are excellent singers!

                            How did they do?

                            Originally posted by ntownn8tive
                            I left early but I heard it was 1st: Young Spirit 2nd: Wild Rose 3rd: SRO-Standing Room Only in the drum contest.


                            I heard Wild Rose did an excellent job at the Ft. Duschene Ute powwow this past weekend. They came with a full crew and rocked!

                            I have never heard them, but now I am really interested!
                            Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                              Fo' Sho', Wild Rose get they hustle on!

                              ...that's so, so true...


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