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  • Have you ever....

    Have you ever gone to a pow wow and forgot something you needed really bad(example tolite paper) and you left it???
    Chelsey Rose

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    There was once I drove 5 hours to a pow wow to camp out and just enjoy the weekend, got the tent all set-up, was ready to move in the clothes, etc... only I'd been in such a hurry, I'd left the clothes bag right next to the door... oppsss... lol
    Thank god there was a Wally World close by.
    I became a singer because I love to sing... and to feed my addiction to cough drops!


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      This one time when I was packing up our van to go to a pow wow and my sister came up ad she started talkig to me and she distracted me so I pack out stove,propain,food but I forgot to pack our pots and can opener. lol thats was some pow wow.
      Chelsey Rose


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        Kind of excited...going to the Gathering Of Nations Pow Wow, this time to dance. So Iundefined'm a little nervious! But very excited! Hope to see to see you all there...and if dancing i will be praying for you.
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        i went to a small pow wow today. i have been to this pow wow in past years and had a good time then. this year, not soo good. just took for ever to get anything done. the m.c. kept asking folks from the drum, "what's next??" i know there is ndn time, but this was a first.
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