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  • Pachanga Pow Wow

    Anyone have any Head Staff Info?

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    Geez I guess not. lol. Well I just know that Southern Express is host So. Drum and No Name singers is an invited drum. It seems like this pow wow is not really advertised. I took a look at thier website and they have a flyer on there but no head staff info. Is anyone even going to this pw? Hmmm or is all the drama from past years keeping dancers away.


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      ~Pechanga Pow Wow~



      HEAD MAN – Saginaw Grant
      HEAD WOMAN – Shannon Ahaitty Whiteman

      HEAD YOUNG MAN – Brooke Marshall Running Water Hagen
      HEAD YOUNG WOMAN – Carish Marie Poehay

      HOST DRUM – Southern Express – Head Singer: Tommy Phillips
      INVITED DRUM – No Name – Head Singer: Al Chalepah
      GUEST DRUM – Red Hawk Singers – Head Singer: Chris Washington

      HEAD GOURD – Les Hand


      HEAD MAN – David Wilson
      HEAD WOMAN – Arlene Allen

      HEAD YOUNG MAN – Tyler Bela
      HEAD YOUNG WOMAN – Erica FlyingHawk

      HOST DRUM – Spirit Drum – Head Singer: Ken Hood Jr.
      INVITED DRUM – Bear Springs – Head Singer: Glen Begay
      GUEST DRUM – Dancing Cloud – Head Singer: Steve Mojado

      ************************************************** *********

      MC – Tom Phillips
      ARENA DIRECTORS – Randy Pico, George Garcia and Jim Johnson

      Thanks for the info Vonnie!
      **"Father eagle will always guide and protect."**


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        I thought i Heard It All

        so who is head singer if the head singer isnt here anymore?
        INVITED DRUM – No Name – Head Singer: Al Chalepah
        any ideals?


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        • rezgranny
          Thanksgiving PW-Rama
          by rezgranny
          Has anyone seen a poster or flyer for this pw yet? I need details! Just kidding, I really would like to know who the head dancers are, host drum, invited drum, specials & payout. Anybody know anything?
          09-09-2008, 09:31 AM
        • NanGrand
          GON head staff and Midnight special
          by NanGrand
          i heard they passed out posters at Mohegan this weekend
          head man Jaz Bearstail
          head lady Tawny Hale

          head so drum judge Nashoba Simmons

          anyone know what who else???
          08-22-2005, 06:57 PM
        • ndnflyguy
          8th Annual Pow Wow in the Pines HonDah Casino Resort
          by ndnflyguy
          8th Annual Pow Wow in the Pines
          [COLOR=DarkGreen]HonDah Casino Resort
          June 11 & 12, 2005[/COLOR
          Head Staff:

          Host Northern Drum: River Cree Singers
          Host Southern Drum: Young Bird

          Head Man: Darrell Goodwill
          Head Woman: Rosie Tree...
          05-18-2005, 03:58 PM
        • Grizzly
          ~10th Annual Pechanga Pow Wow - July 1 - 3, 2005~
          by Grizzly
          Head Staff:

          MC: Tom Phillips
          AD's: Randy Pico, James Johnson & George Garcia
          Head Gourd Dancer: Earl Neconie
          Head Northern Man: Earl Sisto
          Head Northern Woman: Smoke Johnson
          Head Northern Young Man: Taimana Moguoquish
          Head Northern...
          06-28-2005, 05:32 PM
        • Duey
          Rama Thanksgiving Pow Wow 2008
          by Duey
          OCTOBER 11-12 2008

          Master of Ceremonies
          Vince Beyl, Bemidji, MN
          Co-MC, Alex Fox, Wikwemikong, ON
          Head Veteran, Bobby Bird
          Arena Director, Allan Manitowabi
          Head Male Dancer, Lee Benson
          Head Female Dancer, Melissa Benson
          Head Dance Judge,...
          09-14-2008, 11:33 PM



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