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Identifying Posters @ a Powwow.....

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  • Identifying Posters @ a Powwow.....

    What's the protocol here??? What's appropriate??? What's not? Do you like to be identified or not???
    "I'd rather be @ a POW-WOW!"

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    lol that'd depends on who's doing the ID'ing. If they're a few sammiches short of a picnic... the answer's "oh hellz no" if they're folks I'm cool with then yeah it'd be cool if they came up and said hey.
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      I dont approach ppl...i just point with my lips and say shyt like...hmm hes shorter than i thought or...dang she is prettier than so and so a watcher


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        You guys don't know the secret handshake?
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          I have met a few....I'm not particularly bashful....and it's just hello?? ...but everyone I've met has been really nice so far ..


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            Originally posted by Paul G
            You guys don't know the secret handshake?

            what handshake... let me know...

            if you can figure out who i am .. come say HI...

            some of you know who i am ... like 3... ayes..
            but yeah, if you can figure me out, dont be scared to come say hi... i dont bite, i am look mean, but really i am not..
            i really wont bite you head off the first time i meet you...

            its easy to find me... sometimes...

            this one ..
            this one...


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              ^^^ too much denile..


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                I've said it before.. I'll meet ya, but if you don't like me.. just don't spit on me LOL!
                Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                  I'm always looking to meet ppl from here. doesn't usually happen though.


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                    Erry now and then someone will come up to me and outta no where ask, "hey, aren't you homalosa?"

                    but dangit, they never ask for an autograph!
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                      No offense to anyone, but I would like to stay annoymous. Mainly because I wouldn't want my ideas, or opinions accociated with the group/s I sing with, and apart of. Not like I'm a really controvertial person, but.... you know how it is.
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                        I don't really mind people coming to say hi or whatever.. but its not hard to find me lol.. always wearing my sash
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                          I don't care if people come up to me and say Hi!! Nothin' to hide here....same as if I met you at the grocery store, or somewhere I said, I got nothin' to hide and nothin' to be ashamed of! It's culturally "RIGHT" to greet people you know and especially to welcome them, no matter where or how you meet them! If you see my mug at the taco stand with my mouth full, please wait til I'm done before you approach...and NEVER EVER reach for my food....can't be held responsible for lost fingers!!
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                            I make it a point to meet as many members as I can!

                            It is good to be able to put a real face with a user name.

                            This week I had lunch with ok24stacey and powwowngirl! Both very nice people! I am glad that I made the effort to get together.

                            "You have to be a friend to have friends!"
                            Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                              [QUOTE=* Cetan Zi *] what handshake... let me know...

                              Cetan.......hmmmm guess we live a sheltered life


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