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Kahnawake Pow Wow?

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  • Kahnawake Pow Wow?

    I tried to Google this pow wow, and I couldn't get any info for this year...I was wondering if anyone knew where this pow wow is held in Kahnawake. I know that its on an island, but Im not sure what the name of it is. Also, where should I look for a room? I know that this is only a few days away, but I just decided to go.... THANKS YALL!
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    what kind of Iroquois are u...don't know what island!!! and it's hotel COLEMAN TENTZ. BTW, they have really large mosquitos up there!!!
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      *L*...I guess Im out of touch with the Eastern end of the "Longhouse"...TENTS? Ummm, no...Im not about to risk my life to stay outside with Jurassic mosquitos! I have a phobia ...

      For real, though...someone please Big Ben me. I was emailed to flyer, but I don't have Microsoft Office to open it and read it
      "Talk Is Fine- If You Got The Time, But I Ain't Got No Time To Spare...."


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        Hey Struggs, try to look up motels in Ste. Catherines P.Q.

        There's some no-name ones there. That's everybody stays.
        BTW, if you gots liddle kids with you, don't let them channel surf. They gots porn on their T.V.s there.

        You might enjoy it tho'. Aye, jus kiddin


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          Kiwi- Im sure you could suggest me some MUST-SEE "children's programming!" *L*....But that's GREAT THANKS!
          "Talk Is Fine- If You Got The Time, But I Ain't Got No Time To Spare...."


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            Kahnawake Pow Wow

            The Kahnawake Pow Wow is being held on the 14th and 15 of July, this year, 2007. Grand Entry is at 12:00 on Saturday and at 1:00 on Sunday.

            This pow wow is located on the Kahnawake Mohawk reserve just outside of Montreal.

            A map is available on their website.



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              Hello Strugganona,

              There is actually an Inn in the community.

              Here's the info.

              The Riverside Inn • P.O. Box 1949, Kahnawake, QC (Canada) J0L 1B0
              e-mail: [email protected]
              Tel: (450) 632-6228


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