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Opinions about Milwaukee Indian Summer Event?

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  • Opinions about Milwaukee Indian Summer Event?

    Just wondering what people here think about this event. I've enjoyed it twice, but I never see any mention of it here on the boards. Do people consider this a pow wow or something else? Just wondering.
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    I have gone to Indian Summer for several years, love it and look forward to it every year.

    It's one of many ethnic festivals that Milwaukee is known for and Indian Summer wraps up the festival season here.

    There are many aspects to this festival including the pow-wow. It is a real pow-wow and all the traditions are respected.

    In addition, there are several other events or demonstrations to exhibit our culture.

    Feel free to browse the site for more information. This year is the 20th anniversary.

    I started volunteering for the festival (it runs mostly on volunteers) 3 years ago. I practically live down there all weekend.

    So what do I consider it- it's definitely a festival to celebrate the culture, it's a time for families from all over to come together and the pow wow is just one of the many enjoyable things you'll find there. It's more than just a pow wow, but I don't think the festival takes away from the pow wow.
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      A major sponsor is a beer company! No, no, and no way; that is my opinion. I would NOT go to an event like this. This directly is hypocritical to the mission statement of your organization.


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