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Tulsa Powwow 2006

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  • Tulsa Powwow 2006

    Who's going to Tulsa Powwow this year? Grand Entry is at 7 pm on Friday evening. It's at the convention center so at least it will be air-conditioned. I'll be there.
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    what are the dates?
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      It is tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

      You can view the flyer at

      We will be there:)


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        I'm going Sunday.. Heck yes, it's air condition and i sho' as heck ain't goin' be sweating it up outside! Nonetheless, I can't wait.


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          We should be there all day on Saturday. Yeah, AC sounds good with the temps the way they've been all week.


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            Last night at the the powwow, the head man dancer, Randy Moore, had a special fancy dance contest. There was really good competition. They danced to medium, fast and ruffle dance songs.

            Joe Bointy, J.R. Jacquez and Thorpe Sine were the finalists.

            Thorpe won!
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              tulsa powwow

              went Friday/Saturday good dance.. nice to see them get the dance back up and running..


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                so does anyone know who won in all the divisions at this powwow?? if you do let me know!!
                Are you taking me to sizzler??


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                  Good singing and dancing! I left before they announced the winners. I hope to be back next year! WOOHOO!


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                    I wrote these down as they were announced. Kelly was very hard too understand (the young ones names were especially hard to understand)...
                    Jr. Boys Traditional:
                    2nd: ? Harlen
                    1st: Coleman American Horse

                    Jr. Boys Straight:
                    4th: John Parker Daylight
                    3rd: Joshua Hand
                    2nd: Corey ?
                    1st: Ryan Goodfox

                    Jr. Boys Fancy:
                    4th: Kyle Sine
                    3rd: Ronnie Moore ?
                    2nd: Simon Washee
                    1st: Billy Leonard ?

                    Jr. Boys Grass:
                    4th: Peyton Moore
                    3rd: Edgar ?
                    2nd: Travis Leonard
                    1st: Jeffrey Lynch ?

                    Jr. Girls Fancy Shawl:
                    4th: Shania ?
                    3rd: Audrey Batiste
                    2nd: ?
                    1st: Kaylynn Rogers

                    Jr. Girls Cloth:
                    4th: Chauncy Cunningham
                    3rd: Robbin ?
                    2nd: Blake Sisk
                    1st: Jennifer Moses

                    Jr. Girls Jingle:
                    4th: Lacy ?
                    3rd: Kianna Factor
                    2nd: Frankie Ann Cunningham
                    1st: Tara Goodfox

                    Jr. Girls Buckskin:
                    4th: Skylar Factor
                    3rd: Paigelynn Moore ?
                    2nd: Toria Arkeketa
                    1st: Cherish Toehay

                    Golden Age Men:
                    3rd: Jimmy Johnson
                    2nd: Pat ?
                    1st: Andrew Gray

                    Golden Age Women:
                    4th: Gloria Matthews
                    3rd: Dolly Lane
                    2nd: Dee Dee Goodeagle
                    1st: Charlene Cozad

                    Ladies Cloth:
                    4th: Ponka-we Victors
                    3rd: Randa Shaw
                    2nd: Janet Bullcoming
                    1st: Nelly Yarholar

                    Ladies Buckskin:
                    4th: Tanith Reans
                    3rd: Salina No Ear Todome
                    2nd: Julia Noel
                    1st: Tonya Moore

                    Ladies Fancy:
                    4th: Brittany Yarholar
                    3rd: Nicole Sine
                    2nd:Leah Bates
                    1st: Tracy Moore

                    Ladies Jingle:
                    4th: Pam James ?
                    3rd: Autumn Moses
                    2nd: RaeAnn Simmons
                    1st: Yvette Goodeagle

                    Mens Traditional:
                    4th: Kevin Harlen
                    3rd: Rueben Littlehead
                    2nd: Crickett Shields
                    1st: Pat Moore

                    Mens Grass:
                    4th: Mark ?
                    3rd: Brandon Tiger
                    2nd: Marty Thurman
                    1st: Taite Honadick

                    Mens Straight:
                    4th: Ralph Haymond Jr.
                    3rd: Drew ?
                    2nd: Craig Satepauhoodle
                    1st: Otto Hamilton

                    Mens Fancy:
                    4th: Eliott Abby ?
                    3rd: Cortney Yarholar
                    2nd: Pete Moore Jr.
                    1st: Graham Primeaux


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                      Thanks!! I hope to make it next year!!
                      Are you taking me to sizzler??


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                        just wondering were there a lot of dancers there?? i wanted to go but we had other plans. I bet there were alot in cloth and buckskin. oh well next year.


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                          Originally posted by pinklady
                          just wondering were there a lot of dancers there?? i wanted to go but we had other plans. I bet there were alot in cloth and buckskin. oh well next year.
                          We went only on Sunday but one of my friends told me that there were 209 dancers registered, and like 40 cloth dancers I believe. There didn't seem to be too many in buckskin, but again I could be wrong.


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