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Grand River 'Champion of Champions' Winners

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  • Grand River 'Champion of Champions' Winners

    Grand River was a good powwow but it rained almost all weekend.. We were moved inside on Saturday and didnt dance until 6 pm. It rained in the afternoon on Sunday just as they were finishing adult contests. I have the adult winners and some others.

    Golden Age Men
    5th- Joe "Ponchie" Plain
    4th- Amos Key Jr.
    3rd- Alvin Manitopyes
    2nd- Ted White Sr.
    1st- John Sherry

    Golden Age Men's Smoke Dance
    1st- Hubert Buck

    Mens Traditional
    5th- Dan Isaac
    4th- Devan Kicknosway
    3rd- Nathan Isaac
    2nd- Wayne Cleland
    1st- Will Hedgepath

    Mens Grass
    5th- Jeff Schuyler
    4th- Jay Lomax
    3rd- Matt Isaac
    2nd- Niso Shawanda
    1st- Matt Pheasant

    Mens Fancy
    5th- Sam Lefthand
    4th- Tyrone Shawanda
    3rd- Dallas Sinapole
    2nd- Wes Cleland
    1st- Nigel Schuyler

    Men's Smoke Dance
    5th- Tahatie Montour
    4th- Manny Yellow
    3rd- David Smith
    2nd- Jordan Smith
    1st- Cameron Hill

    Golden Age Women
    5th- Velma Buffalo
    4th- Clara Teed-Bennett
    3rd- Lana Montour
    2nd- Muriel Lewis
    1st- JoAnn Whitehouse

    Golden Age Women's Smoke Dance
    3rd- Gloria Skye
    2nd- Rebecca Bowen
    1st- Patricia Hill

    Womens Traditional
    5th- Tara Trudeau
    4th- Challis Isaac
    3rd- Bernadette Shawanda
    2nd- Kristol Abel
    1st- Debbie Plain

    Womens Jingle
    5th- Paula Hedgepath
    4th- Adrienne Smoke
    3rd- Shannon George
    2nd- Shannon Beetso
    1st- Karen Pheasant

    Womens Fancy
    5th- Zelda Elijah
    4th- Chantel Porter
    3rd- Becky White Eye
    2nd- Teresa Magnuson
    1st- Heather Schuyler

    Women's Smoke Dance
    5th- Sakonohontsiawi
    4th- Reese Bomberry
    3rd- Tesha Emarthle
    2nd- Jija Jacobs
    1st- Tia Nicole Smith

    Teen Boys Traditional
    3rd- Ryan Schuyler
    2nd- Mike Russell
    1st- Nodin Cotrelle

    Teen Boys Grass
    3rd- Antuman "Georgi" Paquin
    2nd- AJ Elliott
    1st- DJ Whitehouse

    Teen Boys Fancy
    3rd- Cory Starr
    2nd- Nimkii Osawamick
    1st- DJ White

    17 & Under Boys Smoke Dance
    4th- Alexander Hill
    3rd- Tekahentake Regis-Montour
    2nd- Kanerah tado:don Hemlock
    1st- Tony Johnson

    Teen Girls Traditional
    4th- Aria Silversmith
    3rd- Robin Williams
    2nd- Cassidi Webkamigad
    1st- Sabrina Shawanda

    Teen Girls Jingle
    5th- Summer John
    4th- Nikki Hill
    3rd- Krista Osawamick
    2nd- Cheyenne Petoskey
    1st- Sarah Bellew

    Teen Girls Fancy
    4th- Mindi Maracle
    3rd- Angela Hamand
    2nd- Tekatenyes Doxtator
    1st- Rachel Simon

    17 & Under Girls Smoke Dance
    5th- Yolonda Elijah
    4th- Gawehegyeho Thomas
    3rd- Brittany Clause
    2nd- Heather Watts
    1st- Julie Bomberry

    Boys Traditional
    2nd- Noodin Niimebin Shawanda
    1st- Storm Baker

    Boys Grass
    5th- Dustin Longboat-Smith
    4th- Ceejay Kelly
    3rd- Luke Simon
    2nd- Timmy Johnson
    1st- Jenmee Bondy

    Boys Fancy
    5th- Brandon Shawanda
    4th- Chi-Giizhig Bressette
    3rd- Jo-Jo Maness
    2nd- Dallas John
    1st- Miisheen Meegwan Shawanda

    Girls Traditional
    5th- Raisa Williams
    4th- Dehmin Cleland
    3rd- Kaitlin Longboat-Smith
    2nd- Ashley Maness
    1st- Makayla Webkamigad

    Girls Jingle
    5th- Kyah Green
    4th- Tiara Thomas
    3rd- Shay Schuyler
    2nd- Adrianna Douglas
    1st- Waskwane Stonefish

    Girls Fancy
    5th- Jadyn Bomberry
    4th- Summer Hill
    3rd- Kaitlyn Douglas
    2nd- Lorralene White Eye
    1st- Beedoskah Stonefish

    Chicken Dance Special
    5th- Noodin Niimebin Shawanda
    4th- Nathan Isaac
    3rd- Dan Isaac
    2nd- Jay Lomax
    1st- Matthew Isaac

    Drum Contest
    3rd- Thunder Cloud
    2nd- Old Bridge
    1st- Beh Skaabii

    Beedoskah Stonefish is this years Champion of Champions with around 500 points. Congrats Beedoskah!

    Everett Webkamigad and Maya Schuyler won Adalia Plain's tiny tot special. Ascension Harjo & Chanelle Beetso placed 2nd.

    I'm pretty sure that is the final list of winners.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend despite of the rain!!
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    ~* Princess 2006-2007*~

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    My baby won the Tiny tot Special.....

    Maya Schuyler


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      Congtrats....Beedoskah Stonefish

      Her family Up North is very happy and proud to hear that she won "Champion Of Champions" title, it was her goal to win this and she Did it....way to go Baby Girl.


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        tiny tot special in Oshweken

        My little man won the boy's championship in the tiny tot special sponsored by the Plain family. My little man danced his heart out and we are all so proud of him. It was my birthday that day, what a great birthday present!


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          I posted the whole list of winners..
          ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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            Originally posted by OneidaLuv77
            My baby won the Tiny tot Special.....

            Maya Schuyler
            So you gonna post a pic?? Tiny tots are always my favorites at powwows!
            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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              I posted the whole list of winners....

              Just a correction to the Plain family Tiny Tot special, the male winner was my son, Everett Webkamigad. Asention won 2nd. Congrats to all of them though, they all looked soooo cute!!!


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                Ohhh many Nya:wehs

                Once again I just had to give a big thanks to the committee, and the participants for taking part of Dalli's special. It was simple and fun. Congrats to Maya & Everett, second was Ascension Harjo & Chanelle Beetso, and third went to Linden Hill and a cute lil jingle dress dancer that I can't remember her name!! *sorry* gotta check the video. I hope the first place dancers liked their lil "powwow travel kit". We tried to put everything in it we know we need for Dalli at pow wows. The powwow was fun-rain and all :) I always have a good time there cuz it's so relaxed. The vendors are amazing- but I didn't make it back before the downpour to get a sweater I wanted *boohoo* LOL I look forward to next year. Good to see everyone there and thanks to everyone to who supported her special! Happy dancing.....


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                  The P-w travel kit came in handy, especially the Shout wipes, Maya was pretty muddy on Sunday. LOL !! And YES congrats to all the cutie pies out there dancing there butts off.


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                    Pictures Anyone???

                    I was getting ready to dance on Saturday, and did not have time to get the camera. Does anyone have pictures of the tiny tot special and the winners? Thanks ;o)


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                      pictures anyone...tiny tot special at Grand River...

                      Hey there Maya's mom, I do have a video tape of their dancing, I am not sure how much of your gal is in their since I was taping my little guy, but I will copy and give to you when I see you again. Our family will be at home this weekend, Wiky. We will be at Harbor Springs next weekend, not sure after that. See ya sometime soon, liz webkamigad


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                        Thanks to you too...

                        I am very grateful for all of the goodies that Everett received, they will come in handy for the rest of the summer travelling that we will be doing. Meegwetch!!!! Liz Webkamigad and family


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