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Whew! Just returned from the pow wow trail

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  • Whew! Just returned from the pow wow trail

    Hey, we just returned from the pow wow trail and thought I would let my friends know that I am home...finally. LOL We started at Mayetta, then Hinckley, St. Croix, Sisseton, RedLake, Prairie Island, Tama and finally Ho-Chunk. It was an awesome trip. My little family did well on the competition trail, but the best part was seeing Red Lake reservation, going to Noah's Ark in the Dells and hearing all the awesome singing. It wasn't too hot, temperature-wise, but Red Lake was really warm. It has been a few years since we went to a "real" pow know, one without the four star hotel next door to the arena? LOL We camped, we stayed with relatives, ate traditional foods, went to feasts and ceremonies and just had a great time seeing all of our pow wow friends at thier home celebrations. Pow Wow people have such great hospitality and goodness in their hearts. Sometimes we can forgot that at the competition, high stake, big money pow wows, but it is still there and we experienced this goodness from our friends on the trail. So I would like to thank them and let everyone know that we had a good trip and alot of fun. That 16 days of straight pow wow was tough at times. LOL I think my favorite time was Sisseton, RedLake and Tama, they had alot of traditional dances there. Heard some awesome Jingle dress songs, saw some wonderful dancers, and alot of traditional values being enforced. It was great, now its back to the is starting soon. Good luck and safe travels to those still on the trail or just starting!!! sandy
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    Hey Sandy, glad to see ya back (wavin)...glad you had a good time!!! and a safe arrival back home, good luck with school!!


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