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  • Shakopee Winners?

    Does anybody know the winners from Shakopee yet? Please post.

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    Here's some winners:

    Jingle dress 18-44

    Sharon Fineday
    grace pushentonequa?
    december ariwhite?

    men's fancy northern

    larry yazzie
    itoncha st john

    men's southern fancy
    spike draper

    dwight white buffalo

    women's northern traditional:

    tasha goodwill

    andrea red man
    terra trujillo?

    women's fancy:
    gina topsky
    nami lasley?
    amber cleveland
    kelly lebeau
    star lasley

    women's jingle 45+
    denise one star

    marian pushentonequa?

    men's southern:
    Terrry zotigh?

    Women's southern:
    Toni tsatoke? sp?

    danita goodwill?
    deneen morris

    Men's northern traditional

    Mj bull bear
    rooster topsky

    Teen girls fancy
    sky hall
    taylor spoon hunter
    kelly walker

    teen boys traditional
    steve charging eagle
    darius isnana

    Teen girls jingle
    tess knight
    chelsey finley

    teen boys grass
    cante knight
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      Okay, here is what I know...My friend Tracy was there and I was listening to some of the winners, via cell phone:
      Women's Southern:
      1st Toni Tsatoke
      2nd Danita Goodwill
      3rd Tracy Pewo
      4th Lynn Thurman
      5th Danene Morris
      6th Erin Bemo

      1st Terry Tstoigh
      3rd Billy Pewo
      4th Billy Bemo
      5th Frank Adson

      1st Haga Cleveland
      2nd Julius NotAfraid
      3rd Rooster TopSky
      4th Mike One star, jr.

      Southern Fancy
      1st Spike
      2nd Tonch
      3rd Dwight
      4th Shorty Crawford

      Northern Fancy
      2nd: Larry Yazzie

      Jingle went to Dorothy
      Thats all I heard. LOL
      I am thankful for my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my aunties and uncles, my children, my companion and all of those who influenced me to be strong and proud of being who I am and where I come from. Knowledge is power


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        this is what i remember....... plus what i got from the other site:

        teens girls fancy
        1st-sky hall
        2nd-taylor spoonhunter
        3rd-kelly walker
        4th-from canada ???
        5th-chanelle (sp) dickenson
        thought anhinga would get in there

        teen girls jingle
        1st-tess knight thats all i remember
        chelsea finley got in there

        teen boys tradish
        1st-albert hindsley
        2nd-steve charging eagle III
        3rd-adaki hindsley
        4th-darius isnana or was it 5th

        mens grass
        1st-haga cleveland
        2nd-julius not afraid
        3rd-rooster top sky
        4th-mike one star jr or was it 3rd
        5th-cant remember
        6th-luke cloud

        Women's Southern:
        1st-toni tsatoke
        2nd-danita goodwill
        3rd-tracy pewo
        4th-lynn thurman
        5th-danene morris
        6th-erin bemo

        Jingle Dress
        1st- Dorothy Crowfeather
        2nd- Sharon Fineday
        3rd- Grace Pushetonquea
        4th- Yoklot Cornelius
        5th- Skwebe Landry
        6th- December Ariwhite

        Womens Tradish
        1st-jodi gillete
        2nd-kellie downwind
        3rd-tosha goodwill
        4th-andrea redmen
        6th-terra trujillo

        Womens Fancy
        1-gina topsky
        2-nahmi lasley
        3-amber cleveland
        4-kelly lebeau
        5-denielle stanley
        6-star lasley

        Southern Fancy
        1st-spike draper
        3rd-dwight white buffalo
        4th-shorty crawford
        5th-clay crawford


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          Jingle Dress
          5th- Shkebe Landry
          ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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            congrats 2 the winners
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              this was my last powwow ~!~!~ good to go out on the best this was the BEST powwow i been too all summer outside of sisseton~!~! thanx guyz



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              Eva-Hey Nakota
              NorthernWInd ojibwe plainz
              RIP lil brother


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