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95th Annual Shiprock Navajo Fair

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  • 95th Annual Shiprock Navajo Fair

    aka Northern Navajo Fair

    September 28-October 1, 2006

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    Shiprock Navajo Fair

    The Oldest and Most Traditional of the Navajo Fairs

    During the fall in Navajo Land, the Navajo people of the Four Corners come to celebrate the year's harvest with a community celebration.

    The Shiprock Navajo Fair offers a variety of events including arts and crafts, exhibits of horticulture, science, agriculture and livestock. The Miss Northern Navajo competition, a baby contest, concerts to comedians, song and dance competitions. Food concessionaires, a carnival and of course the SNF Parade through the main street of Shiprock.

    The Shiprock Navajo Fair is held to coincide with the conclusion of an ancient Navajo healing ceremony. The Night Way, a nine-day chant is commonly called "Ye'ii'-Bi-Chei". This is a very complex and detailed ritual and usually is held after the first frost. The public is welcome to view parts of the ceremony during the fair.


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      Flier at:


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        Gonna miss this year's event. Going to a concert in Tempe, Incubus is playing but gonna powwow in Tucson during the day. Sounded like superhero 'r something; Powwow by day, Party by Night.
        "I Ahula Ula"
        Enjoying the ride.


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          TY, I was down at San Xavier over the weekend!

          PM me a phone number in case I head down that way.


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            Well anyone have any idea how it went? We didn't make it over at all.


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              we didn't go either. This was my 1st weekend home and able to just 'lay around'... LOL. Actually went to see OPEN SEASON, which was a goot movie. Much better than the commercials portray. :D.

              Sunday, just watched football....went out to eat....bout it. Gettin ready for San Manuel....

              Oh yeah, I changed up the moccs I am beading for the lil one...much much I was busy beading.... got 2 more weeks to finish everything up....
              You have crossed my path, You will never be forgotten......

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                I guess no one from went to SR fair powwow....


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                  I went to this powwow on Sunday. It was soo dusty!!! My allergies started acting up. The drum groups i counted were about 10. Mile Post 30 was the host I think and Southern Outlawz did the gourd. I didnt stay long cause of the wind and dust...
                  "~~<~~~Miss Nikita~~~>~~"

         is where i be lol


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