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    Help sought for 2007 Native American Powwow and other projects

    Redbird, a 501(c)(3) non profit association based in Simi Valley, California, is planning to host the Children Of Many Colors Powwow again in 2007 at Moorpark College. We will need to elicit the support of a new Auxiliary Services Director at the college, as Dave Leyba retires this September. We also need to raise approximately $2,000.00 to meet our budget for 2007.

    One way we can do this is through the help of our friends and a program called eScrip. This free program allows merchants you shop with to make a contribution to Redbird on your behalf when you purchase things like groceries, dine out, or shop at places like Macy’s. It doesn’t cost you anything. Registering with eScrip is free and secure, and the donations are made by the merchant you shop with, not you, so there is no hidden expense to you.

    Registering with eScrip is easy and takes about five minutes, start to finish. Go to their website at and register the store loyalty cards (such as your Vons card) and other cards you make purchases with. Choose Redbird of Simi Valley, California to be the recipient of merchant donations. That’s it!

    If just 200 people sign up with eScrip now, we will have enough donations by next summer to cover our budget needs for the powwow.

    One of Redbird’s long-term goals is to create an eScrip support base of 5,000 members. This would allow us to pursue the development of Redbird Ranch, a Native American elder and transitional housing facility.

    We know that there are many worthwhile causes competing for your donations and support. The eScrip program is one way to contribute to Redbird without having to spend anything. Every person counts with this program. When we work together, small contributions add up.

    Please take a few moments of your time to register with eScrip. Every purchase you make with participating merchants will help further our efforts to promote and preserve Native American culture and to support those in need.

    With many thanks for your support and continued interest in our efforts,

    Corina Roberts, founder
    email: [email protected]

    Meeting Real Needs

    Food, clothing, shelter, school supplies for children and higher education opportunities for native people are among the needs that Redbird strives to meet for individuals and families in the Indian community.

    In addition, we support the preservation and practice of traditional cultural ways. This includes efforts like providing wood for sweat lodge ceremonies, and responding to the need for education about native people. We conduct presentations at schools, curate exhibits in public facilities such as libraries and museums, and work with other organizations who provide services to the Native American community.

    Redbird is a hands-on organization of volunteers, both native and non-native. Our largest project is Redbird Ranch, in its formative stages, and we are proud to welcome Trudy Sabihy and Laurel Methot as advisors to this elder and transitional housing project team.

    We are currently engaged in negotiations with Oakbrook Park Chumash Interpretive Center (OPCIC) in Thousand Oaks, California to collaborate with them in hosting gatherings and events, and in bringing local native people back to the Center in an active capacity. We are very grateful for the responsiveness of lifetime Redbird member Bruce Hamilton, who also serves on the OPCIC Board of Directors, to our desire to see the Center realize its potential as a cultural and community
    gathering place.

    We are in the process of updating our website through the generous donation of Silenthunder TheSign Graphix Production. We have a busy schedule of presentation engagements this fall. The Children Of Many Colors Powwow remains our greatest tool for making new friends and introducing new generations to Native American culture; not just as it was in the past, but as it lives in the present.

    A Special Thank You Gift

    Make a tax deductible contribution of $25.00 or more to Redbird and receive a copy of The Wisdom Walkers as our thank you gift for your support. The Wisdom Walkers is a pre-history fiction novel taking place in a time frame 74,000 years ago, just prior to the eruption of Toba, a massive super-volcano which nearly decimated the human population. It offers an alternative perspective on the way people lived, thought and traveled in this time before recorded history, and offers insights into Native American traditions that still exist today. Written by Redbird’s founder Corina Roberts, The Wisdom Walkers is 247 pages of human and animal adventure spanning two continents, and includes footnotes, bibliography, graphics and illustrations. Get your copy free when you make a donation to Redbird by check, money order, or Paypal via our email address, [email protected]

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