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Checotah winners?

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  • yeeee
    think julius car broke down..he didn't make it until sat.nite around 11pm... or something like that.

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  • numaOK2000
    Julius Not Afraid didn't take mens grass? What?!!!

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  • amarie49
    Thanks so much.

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  • Critical Mass
    Jr. Girls Cloth/Buckskin
    1st - Jennifer Moses
    2nd - Cheyenne Brady
    3rd - Charish Marie Toehay
    4th - Peshawn Bread

    Jr. Girls Fancy Shawl/Jingle
    1st - Amanda Ironstar
    2nd - Courtney Reeder
    3rd - Kalyn Rogers
    4th - Tara Goodfox

    Jr. Boys Straight/Traditional
    1st - Coleman American Horse
    2nd - Terrance Todome
    3rd - Xander Stumblingbear
    4th - Chub McClellan

    Jr. Boys Grass/Fancy
    1st - Graham Primeaux Jr.
    2nd - Audie Todome
    3rd - Peanutt Roberts
    4th - Simon Washee

    Ladies Cloth
    1st- Mia Cozad
    2nd - Sandy Tate Nevaquaya
    3rd - Annette Hunter Rice
    4th - Renee Alexander
    5th - Janet Bullcoming

    Ladies Buckskin
    1st - Erin Bemo
    2nd - Keri Jhane Myers
    3rd - Salina NoEar Todome
    4th - Chalene Toehay
    5th - Traci Pewo

    Ladies Fancy Shawl
    1st - Samantha Bointy
    2nd - Josette Wahwasuck
    3rd - Tata Roberts
    4th - Elizabeth Hudson
    5th - Nicole Sine

    Ladies Jingle
    1st - Willow Jack
    2nd - Rae Ann Simmons
    3rd - Yvette Goodeagle
    4th - Amy NoEar
    5th - Lois Wildcat

    Golden Age Women
    1st - Priscilla Schrock
    2nd - Mabel Cozad
    3rd - Vivian Big Bow
    4th - Almeta Harris

    Men's Straight
    1st - Terry Tsotigh
    2nd - Ron T. Anquoe
    3rd - Michael Plumley
    4th - Howard Todome Jr.
    5th - Drew Dreadfulwater

    Men's Traditional
    1st - Gabe Cleveland
    2nd - Pat Moore
    3rd - Nashoba Simmons
    4th - Matt Littlecreek
    5th - Kevin Harlan

    Men's Chicken
    1st - Marty Thurman
    2nd - Notah Wahpepah
    3rd - L.D. Thompson Sr.
    4th - Doug Todome
    5th - Brandon Tiger

    Men's Grass
    1st - DiJay Yarholar
    2nd - Keeno Gallegos
    3rd - Derek Howell
    4th - Dale Roberts
    5th - Mark Bolin

    Men's Fancy
    1st - Joe Bointy
    2nd - Graham Primeaux
    3rd - Douglas Scholfield
    4th - Jr. Jaquez
    5th - Billy Pewo

    Golden Age Men
    1st - Darrell Wildcat
    2nd - Lewis Cozad
    3rd - Earl Plumley
    4th - Badger Wahwasuck

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  • amarie49
    started a topic Checotah winners?

    Checotah winners?

    Does anyone know the winners from the Checotah powwow?

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  • Dibz
    Wikwemikong 2004 - Winners
    by Dibz
    Okay people, here they are! I apologize now for any mis-spelled names.

    Womens Golden Age
    1st - Oralann Caldwell
    2nd - Sharon Roberts
    3rd - Joanne Whitehouse
    4th - Gloria Mandamin
    5th - Monica Benson
    6th - Donna Philips
    7th - Viola Recollet...
    08-04-2004, 10:41 AM
  • ndnsooner
    2010 Dakota Dunes
    by ndnsooner
    Golden Age Women
    4th Eliza Bird, 3rd Bernice Stadningwater 2nd Agnes Francis 1st Diane Goodwill

    GA Mens
    4th Peter Anthony 3rd Clayton Chief 2nd Cecil Nepoose 1st Mike Laliberte

    Old Style Singing
    5th Youngbull 4th Charging Bear 3rd Rockhill 2nd Battle...
    08-13-2010, 04:43 PM
  • Mato Winyan
    Denver March
    by Mato Winyan
    1st Norman Largo
    2nd Marcus Loren Sammaripa
    3rd Joe Davis
    4th Fred Stands
    5th Mark Roanhorse

    Senior Men
    1st Mike One Star
    2nd Terry Fiddler
    3rd Darrell Wildcat
    4th Fabian Fontenelle
    5th Avery Thompson...
    03-27-2007, 04:18 AM
  • Mato Winyan
    Brandon, MB
    by Mato Winyan
    Women's Fancy
    1st Amber Cleveland
    2nd Celeste Haywahe
    3rd Bobbi-Lynn Frederick
    4th ?

    Women's Jingle
    1st Rolanda Taylor
    2nd Melinda Whitecloud
    3rd Lisa Ewalk
    4th Katie Ironstar

    Women's Traditional
    1st Andrea...
    02-01-2007, 05:01 PM
  • meskwaki_diva
    A follow up to Tama Powwow Results
    by meskwaki_diva
    2005 Meskwaki Proclamation Day Powwow

    Drum Contest
    !st pl Blacklodge Wa
    2nd pl Meskwaki Nation Tama
    3rd pl Battleriver Red Lake MN
    4th pl Cozad Hominy Ok
    5th pl Mandaree North Dakota

    Women's Golden Age

    1st pl Vera Kingbird...
    09-03-2005, 04:58 AM



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