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What qualities or conditions determines if a drum is southern or not?

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  • What qualities or conditions determines if a drum is southern or not?

    The reason I'm posing this question, is because I've seen some posts that question the "southerness" of Hochunk drums.
    As far as I have been taught and what I have experienced, the Hochunk Nation's drums are straight-up southern, albeit, deep in woodland country. Please, tell me what you all think?

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    HoChunk drums are HoChunk. Powwows have categorized drum styles. They've gone another step further by categorizing northern style groups into contemp and original. Nothing wrong with that. I'm waiting for the funky & wannabe categories to be added. Aye.

    Yeah, HoChunk drums are just that - HoChunk.


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      Hochunk drums..


      I follow your reasoning, and yes..Hochunk are unique in their style..but, wouldn't you say they seem southern in character?
      Specifically, they sing in a low tenor-Baritone voice range, and the middle of the songs contains the expected three beats, and there are more "southern" elements than northern traits. In their prehistory, they did live within the boundries of the upper southern plains region. In addition, their language is similar to Omaha or other Southern "siouan" speaking tribes of the area.


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        By todays given standards, yes, they do have southern style elements.

        They language, I believe, is related to the ( for lack of a better word that I know) Sioux people. The Hochunks are also known as Winnebago (at least in Nebraska).

        Yeah, I think they can converse with the Omaha. Similar dialect. Don't know for sure.
        You'll have to check with the originals.


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