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  • Illmami
    That was me (iliana) that tied with least you spelled my last name I missed grand entry saturday..(my fault by the way) so i was glad I tied even though I didn't win. Congratz Kit!....also to K.C, Grace, Crystal, Cheyenne, Matt, R.J......and to guys sounded kick a**.....

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  • Awful_Mnom_Woman

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  • southernx_hunnie08
    1st Sarah ballew
    2nd Nona Deon
    3rd Katrina? Ortiz
    4th Yesenia HIll

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  • Ol'Girl
    started a topic Chicago Winnerz

    Chicago Winnerz

    GA Men
    1 Gerald
    2 AP
    3 & 4 ?? Sorry Kiwenzhi! I was visiting!!!

    GA Women
    1 Iris
    2 Debbie Klein
    3 Charlene Cozad
    4 Pat Logan

    Men Southern
    I think Ronnie Goodeagle, Jr got 1st!!! LOL!
    He was the only contestant!

    There were two in the Womenz Southern - Sorry don't know who they were. :(

    Womenz Trad
    1 Vannie Wheelock
    2-4 ???

    1 Jackie Klein
    2 & 3 were Grace Push and Casey Hindsley (forget which)
    4 tie between Kit (Bear Creek back-up singer) and Illya (sp?) Montoya - Kit won - about 20 ladies there!

    Fancy Shawl
    1 Crystal Cleveland
    2 Anhinga Whitecloud
    3 Theresa Magnuson
    4 Tracey Recollet
    about 12 ladies there!

    Menz Trad
    1 Charles Hindsley
    2 Wendell Powless
    3 RJ Smith
    4 tie w/ Sam Begay and Charlie Belisle - Sam won

    Menz Fancy
    1 Darrell Hill
    2 Jerry Cleveland, Jr.
    3 Allen Paquin
    4 some guy who registered and never danced or even dressed up!

    sorry don't know about Menz Grass - musta been visiting again!

    Teen Fancy Shawl
    1 Ladonna King
    2 Nyomi Cleveland
    3 & 4 ??

    Forgot the drum contest!
    1 Tha Tribe
    2 Midnite Express
    3 Bearheart
    4 Buffalo Horse

    Don't think MNX wasn't there Friday nite and missed a drum roll call on Sunday??? Anywaze, lost by one point!!!
    Last edited by Ol'Girl; 11-21-2006, 10:03 AM. Reason: forgot drum winnerz

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  • gahzundteit
    by gahzundteit
    well what did everyone think of the drum results at hinckley this year?????????
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    so how did this event go? anyone got he results ?
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    Does anyone have an official word on the southern categories at St. Croix the end of this month. I know Sizzortail is host, so they must have southern, but no details on combined or separate in the women, or age group split or not. Please post or make contact with some who knows and then post LOL
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