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What's your favorite pow wow in your area?

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  • What's your favorite pow wow in your area?

    Well the 2006 Pow Wow Season is winding down, and I would like to try and use this thread as a way of developing a list of pow wows to hit by state/province, so when you post make sure you tell us what state/province the pow wow you're recommending is in.

    In Ohio I would recommend these three:
    Columbus (NAICCO) Memorial Day Pow Wow
    Columbus (NAICCO) Labor Day Pow Wow
    Austinburg "Spirit of the Bison" Pow Wow

    In Kentucky I would recommend:
    Olive Hill Pow Wow

    In West Virginia I would recommend:
    The Hurricane Pow Wow

    In Indiana I would recommend:
    The Eagle Creek Pow Wow

    and in Pennsylvania I would recommend:
    The Penn State Pow Wow

    So far, these are my picks in the area from 2006... but like I said, I'd like to develop a list of the five best in every state/province based on responses.

    Let's hear what you think!

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