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  • Skydome (Rogers Centre) Results

    Alright, its that time. Whos got them names. Who won the singin contest..... Uh Yeah High Noon Right. Well who took 2nd down... Thanx Fire Boy

    Check ur Smoke detectors K

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    Here is the full list of winners at the Toronto Skydome Powwow 2006. Courtesy of the CANAB website

    Category, Place, Name, Nation, Prov/ State
    Girl's Fancy
    1st Laryn Oakes, Plains Cree, Saskatchewan
    2nd Beedoskah Stonefish, Delaware Pottawatomi, Michigan
    3rd Tarian Lasley, Meskwaki, Iowa
    4th Oke-tw-sha Roberts, Stoney Choctaw, Oklahoma
    5th Kaitlyn Douglas, Mohawk, Ontario

    Girl's Jingle
    1st Waskwane Stonefish, Delaware Pottawatomi, Michigan
    2nd Mallory Oakes, Plains Cree, Saskatchewan
    3rd Isabel Denning, Oneida Menominee
    4th Raven Turner, Temagami, Ontario
    5th Raena Lasley, Meskwaki, Iowa

    Girl's Trad.
    1st Tarlynn Tone-Pah-Hote, Kiowa Oneida, Conneticuit
    2nd Samantha Funmaker, Ho-Chunk, Wisonsin
    3rd Aaliyah Decoursay, Anishnabe
    4th Makayla Webkimigad, Ojibway Odawa, Ontario
    5th Kaitlyn Longboat, Mohawk, Ontario

    Boy's Grass
    1st Treian Whitehead, Ojibway, Saskatchewan
    2nd Nolan Smoke, Dakota Ojibway
    3rd Naakwaam Shawanda, Odawa Cree, Ontario
    4th Dante Kitchikake, Ojibway
    5th Chayton Hedgepeth, Oneida Cherokee

    Boy's Fancy
    1st Courage Cleveland, Ho-Chunk, Wisconsin
    2nd Mishi Meegwan Shawanda, Odawa Cree, Ontario
    3rd Anthony Klein, Ho-Chunk, Michigan
    4th Arlan George, Chippewa Oneida, Michigan
    5th Dallas John, Cayuga, Ontario

    Boy's Trad.
    1st Talon White-Eye, Ojibwe
    2nd Noodin Niimebin Shawanda, Odawa Cree, Ontario
    3rd Colin Peters, Pottawatomi, Ontario
    4th Natosi Summers, Blood Oneida Crow
    5th Garry J. Meeches Jr., Ojibway Schtacoke

    Teens: 13-17 years
    Category, Place, Name, Nation, Prov/State

    Women's Fancy
    1st Nyomi Cleveland, Ho-Chunk, Wisconsin
    2nd Jessica First Rider, Blackfoot Blood, Alberta
    3rd Shibabe Hodge, Navajo
    4th LaDonna King, Oneida
    5th Anonnia:a Jacobs Rice, Mohawk, Quebec

    Women's Jingle
    1st Cheyenne Petoskey, Delaware Pottawotomi, Michigan
    2nd Cheyenne White, Oneida, Ontario
    3rd Cileena Sandy, Ojibwe Cree, Ontario
    4th Auriah Begay, Dine, California
    5th Erica Francis, Mohawk, Ontario

    Women's Trad
    1st Sabrina Shawanda, Odawa Cree, Ontario
    2nd Cassidi Webkamigad, Ojibway Odawa, Ontario
    3rd Summer John, Cayuga Ojibway, Ontario
    4th Jeannie Paul, Alexander FN
    5th Zoey Trudeau, Ojibway, Ontario

    Women's Smoke
    1st Emily Regis, Mohawk, Quebec
    2nd Brittany Clause, Cayuga, Ontario
    3rd Gawehegyeho Thomas, Cayuga, Ontario
    4th Heather Watts, Mohawk, Ontario
    5th Julie Bomberry, Onondaga Clear Sky, Ontario

    Men's Fancy
    1st Isaac Hopper, Onondaga, New York
    2nd Nimkii Osawamick, Ojibway, Ontario

    Men's Grass
    1st D.J. Whitehouse, Shoshone, Wisconsin
    2nd Jace Peanutt Roberts, Stoney Choctaw, Oklahoma
    3rd Lyle Cameron, Sioux Ojibway
    4th Jason Lamb, Schaghticoke
    5th Beany John Cree Tianno Ab

    Men's Trad
    1st Joseph Big Mountain, New York
    2nd Dakota Funmaker, Anish Sioux Ho-Chunk, Michigan
    3rd Nodin Cottrelle, Potawatomi Shawnee Delaware, Ontario
    4th Cody Belisle, Oneida
    5th Torrey VanEvery, Mohawk, Ontario

    Men's Smoke
    1st Tony Johnson, Mohawk, Ontario
    2nd Gehnew Printup, Tuscarora, New York
    3rd Johnson Jimerson, Seneca, New York
    4th Kanerahtarto:ron Hemlock, Mohawk, Quebec
    5th Jake George, Seneca, New York

    Adults: 18-49 years
    Category, Place, Name, Nation, Prov/State

    Women's Fancy
    1st Star Lasley, Ojibway Delaware, Iowa
    2nd Lisa Odjig, Odawa Ojibwe, Ontario
    3rd Lisa Ewack-Noon, Nakota Dakota, Saskatchewan
    4th Chantel Porter, Oneida, Ontario
    5th Mariette Sutherland, Ojibwe, Ontario

    Women's Jingle
    1st Karen Pheasant, Aniishnabe, Ontario
    2nd Rowena Roberts, Stoney, Oklahoma
    3rd Shannon Beetso, Navajo, New Mexico
    4th Melinda Whitecloud, Dakota, Saskatchewan
    5th Jackie Klein, Ojibwe Oneida, Michigan

    Women's Trad
    1st Amber Buffalo, Cree, Ontario
    2nd Monica Raphael, Anishnaabe Sioux, Michigan
    3rd Challis Isaac, Navajo, Ontario
    4th Bernadette Shawanda, Ojibwe Odawa, Ontario
    5th Kristol Abel, Ojibway, Ontario

    Women's Smoke
    1st Reese Bomberry, Mohawk, Ontario
    2nd Tia Nicole Smith, Cayuga, Ontario
    3rd Teesha Emarthle, Tuscarora, Ontario
    4th Jija Jacobs, Tuscarora, Ontario
    5th Jada Hopper, Onondaga

    Men's Fancy
    1st Darrel Hill, Oneida Menominee
    2nd Amos Yazzie III, Navajo, New Mexico
    3rd Nigel Schuyler, Oneida Odawa, Michigan
    4th Jerry Cleveland Jr., Ho-Chunk, Wisconsin
    5th Jason Whitehouse, Shoshone Paiute

    Men's Grass
    1st Terrance Goodwill, Dakota Cree
    2nd Matthew Pheasant, Ojibway, Ontario
    3rd Jesse Lyle Osawamick, Odawa
    4th Niso Shawanda, Odawa Cree, Ontario
    5th Matt Isaac, Ojibwe, Ontario

    Men's Trad
    1st Ardell Scalplock, Siksika, Ca
    2nd Kevin Hey Wah Hey
    3rd Maheengun Shawanda, Odawa Cree, Ontario
    4th Charles Belisle, Secroix Oneida
    5th Will Hedgepeth, Cherokee, Ontario

    Men's Smoke
    1st Lyle Anderson, Mohawk, Ontario
    2nd Cameron Hill, Cayuga, Ontario
    3rd Jordan Smith, Mohawk, New York
    4th Solon Spruce, Seneca, New York
    5th John Block, Seneca, New York

    Golden Age - Seniors: 50+ Years

    Category Place Name Nation Prov/State

    Women's Trad
    1st Linda Standing, Dakota Anishnabe, Saskatchewan
    2nd Sharon Roberts, Chi-Ka-Sha, Oklahoma
    3rd Iris T.C. Cleveland, Ho-Chunk, Wisconsin
    4th Debbie Klein, Oneida, Michigan
    5th Linda Eshkawkogan, Odawa, Ontario

    Women's Smoke
    1st Gloria Sky, Cayuga, Ontario
    2nd Claudette General, Seneca, Ontario
    3rd Deanna Skye, Cayuga, Ontario
    4th Brenda Mitten, Seneca, Ontario
    5th Donna Phillips, Oneida, Ontario

    Men's Trad.
    1st Allen Pay-Kwin, Jicarilla Apache Zumi
    2nd Mike King, Oneida, Wisconsin
    3rd Tim McGregor, Ojibwe Odawa, Ontario
    4th William Sayers, Garden River, Ontario

    Men's Smoke
    1st Alan George, Cayuga New York
    2nd Clayton Logan, Seneca, New York
    3rd Derlan Spruce, Seneca, New York
    4th Larry White, Mohawk, Ontario

    Richard Lyons Special
    1st Gerald Cleveland Sr., Ho-Chunk, Wisconsin
    2nd Wayne Plume, Blood Tribe, Alberta
    3rd Paul White, Potawatomi, Ontario
    4th George Martin, Ojibwe, Michigan
    5th James Twain, Algonquin

    Category, Place, Name

    Drum Contest Winners
    1st Stoney Creek
    2nd White Tail
    3rd High Noon
    4th Rock Hill
    5th Snake Island

    Drum Split
    Young Gunz
    Black Bear
    Redstone Ojibway
    Great Lakes Alliance
    Poplar Singers
    Taabik Singers
    Star Lodge
    Skii Maojiawin
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        Congrats to all the winners. Guess I was wrong with the singin. Hope I didn't offend anyone Ha.


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          Just wanted to say congrats to all the winners. Congrats to the boys Stoney Creek!!!


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            It was a good powwow...but man, only 2 days? I was there Saturday only. I miss those ole powwow daze in WA where they are 3 days....

            Oh yeah, congrats to all the winners!
            R.I.P. my Bros from the 1st MAR DIV, 3rd MAR DIV, 25th I.D., 10th MTN DIV, V Corps, 170th IBCT who gave their lives in the Cold War, Marines we lost in Korea during Team Spirit '89 & Okinawa '89- bodies never recovered, Panama, 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq...


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              Congrats to all the winners... and a special Good Job to da Creek Crew...

              Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.


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                Congrats to all the winners. Proud to hear my boys Stoney Creek took first (tie). Way to go boys.
                Through the good times and bad times, always pray.


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                  congrats to da winners. Good job Stoney Creek!


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                    Wished i was there...thought about you guys all wknd!! Congrats to Karen, Nigel & Stoney Creek!!! So happy to hear you guys did so well....and of course to all the winners, congrats!
                    *BE EASY*


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                      There were a few great tie-breakers at this year! They were a lot of fun to watch! Especially the Mens Fancy! Nigel was awesome! Good Job to Stoney Creek and the Rest of the Winners. C-ya Next Year!!!


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                        ummm i'm pretty sure ardell scalplock got 1st in men's tradit.

                        Melinda Whitecloud got 4th in Women's Jingle


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                          I think he took 1st in that mens tradish special....on Saturday....
                          R.I.P. my Bros from the 1st MAR DIV, 3rd MAR DIV, 25th I.D., 10th MTN DIV, V Corps, 170th IBCT who gave their lives in the Cold War, Marines we lost in Korea during Team Spirit '89 & Okinawa '89- bodies never recovered, Panama, 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq...


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                            Adrian Klein Mens Trad. Special

                            1st. Ardell Scalplock $400. Pendleton-Star quilt
                            2nd. Edmond Tate $300. Star quilt
                            3rd. Kevin Haywahay $200. Star quilt
                            Con. Miengun Shawanda $100. Pendelton blanket
                            Con. Will Hedgepath $100. Pendelton blanket


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                              Womens Fancy Shawl

                              3rd - Lisa Ewalk-Noon

                              Womens Traditional

                              3rd - Challis Isaac
                              1st - Amber Buffalo

                              Mens Grass

                              5th - Matt Isaac
                              4th - Niso Shawanda
                              3rd - Jesse Lyle Osawamick
                              2nd - Matthew Pheasant
                              1st - Terrence Goodwill

                              Mens Fancy

                              5th - Jason Whitehouse
                              4th - Jerry Cleveland Jr.
                              3rd - Nigel Schuyler
                              2nd - Amos Yazzie III
                              1st - Darryl Hill


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                                2nd - Jade Gustafson - Thunder Bay, Ont.
                                3rd - Cecily St. Cyr - Sioux City, Ia.
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                                Teen Girls Jingle
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                                all i heard so far is that willow jack did awesome.....won in her category, all-around, and team dance
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                                5th Youngbull 4th Charging Bear 3rd Rockhill 2nd Battle...
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