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  • I need help to speed up

    Can anyone give me some beading tips to bead faster - I see these fully beaded out fits - it takes me a long time - I was taught to bead with 2 threads/needles - on to tack and the other to lay down the beads

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    That is how I was tought as well. Trust me you don't want to do a rush job on your beading. I know of people that do that just to have something new for the season. It doesn't look all that and the quality is shotty. Just keep going at your own will get done and the quality of it will show and last a long time.
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      Don't worry about beading faster, although using larger beads (size 10) does tend to go faster.

      To get beading projects done faster, work on it when you get up in the morning, on your lunch break, in the car after work, have someone else cook dinner while you bead, bead until you go to bed.

      I was also taught tacking with two threads as the way to bead. Some people think lane stitch is faster - not if you have a design to follow. Maybe for solid color backgrounds.

      Good luck and happy beading! is what it is...


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        what you mean by one thread to tack and the other to lay beads down is exactly what??? like you pick up all your beads with one thread and lay them down on top of your design and with the other you sew down the thread with beads???
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          Two thread beading is the way I bead, too. I actually try not to bead too fast cos then I tend to knot my threads.

          I think as long as you keep a bead project with you where ever you go, then you can work on it in those little breaks between life and eventually you'll finish! If there's alot of solid color, I sometimes use lazy stitch it fill it in quickly for leggings, vests, yokes, and things.

          I sometimes bead faster when I'm more distracted like while watching t.v. I think its because I'm not stressing so much about my beadwork and I'm more relaxed! You sort of get in a grooove then; you get a rhythm going. :P

          You'll always get a little faster the more you bead anywho but if there's one thing beading and making regalia has taught me, its to have LOTS OF PATIENCE... lol
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            yea i was taught to bead this way too .. i do my backgrounds in this style (two needles) seems to go faster for me.

            yea jus bead when ya can ..

            and for me .. buying and keepin my beads on the hanks makes things go alot faster. since they are on the hank .. jus run your needle up the thread they are on and take off the desired amount of beads off. and you can also see the ugly beads better .. lol.

            i find this way faster than puttin all your beads loose in a bowl or pile ..having to pick them up individually (one by one) or running your needle into the pile or bowl hoping to pick up alot of beads. then having to look at what you picked up on your needle to see if they are all in good shape
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