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GON: DWI checkpoints in Albuquerque

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  • GON: DWI checkpoints in Albuquerque

    I got the following in an e mail from the GON staff. ~ mato

    Attention POW WOW FANS!

    The Gathering of Nations is an alcohol free, family event. There are other non-Gathering sanctioned events happening around Albuquerque during the Gathering that may be selling alcohol.

    PLEASE BE AWARE: The Albuquerque Police Dept. and the Bernalillo Sheriffs Dept. will be setting up DWI checkpoints throughout the city.

    It has been brought to our attention that these drunk driving checkpoints will be set up around Albuquerque with a focus in areas where high levels of alcohol are being sold. These areas include the downtown area, entrances to the freeway, and where establishments and venues are selling alcohol. Please be safe, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!
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    everyone dont get caught slippin just call a cab if they have em there


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      Its about time they do something like this during the Pow Wow. Gathering is a maven for drunk drivers, accidents, and.....well......drunks.


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        Originally posted by Kiiwedinong View Post
        Its about time they do something like this during the Pow Wow. Gathering is a maven for drunk drivers, accidents, and.....well......drunks.
        Well actually they have had it for years now, its not new. The DWI superblitz, is almost every weekend for every major event. The locals all know what streets to avoid and drive on, taking less travelled streets, etc. Then there are the ones who are dumb enough to actually drink/drive on those high frequented streets, then they get caught. Advice, get a cab, get a limo...LOL, or have a DD, that way you're not in the slammer for the next 24 hours.

        But get this, just recently there was a man, who got off the plane drunk, still drove to a convenient store, was sold more alcohol, drove drunk, ended up driving the opposite way on the freeway, while slamming his vehicle into a family of 6, killing 5 of them, all on a revoked license, while he had 5-6 DWI's including 3 others in different states. Now how did he get through these so-called super blitz's.......????

        If I recall, during GON, there are not as many DWI's as any other given weekend. I know amongst my friends we always have a DD (usually me....), so be careful and have fun, safely.

        See ya all there!!! :D
        You have crossed my path, You will never be forgotten......

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          Cell Phone Ban...?

          I heard on the ABQ News also that the Cell Phone ban went into effect this past week. Something like you'll be cited or fined if you are caught using the cell phone when your driving. SO...! Don't Talk, Drink and Drive while your in ABQ. LOL!

          U might drop ur cell phone in the beer too.... LOL!
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          "Dance me outside...??"


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            Wishing you all safe travels to GON (you lucky NDNS!) Have a great time, dance hard, just enjoy!

            Maybe I'll be able to take my crew there someday...


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              what else is new with the SuperBlitz? Just getta a DD and play it safe. Do the still have that 49 up around 9 Mile Hill? Just wondering cuzz I havent been to this pow wow since '02.


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