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  • cherOkee

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    memorial Day will be May 26 - 27 AD RG Harris, Dance judge Will Tushka, Drum Judge Duck Lossiah, Host N Drum Eagle Flight, Host So Drum Soldier Creek, MC Rob Daugherty FMI call Loretta 828-497-8128

    4th of July Info
    July 6-8 MC Manny King, AD Ray Kingfisher, Dance Judge Bostic Locklear, Drum Judge Aaron Hogner, Host N Drum Awohali, Host So Drum Soldier Creek FMI call Loretta 828-497-8128
    Well will wonders never cease.....


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      forgot to put
      for the 4th of July pow wow
      we are holding the Daniel French Memorial Mens Fancy Dance special again this year 1K to the winner
      Well will wonders never cease.....


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        hey can women dance mens fancy n enter that special?
        wambli ob'mani


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          never been asked that before - If you are in complete fancy feather dance gear - and are registered to dance - I would guess so

          but this is in honor of my sons dad who was a mens fancy feather dancer....
          i cannot say yeah or nor, will ask him and his uncles about this
          Well will wonders never cease.....


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            The brothers have said if in full fancy feather gear, then they had no problem with it
            Well will wonders never cease.....


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              okie n my cousin my try it out. see if we can hang wit da men like dem womens bak in da day did.
              wambli ob'mani


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                we welcome you and your cousin :)
                Well will wonders never cease.....


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                  so did anyone make it down this past weekend for the 4th?
                  what did you think of the pow wow?
                  Congrats to Gabe Bullock for winning the Daniel French Memorial Comp!!!

                  Also GREAT drumming by everyone!
                  Well will wonders never cease.....


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                    I had a good time at this powwow, and the singing was good overall. One of the drums had troubles all weekend with rushing their honor beats and singing onbeat, but I won't embarrass them here. I had a great time dancing, visiting, and listening to some nice songs.

                    The French Family put on a wonderful special, and thanks for asking me to be a part of it by helping to judge.

                    I hate that this pow wow charges admission, doesn't feed, has no committee giveaway, and is overall a money-grubbing event, but I still had fun. LOL
                    I think everyone on this rez is addicted to Harry


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                      My 2 cents worth

                      Bostic: Ron would be so proud of the great job you did. Judy and I both noticed that.

                      Committee...Can we PLEASE dance on real earth and not that concrete, it kills your feet. It would be nice to feed the dancers and drummers, some travel many miles to get there.

                      I admitt, I was suprised the committee didint do a memorial song for Ron being that he work at that powwow as long as I can remember.

                      The straight dancers were the best I've seen in a long time.
                      That song was off the chain. Who song that first song for them? Great job!


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                        i thought the judging was a little biased, shoulda had more of a variety than just people from the same place and that those same people judged both days and that teens were judging adults when there was enuff adults around to judge, also most communities dont allow there own people from the home town to contest but hey politics always play a role anymore in powwows in general, otherwise i had a good time.
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                          i thought the judging was a little biased, shoulda had more of a variety than just people from the same place and that those same people judged both days and that teens were judging adults when there was enuff adults around to judge

                          This may be one reason that people stay away. It's okay tho'.
                          The same people can really enjoy each others company and can look forward to having the same great time as they did the previous year. It's all good.


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                            Northern Drum: 1st – Kau-Ta-Noh Jrs., 2nd – Eagle Watch, 3rd – Birdtown Crossing

                            Southern Drum: 1st – Southern Eagle, 2nd – Southern Hills Singers Jr., 3rd – Medicine Dog

                            Men’s Golden Age: 1st – Rick Bottchenbaugh Sr., 2nd – Darryll Bird, 3rd – Jonathan Jones

                            Men’s Traditional: 1st – Antonio Grant, 2nd – Osceola Mullin, 3rd – Anthony Lett

                            Men’s Straight: 1st – Robert Tramper, 2nd – Randy Frazier, 3rd – Victor Tanchawwickah

                            Men’s Grass: 1st- Micah Swimmer, 2nd – Rusty Gillette, 3rd – Bronson Haywahe

                            Men’s Fancy: 1st – Daniel Tramper, 2nd – Gabe Bullock, 3rd – Eric Bird

                            Women’s Golden Age: 1st – Bernice Bottchenbaugh, 2nd – Martha Jones, 3rd – Sharon Partin

                            Women’s Northern Traditional: 1st – Jodi Gillette, 2nd – Misty Blue Mesteth, 3rd – Melissa Montoya

                            Women’s Southern Traditional: 1st – Tina Mullin, 2nd – Nicole Plumley, 3rd – Felicia Littlecreek

                            Women’s Jingle: 1st- Shenelle Feather, 2nd – Jennifer Partin, 3rd – Keredith Owens

                            Women’s Fancy: 1st – Jocy Bird, 2nd – Georgena Haywahe, 3rd – Shibabe Hodge

                            Teen Boy’s Traditional: 1st – Patrick Greene, 2nd – Sean Corey Jones Jr., 3rd – Mitchell Ledford

                            Teen Boy’s Grass: 1st – Skylar Bottchenbaugh, 2nd – Trey Bullock, 3rd – Skyler LeBeau

                            Teen Boy’s Fancy: 1st – Justin Locklear, 2nd – Cheyenne Arneach, 3rd – Brian Armachain

                            Teen Girl’s Traditional: 1st – Kele Crisp

                            Teen Girl’s Jingle: 1st – Shauni Bird, 2nd – Ashenie Pheasant, 3rd – Karleigh Paul

                            Teen Girl’s Fancy: 1st – Shakyra Bottchenbaugh, 2nd – Amanda Grant

                            Jr. Boy’s Traditional: 1st- Seneca Locklear, 2nd – Timothy Jones, 3rd – Rick Bottchenbaugh

                            Jr. Boy’s Grass: 1st – Joseph Terry, 2nd – Jonathan Fox, 3rd – Jesus Rodriquez Jr.

                            Jr. Boy’s Fancy: 1st – Jon Jon Jumper, 3rd – Kenneth Smith

                            Jr. Girl’s Traditional: 1st – Lacy Haywahe

                            Jr. Girl’s Jingle: 1st – Melah Perkins, 2nd – Taylor Mullin, 3rd – Rosa Rodriquez

                            Jr. Girl’s Fancy: 1st – Shaundene Grant, 2nd – Angelina Jumper, 3rd – Fancy Rose Partin

                            Dance Specials
                            Two Step: Antonio Grant and Melissa Montoya
                            Chicken Dance: Rusty Gillette
                            Grass Dance: Rusty Gillette
                            Fancy Shawl: Jocy Bird
                            Women’s Smoke: 1st – Keredith Owens, 2nd – Shenelle Feather
                            Men’s Smoke: 1st – Eric Bird, 2nd – Seneca Locklear
                            Daniel French Memorial Fancy Dance: Gabe Bullock
                            Gina George Jingle Special – Josie Starr
                            I think everyone on this rez is addicted to Harry


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                              Congrats everyone!!!! haha sounds like a good outcome...i assume everyone had fun...wish i coulda been here...


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