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Niagara Falls aka Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel Thunder Falls veterans Powwow

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    trying to find a place to stay! is there a powwow rate at the casino hotel?
    -[]-[ ]-/\-[ ]-[]-


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      Originally posted by smoke_dancer_20 View Post
      trying to find a place to stay! is there a powwow rate at the casino hotel?
      There are no rooms left at the casino..
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        Good powwow. The computer scanners worked good. But.... one of the scanner operators missed a young dancers number. She was right up front with the princesses and the smallest one. There was absolutely no doubt that she was in every grand entry as she was announced by the M.C.

        Anyways, the mistake was corrected and she was awarded third in the girls (6-12) fancy.

        She didn't get to hear her name announced as a winner, but she was quite happy, nonetheless. Congrats to Adalia Plain.


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          So who were the weiners in the contests, yo????...*L*...

          ...And shephards we shall be. For thee my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. E Nomini Patri, E Fili, E Spiritu Sancti.


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            I'm sure the winners list will be posted soon.

            I got drums.

            Nordern - Whitetail Cree, Stoney Creek, Chippewa Travellers

            Soudern - Bearheart, Silvercloud, Blackbear Creek

            in that order.


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              We left before they announced drum contest.. Congrats to Whitetail Cree & Stoney Creek

              I can only remember some winners.. lol ill post them in a lil while..
              ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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                Jr Girls Tradish
                5th- Ashley Maness
                4th- Raven Limpy
                3rd- Aaliyah Ratt
                2nd- Makayla Webkamigad
                1st- Samantha Funmaker

                Jr Girls Jingle
                5th- Mariah White
                4th- Ayashay Schuyler
                3rd- Adrianna Douglas
                2nd- Waskwane Stonefish
                1st- Sierra White

                Jr. Girls Fancy
                5th- Tanisha Beetso
                4th- Kianna White
                3rd- Adalia Plain
                2nd- OkeTwisha Roberts
                1st- Beedoskah Stonefish

                Jr Boys Tradish
                2nd- Colten Yago-Williams
                1st- Donovan Chee

                Jr Boys Grass
                5th- Charles Belisle Jr.
                4th- Jenmee Bondy
                3rd- Quinton Wilson
                2nd- Charles Lasley
                1st- Timmy Johnson

                Jr Boys Fancy
                4th- Adrian Klein Jr
                3rd- Kaw Funmaker
                2nd-Caden Dreaver
                1st-Darnell Chee

                Teen Girls Tradish
                5th- Aria Silversmith
                4th- Heather Watts
                3rd- Summer John
                2nd- Cassidi Webkamigad
                1st- Janelle Chee

                Teen Girls Jingle
                5th- Auriah Begay
                4th- Cheyenne Petoskey
                3rd- Cheyenne White
                2nd- Keysa Parker
                1st- Denette Chee

                Teen Girls Fancy
                5th- Josephine Tarrant
                4th- Cassandra Plain
                3rd- Faith Decontie
                2nd- Emily Regis
                1st- Nyomi Cleveland

                Teen Boys Tradish
                4th- Cheyenne L.
                3rd- Jeff Porter
                2nd- Dakota Funmaker
                1st- Cody Belisle

                Teen Boys Grass
                5th- Dustin Cooper
                4th- Shane Flamand
                3rd- David Charette
                2nd- DJ Whitehouse
                1st- Peanutt Roberts

                Teen Boys Fancy
                4th- Nimkii Osawamick
                3rd- JoJo Maness
                2nd- Tony Klein
                1st- Josh Hill

                Womens Northern Tradish
                5th- Courtney Funmaker
                4th- Sara Loft
                3rd- Dora Old Elk
                2nd- Cheryl Funmaker
                1st- Challis Isaac

                Womens Southern Tradish
                5th- Karen O'Keefe
                4th- Amanda Bennett
                3rd- Crystal Recollet
                2nd- Melissa Foster
                1st- Monica Raphael

                Womens Old Style Jingle
                4th- Kelly Funmaker
                3rd- Christine McLeod
                2nd- Alexarae Funmaker
                1st- Lisa Lavallee

                Womens Contemp Jingle
                5th- Maia Montoya
                4th- Iliana Montoya
                3rd- Shannon Beetso
                2nd- Jackie Klein
                1st- Rowena Roberts

                Womens Fancy
                5th- Samantha Callaway
                4th- Zelda Elijah
                3rd- Jen Martin
                2nd- Naomi Bebe
                1st- Tracy Recollet

                Mens Tradish
                5th- Wayne Cleland
                4th- Alden Pompanna
                3rd- Will Hedgepath
                2nd- Adrian Klein
                1st- Gabe Cleveland

                Mens Southern Straight
                5th- Barry Ace
                4th- Weston Tso
                3rd- Jaron Tso
                2nd- Denny Medicinebird
                1st- Marshall Funmaker

                Mens Grass
                5th- Andrew Laughing
                4th- Jeff Schuyler
                3rd- Matt Isaac
                2nd- Jesse Osawamick
                1st- Josh Richardson

                Mens Old Style Grass
                5th- Ray Trudeau
                4th- A.J. Redman
                3rd- Dale Roberts
                2nd- Shahaeyje Shenandoah
                1st- Dave Trudeau

                Mens Southern Fancy
                5th- Jay Hill
                4th- Adrian Harjo
                3rd- Nigel Schuyler
                2nd- Jason Whitehouse
                1st- Thunder Lovett

                Mens Northern Fancy
                5th- Chaske Heminger
                4th- Kevin Bomberry
                3rd- Graham Trudeau
                2nd- Jerry Cleveland Jr
                1st- Darrell Hill

                Golden Age Women
                5th- Marie Eshkibok-Trudeau
                4th- Charlene Bomberry
                3rd- Joann Whitehouse
                2nd- Debbie Klein
                1st- Karen Pheasant

                Golden Age Men
                5th- Wilfred Trudeau
                4th- Dennis Francis
                3rd- Amos Key Jr
                2nd- Ponchie Plain
                1st- AllenRoy Paquin

                Girls Smoke
                5th- Loni Stevens
                4th- Kaylea Napoleon
                3rd- Montana Jamieson
                2nd- Arriana Smith
                1st- Hannah Jackle

                Boys Smoke
                5th- Dylan Harris
                4th- Blake Curry
                3rd- Devin Napoleon
                2nd- Jake George
                1st- Ryan Chrysler

                Teen Girls Smoke
                5th- Monica Papineau
                4th- Janelle Papineau
                3rd- Kerriann Spruce
                2nd- Sugar Thomas
                1st- Monique Powless

                Teen Boys Smoke
                5th- Cory Davis
                4th- Tony Johnson
                3rd- Gehnew Printup
                2nd- Johnson Jimerson
                1st- Alan Dowdy

                Womens Smoke
                5th- Sakonohontoiawi Elijah
                4th- Kari Kennedy
                3rd- Keona Dowdy
                2nd- Reese Bomberry
                1st- Tia Smith

                Mens Smoke
                5th- Cam Hill
                4th- Lyle Anderson
                3rd- Jordan Smith
                2nd- Charles Jacobs Jr
                1st- David Smith

                Womens Golden Age Smoke
                5th- Rebecca Bowen
                4th- Blanche Jones
                3rd- Deanna Skye
                2nd- Olive Buck
                1st- Gloria Skye

                Golden Age Mens Smoke
                5th- Alfred Keyes
                4th- Derlan Spruce
                3rd- Orville Green
                2nd- Clayton Logan
                1st-Alan George
                Last edited by **Summer_June**; 07-11-2007, 01:26 PM. Reason: remembered some winners.
                ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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                  Originally posted by Kiwehnzii View Post
                  I'm sure the winners list will be posted soon.

                  I got drums.

                  Nordern - Whitetail Cree, Stoney Creek, Chippewa Travellers

                  Soudern - Bearheart, Silvercloud, Blackbear Creek

                  in that order.

                  BUH! Black Bear Creek was there? lol or was it Black Bear? n was that all the southern drums there?


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                    there was only 7 drums including the host drum whitefish jrs.
                    ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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                      Info Needed!

                      Who were the "Visiting Princess"? trying to garner names to put in a 'blurb' in tribal newsletter to recognize them.
                      "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss


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                        Was there a woman's southern traditional and does anyone remember the names? Summer good job remembering a lot of them!


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                          I know Miss Teen Six Nations Heather Watts and Jr Miss Aamwjinang(spelling?) Adalia Plain were there..
                          ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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                            the winners....

                            team dance
                            5-tha hot, tha kool, tha vicious
                            4-shawl sistas
                            2-swish and sway the haudenosaunee way
                            1-4 skins

                            hoop dance
                            3-cheyenne petoskey
                            2-dale roberts
                            1-bedoskah stonefish

                            golden age mens smoke
                            5-alfred keyes
                            4-derlan spruce
                            3 orville green
                            2 clayton logan
                            1 alan george

                            golden age women smoke
                            5 rebbeca bowen
                            4 blanche jones
                            3 deanna skye
                            2 olive buck
                            1 gloria skye

                            mens smoke
                            5 cam hill
                            4 lyle anderson
                            3 jordan smith
                            2 charles jacobs jr.
                            1 david smith

                            womens smoke
                            5 sakonohontoiawi elijah
                            4 kari kennedy
                            3 keona dowdy
                            2 reese bomberry
                            1 tia smith

                            teen boys smoke
                            5 korey davis
                            4 tony johnson
                            3 gehnew printup
                            2 johnson jimerson
                            1 alan dowdy

                            teen girls smoke
                            5 monica papineau
                            4 janielle papineau
                            3 kerriann spruce
                            2 sugar thomas
                            1 monique powless

                            boys smoke
                            5 dylan harris
                            4 blake curry
                            3 devin napoleon
                            2 jake george
                            1 ryan chrysler

                            girls smoke
                            5 loni stevens
                            4 kaylea napoleon
                            3 montana jamieson
                            2 arriana smith
                            1 hannah jaeckle

                            golden age mens
                            5 wilfred trudeau
                            4 dennis francis
                            3 amos key jr.
                            2 ponchie plain
                            1 allenroy paykwin

                            golden age women
                            5 marie eshkibok-trudeau
                            4 charlene bomberry
                            3 joann whitehouse
                            2 debbie klein
                            1 karen pheasant

                            mens northern fancy
                            5 chaske' heminger
                            4 kevin bomberry
                            3 graham trudeau
                            2 jerry cleveland jr
                            1 darrell hill

                            mens contemp grass
                            5 andrew laughing
                            4 jeffrey schuyler
                            3 matthew isaac
                            2 jesse osawamick
                            1 josh richardson

                            mens northern tradish
                            5 wayne cleland
                            4 alden pompana
                            3 will hedgepeth
                            2 adrian klein
                            1 gabe cleveland

                            womens contemp jingle
                            5 maia montoya
                            4 Illiana montoya
                            3 shannon beetso
                            2 jackie klein
                            1 rowena roberts

                            womens northern tradish
                            5 courtnay funmaker
                            4 sara loft
                            3 dora oldelk
                            2 cheryl funmaker
                            1 challis isaac

                            mens southern fancy
                            5 jay hill
                            4 adrian harjo
                            3 nigel schuyler
                            2 jason whitehouse
                            1 thunder lovett

                            mens old style grass
                            5 ray trudeau
                            4 a.j. redman
                            3 dale roberts
                            2 shahaeyje shenandoah
                            1 david trudeau

                            mens southern tradish
                            5 barry ace
                            4 weston tso
                            3 jaron tso
                            2 denny medicinebird
                            1 marshall funmaker

                            womens fancy
                            5 samantha callaway
                            4 zelda elijah
                            3 jen martin
                            2 naomi bebe
                            1 tracy recollet

                            womens old style jingle
                            4 kelly funmaker
                            3 christing mcleod
                            2 alexarae funmaker
                            1 lisa marie lavallee

                            womens southern tradish
                            5karen okeefe
                            4 amanda bennett
                            3 crystal recollet
                            2 melissa foster
                            1 monica raphael

                            teen boys fancy
                            4 nimkii osawamick
                            3 jo jo maness
                            2 anthony klein
                            1 josh hill

                            teen boys grass
                            5 dustin cooper
                            4 shane flamand
                            3 david charette
                            2 dj whitehouse
                            1 peanutt roberts

                            teen boys tradish
                            4 cheyenne leavltt
                            3 jeffrey porter
                            2 dakota funmaker
                            1 cody beusle

                            teen girls fancy
                            5 josephine tarrant
                            4 cassandra plain
                            3 faith deconte
                            2 emily regis
                            1 nyomi cleveland

                            teen girls jingle
                            5 auriah begay
                            4 cheyenne petoskey
                            3 cheyenne white
                            2 keysa parker
                            1 denette chee

                            teen girls tradish
                            5 aria silversmith
                            4 heather watts
                            3 summer john
                            2 cassidi webkamigad
                            1 janelle chee

                            boys fancy
                            4 adrian klein
                            3 kaw funmaker
                            2 caden dreaver
                            1 darnell chee

                            boys grass
                            5 charles belisle
                            4 jenmee bondy
                            3 quinton wilson
                            2 charles lasley
                            1 timmy johnson

                            boys tradish
                            2 colten yago/williams
                            1 donovan chee

                            girls fancy
                            5 tanish beetso
                            4 kianna white
                            3 adalia plain
                            2 oke-twa'sha roberts
                            1 beedoskah stonefish
                            *adalia really won third, although it wasn't announced. the ONLY glitch in the awards this year!!!!

                            girls jingle
                            5 mariah white
                            4 ayashay schuyler
                            3 adrianna douglas
                            2 waskwane stonefish
                            1 sierra white

                            girls tradish
                            5 ashley maness
                            4 raven limpy
                            3 aaliyah ratt
                            2 makayla webkamigad
                            1 samantha funmaker

                            ******there's been alot of talk about why the jr's only got one round of contest. well....USUALLY they only get one round. we were going to do an exhibition for them on sunday, but we didn't due to the weather. we were just playing it by ear and trying to get the dancers home as soon as possible.
                            ~+ +~
                            Just breakin it down!


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                              Great Powwow!!! I had a lot of fun & would definitely go back next year...only this time i'll be sure to get a room at the casino & bring my canopy cuz it was HOT!
                              The bar code # system was pretty damn cool...hadn't seen that before, very high tech. I didn't have my shawl w/me during the spot check intertribal, i kinda felt bad, but it made me dance harder cuz i knew i missed those points.

                              I was happy to see a lot of people i hadn't seen in awhile. Congrats to all the winners!! Everyone was gettin down...Ponchie & Karen were tearin' up the carpet in Golden Age, what an awesome sight!
                              I was especially HAPPY they gave us a double beat for our 2nd song on sunday...i think we need more of those in Northern Tradish ;)

                              Anyway....Congrats once again to all the Winners!!! See you guys down the road
                              *BE EASY*


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                       TORE UP double beat! we knew that if we gave that for a second song you would!!
                                but yeah...the word year the powwow won't be at the casino. it'll hafta be on our REZ, which is like 45 mins away. same prize money tho.....we'll get back to everyone with details. it'll hafta be a total camping pow wow next year!
                                ~+ +~
                                Just breakin it down!


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