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Red Moon Powwow Results (offical)

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  • Red Moon Powwow Results (offical)

    Women's Fancy Shawl
    1st-Courtney Reeder
    2nd-Kanisha Bird
    Mariah St. Cyr

    Women's Jingle
    1st-Yvette Good Eagle
    2nd-Brittany Yarholar
    3rd-Regina Young Bear

    Women's Cloth
    1st-Yvonne Sodongei
    2nd-Janet Bullcoming
    3rd-Felicia Little Creek

    Women's Buckskin
    1st-Danita Goodwill
    2nd-Briget Black Owl
    3rd-Jackie Tsontokoy

    Michelle Kaouqou Buckskin Special
    1st-Jackie Tsontokoy
    2nd-Danita Goodwill
    3rd-Bobbie Hamilton

    Men's Straight
    1st-Gerald Chasenah
    2nd-Deswood Koshiway
    3rd-Rennard Grant

    Men's Traditional
    1`st-Gabe Cleveland
    2nd-BJ Haury
    3rd-Cody Blessingame

    Men's Chicken
    1st-Notah Wahpepah
    2nd-Jay Roberts
    3rd-Ed Black Jr

    Men's Grass
    1st-Richard Rock
    2nd-Clifton Goodwill
    3rd-Thomas Black

    Men's Fancy
    1st-JR Jaquez
    2nd-Dwight White Buffalo
    3rd-William St.Cyr

    Sevenstar, Orange and Scabby Family Grass Dance Special
    Terrance Goodwill

    Drum Contest
    2nd-Plains Drifters
    3rd-Rose Hill
    Other Drums- Wild Band of Comanches, Soldier Nation, Native Eagle(host) and Millard Clark Drum(host)

    Lots of good music and lots of dancers. The 9 was packed on Sat nite, but on Sun nite it was just ok, because I said hello to my oldtimer. At least 3 to 4 feasts every day. Gained a few pounds there.

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    Wachinca Dakota Oayte powwow results (Poplar, MT)
    by Wojapi
    Here are the results from the Wachinca Dakota Oyate Wacipi in Poplar, MT. Held July 16-18, 2004.

    Men's Golden Age:
    1.) Royce Kingbird
    2.) Richard Ross
    3.) Harry Three Stars
    4.) Ronn Moccasin

    Women's Golden Age:
    1.) Tonia Ackerman
    07-19-2004, 04:25 AM
  • thizgirlpowwows
    Founders Day Powwow Results
    by thizgirlpowwows
    Since i cant post on contest results, i shall do it here LOL........February 3 & 4, Mission SD

    sr mens
    1st-gary richards sr
    2nd-chris eagle hawk sr
    3rd-wayne pushetonequa (sp)
    4th-sarge old horn

    sr womens
    1st-mabel blue thunder...
    02-06-2007, 06:37 AM
  • Mr Oakley
    2007 Hinckley Results
    by Mr Oakley
    Well I tried to post ALL winners except Jrs, cuz I wasn't there yet. It took so long to type up, it logged me off. lol goes..

    teen girls fancy
    4- Tiata Roberts
    3- Nyomi Cleveland
    2- Sky Hall
    1- Leela Abrahamson

    teen girls jingle
    06-19-2007, 10:10 PM
  • kneegrow_native
    Spokane Tribal Labor Day Pow-wow
    by kneegrow_native
    The pow-wow ends tomorrow (Monday), but the results of the Prairie Chicken Special are already in.

    There were nearly 40 dancers in this one, it was narrowed down to the final 10 which was: Irvin Waskewitch, Marvin Calf Robe, Jordan Yazzie, Guy Fox, Manuel Mount, Louie Paul, Alex Meninick,...
    09-01-2008, 03:09 AM
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    Time Out Results???
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    Any results from this past weekend???

    04-10-2006, 11:42 AM



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