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    I was invited to read a thread in this forum that made it compelling for me to post one time, and one time only. I thank you for the opportunity.

    In the thread I am referring to, there were many strong words, many words of opposition, and many words of conflict. There were denials, accusations, implications, name callings, and the simple rubbing of salt in old wounds.

    Let me ask a question to provoke some thought. Think of Mount St. Helens for a moment.

    If the bowels of a volcano churned and forced an eruption so massive that the sky would blacken and ash was forced across the land into the plains, or the oceans swelled spreading over the eastern mainlands into the heart of this country, or if the winds of the east met the winds of the west causing the very core of this country to be swept away.... if any or all of these things happened... and you were the only one left standing, would you rejoice the fact that you are alive? Or would you cry, for all that is lost?

    We are in a time that mother earth is in a growing turmoil, and at the same time, we are in a time that many of our ancestors predicted. Our evolution and involvement on this planet has been a gift. And while there have been many mistakes made by humans over the centuries, what we have now is what we "humans" have to deal with.

    It doesn't matter which nationality you are, or what your culture is, or even your level of education or beliefs. We strive to make things better for all of our countries people as a whole, but we are still faced with mistakes every day.
    This is part of life as we are.

    I was invited to many open PowWows and each time that I went, I could not help but feel the warmth and love between people from various "tribes". Elders welcomed everyone, and thanked our creator for lending the opportunity to dance, and to gather, and to share. I could also not ignore the fact that the dance, the drums, and the open skys gave me the feeling of closeness with mother earth, and the people there. The heavens were open for embrace, and I opened my heart in those moments to embrace all that was around me and I am thankful for those moments provided by people of this earth.

    There are so many conflicts in this world, and so many daily issues we face in these times of stress on the planet, and stress amongst the people and all living things. It is not a time to express anger. It is not a time to pit tribe against tribe or tribe against those who want to be a part of what they believe in their hearts as their natural born culture. As a whole, we "humans" instead, have a responsibility to protect mother earth, to make change, and try to just survive.

    None of us really know what our future holds, or how our land will be affected if at all by the forces of nature or the damage we are doing to it, but we do know that conflict can be the biggest force of destruction far stronger than any disaster. And we all know that our communication skills stand stronger than many known substances to mankind. How we use those words can strongly affect our lives. Should we not use our words in a more productive way?

    If we know how strong words can be used, especially within our people, can we not formulate words that unite humans instead of segregate? Can we not use our words more importantly to work as a whole country to deal with issues we are faced with for our childrens future? If they even have a future?

    When you hold your PowWows, consider setting aside any feelings of conflict and welcome those around you that come from far away lands as well as those you know, and embrace them openly with a new heart. Consider inviting people that you feel rub you the wrong way, or have tried to congregate in ways you might not consider "same" as your own known traditions. Consider the reasons why we "gather" as people... we are after all, one large energy of souls touching souls.

    Consider shaking the hand of someone you don't even know but would ordinarily turn away from. Consider allowing yourself to smile just because you are alive, and given the opportunity to be a part of the allmighty creators gift. Wouldn't it be pleasant if everyone in our country sat down and shared a peace pipe for a while? Imagine the stories that could be told and shared. Imagine the peace, and imagine the silence and serenity of the moments between words, imagine the feeling everyone would have waking up the next day and having a moment to reflect.

    Open your eyes and take in the bigger picture. The coming days are more important to us in ways we never could have imagined, for all humans and creatures around us, for all living things. It is not a time to have conflict, it is a time to open our senses and spirituality and awaken what we have inside of us, and band together to survive.

    I say these things with ultimate respect for one and all, and I say these things from my heart, a heart I share with each and every one of you. I may only be one voice, and one soul but at this very moment, my words are touching your soul.

    See how powerful they can be?

    I wish all of you peace in your gatherings, and peace outside of these gatherings amongst one and all. I also wish you all success in your endeavors and I hope that you all can set aside one single difference in opinion long enough to accept new ideas. Our land and country are depending on it.

    Setting aside one difference in opinion can lead to another, and another, while at the same time it opens doors for new thought and ideas. Never forget WHY we dance....

    We dance to celebrate life. Everyone should be able to dance.

    Thank you for this opportunity to voice my thoughts and send a message to all of you that care enough to make a difference.



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    We all are one...

    Mexico-Tenochtitlan, the Land of the Aztecs, -
    June 9, 2007.

    Hello, Whisperer..!
    What you just wrote touched my heart, touched my spirit and should touch others too! Why? Because it is true! We all are one, I always say... As Marthin Luther King Jr. also said: "...all men were created equal..." It shouldn´t be just a dream, it´s more than a dream, it´s just the simple truth! We all cry, laugh, sleep, love and hate, but the thing is that hate destroys us. -Love builts, creates, gives... Thanks for taking all that beautiful time to write something so worthy for all of us... Something that we all have to keep in mind and heart... And something else: It´s not "my country, my land, my tribe, my neighborhood, my this and my that"... We belong to Mother Earth, we shouldn´t belong things, places, stuff... We belong to this great and amazing planet, -(we neglect our home in the Universe, the selfishness make us blind, ignorant) and it´s time to appreciate and regenerate The Earth because she´ll take us back again when the moment comes and we will be part of her soil, trees, flowers, mountains, rivers and hills and our children will continue to enjoy the beauty and kindness of our Home in the Cosmos. ----------------------Receive a big hug from Cuetzpallincihuatl.
    Cuetzpallincihuatl, the Aztec Indian.


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