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  • Cannonball Winners?

    Who won?

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    Women's Fancy
    1st Amber Cleveland
    2nd Natika Baker
    3rd Kellie LeBeau

    Women's Jingle
    1st Jennifer Young Bear
    2nd Dorothy Crow Feather
    3rd ??

    Woman's Fancy Shawl Special - Amber Cleveland

    Women's All-Around #1
    1st Jennifer Young Bear
    2nd Kellie LeBeau
    3rd Lauren Frank

    Women's All-Around #2
    1st Lisa Ewalk-Noon
    2nd ??
    3rd I think it was Amber

    That's all I can remember.


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      hey congrats to da, who were all da drums?


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        Mens Traditional
        1st Donovan Abbey
        2nd Steve Yellow Earrings
        3rd V Whitehorse

        Mens Grass
        1st Wayne Fox
        2nd Russell Young Bird
        3rd Luke Cloud

        Mens Fancy
        1st Poncho Brady
        2nd Amos Yazzie
        3rd Shorty Crawford

        Womens Traditional
        1st Jodi Gillette
        2nd Tara Sandy
        3rd Karrie Abbey

        Womens Jingle
        1st Jennifer Young Bear
        2nd Dorothy Crow Feather
        3rd Lauren Frank

        Womens Fancy
        1st Amber Cleveland
        2nd Natika Baker
        3rd Kelly LeBeau

        Teen Boys Traditional
        1st Weston Tso
        2nd Julius Baker
        3rd Kendall Lester

        Teen Boys Grass
        1st Elijah Grady
        2nd Damon Baker
        3rd Cameron Grady

        Teen Boys Fancy
        1st Amos Yazzie
        2nd Canku One Star
        3rd Marquel Crawford

        Teen Girls Traditional
        1st Cheyenne Brady
        2nd Tamara McKay
        3rd Shaylynn Ramsey

        Teen Girls Jingle
        1st Chelsey Finley
        2nd Grace Thompson
        3rd Amanda Ironstar

        Teen Girls Fancy
        1st Skye Hall
        2nd Kelly Walker
        3rd Mimi Suksuva(sp?)

        Jr Boys Traditional
        1st Harley Medicine Horse
        2nd Naaman Elk
        3rd Brandon Shoots The Enemy

        Jr Boys Grass
        1st Taran Fox
        2nd Darryl Grady
        3rd Peanut Ironstar

        Jr Boys Fancy
        1st Lance Yazzie
        2nd Sonny Means

        Jr Girls Traditional
        1st Briann Ramsey
        2nd Stephanie Tiger
        3rd Wakan McKay

        Jr Girls Jingle
        1st Cheyenne Fox
        2nd Maycie Morin
        3rd Mikayla Baker

        Jr Girls Fancy
        1st Jaylee Rencountre
        2nd Shadee Pretends Eagle
        3rd Shelley Tiger


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        • Mato Winyan
          Ft. Belknap
          by Mato Winyan
          Jr Girls Fancy
          1st Mikayla Sun Rhodes
          2nd Shashone Main
          3rd Desi Small

          Jr Boys Traditional
          1st Levi Jones
          2nd Brad Cichosz
          3rd Jayce OldCoyote

          Teen Girls Fancy
          1st Skye Hall
          2nd Tia Hoops
          3rd Britney Crawford...
          08-07-2006, 11:35 AM
        • gasco49
          Winners List from Harbor Springs, Mi
          by gasco49
          Please forgive me for any spelling errors in names...

          Boys 6-12 Tradish:
          1st - Brandon Hinojosa
          2nd - Alonzo Oldman
          3rd - Lil Bird Benton

          Boys 6-12 Grass:
          1st - David Hinojosa
          2nd - Anthony Pelletier
          3rd - Zackary Jackson
          08-11-2008, 01:34 PM
        • Mato Winyan
          Navajo Nation Fair
          by Mato Winyan
          Jr. Girls Fancy
          1st - Simone Paskemin
          2nd - Norma Yazzie
          3rd - Selena Jackson

          Jr. Girls Jingle
          1st - Tylor Etsitty
          2nd - Caleen Gene
          3rd - Alayna Jackson

          Jr. Girls Traditional
          1st - Saundeen Bear
          2nd - Shabi Star Sheka...
          09-19-2006, 09:32 PM
        • Mato Winyan
          Cherokee - July 2006
          by Mato Winyan
          Northern Drum Contest
          1st- Eagle Watch
          2nd - The Krew

          Southern Drum Contest
          1st - Southern Eagle
          2nd - Bad Water
          3rd - Plainsmen

          Men's Traditional
          1st- Antonio Grant
          2nd - Anthony Lett
          07-13-2006, 03:31 AM
        • CloudN9ne
          Ft. Belknap Results some of them...
          by CloudN9ne
          men's fancy
          1st stanley whiteman

          mens tradish
          1st sheldon wuttunee
          2nd phillip paul
          3rd ??

          mens grass
          1st terry gray
          2nd tim parker
          3rd jonathan gopher

          womens fancy
          1st tia hoops
          2nd felicia paul...
          11-14-2005, 05:48 PM



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