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Kickapoo Powwow Days 2007

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  • Kickapoo Powwow Days 2007

    Kickapoo Powwow Day 2007 (July 20,21,22)
    Horton ,Kansas
    Mc's Ruben Littlehead
    Mc Tommy Christian
    Ad Mike Roberts
    Host drum Whistling Wind
    Invited Drum Midnite Express
    Drum contest $5000,$4000,$3000,$2000,$1000, $2000 split
    Hand Drum contest $700,$500,$300 Bring your own hand drums 3 singers min 5 singers max.
    Dance contests over $35000 in prizes
    Adults $1000,$600,$400,$200
    Specials Womens Jingle $1000, Mens Grass $1000
    Jr/teen all around special sponsored by Boys and Girls Club
    For more info contact Michelle Thomas at 785-486-2228 or email [email protected]

  • #2 lots of prize money and Midnite gonna be derr, huh? got dang it, wish I can go.........good luck and safe travels everyone! sum one be sure and tape Midnite for me, lol.......


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      This powwow is growing fast and hope everyone can make it!


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        Im sooooooooo hoping to go watch for a day or so. Man, it all depends on my body. For the past two days I been tryna go to walmart but im too hurt. IF MY BODY DONT HURT..Imma come watch with my son. Hope its a good one..last year it was pretty keen.
        Nuwa-nu!!..Look at the Yummy Yaha's!!mmmm..mmm Real injun food!!
        Agai-Dika from the great state of potatoes (Lemhi Shoshone-Bannock). So Don't panic, I'm Bannock. P.S. heres my quote: uncle Gary Abrahamson "Don't sweat the petty things, Pet the sweat things!"
        :character:merrychri:eyelashes:eyelashes:eyelashes :eyelashes:
        eyelashes:eyelashes:eyelashes:eyelashes:eyelashes: eyelashes:


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          Weather will be in the high 80's on friday and in the low 90's on sat and sunday, This is alot better than 112 degress from last year.


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              Kickapoo Winners 2007

              Drum contest
              1st Mesquaki Nation
              2nd Tha Tribe
              3rd Southern Boyz
              4th Tha Krew
              5th Cozad
              Womens Fancy
              1st Tanksi Clairmont
              2nd Verna Street
              3rd Jocy Bird
              4th Matilida Littlehead
              Womens Fancy
              1st Yvette Goodeagle
              2nd Nitanis Kit Landry
              3rd Sheri Landry
              4th A-Shay IronStar
              Womens Northern Tradish
              1st Tosha Goodwill
              2nd Alva Fiddler
              3rd Delmarina OneFeather
              4th Jancita Warrington
              Womens Southern Tradish
              1st Danita Goodwill
              2nd Tooky Brady
              3rd Nah-nee Smith
              4th Joy Flores
              Mens Fancy
              1st Dwight Whitebuffalo
              2nd Wayne Silas Jr
              3rd Gabe Bullock
              4th Douglas Scholfield
              Mens Grass
              1st Todd Ike
              2nd Clifton Goodwill
              3rd Wayne Chie
              4th Marvin Red Elk
              Mens Strait
              !st Wahkeen Hamilton
              2nd Matthew Sheka sr
              3rd Erwin Morris
              4th Thomas Goodeagle
              Mens Tradish
              1st Terry Fiddler
              2nd Charles Hindsley
              3rd Non Smith
              4th Gabe Cleveland
              Hand drum
              1st Mesquaki Nation
              2nd Southern Boyz
              3rd Midnite Express


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