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  • Sisseton Winners?

    Does anybody have these results? Give me the 4-1-1!!
    "One truly doesn't long as they try."

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    singing contest
    1st-mnx express (tie w/ eyabay)
    3rd-battle river
    4th-bad nation
    4th-elk soldier

    sr womens fancy
    1st-kelli lebeau
    2nd-lisa ewak noon
    3rd-shelly eagleman-bointy
    4th-michelle lonechild
    5th-brenda davis

    sr. womens jingle
    1st-diane deroseier (sp? sorry)
    2nd-denise one star
    3rd-sharon eagleman-fineday
    4th-candace johnson
    5th-alice phelps

    womens fancy
    1st-amber cleveland
    2nd-tanksi clairmont
    3rd-verna street
    4th-josie bird
    5th-denelle stanley

    womens jingle
    1st-winona kingbird
    2nd-ashley phelps
    3rd-dorothy crow feather
    4th-? cook (sorry)
    5th-cant remember

    teen girls fancy
    1st-nyomi cleveland
    2nd-taylor spoonhunter
    3rd-mimi sutival (sp way off)
    4th-brooklyn bernard ?
    5th-lacey fiddler

    teen girls jingle
    1st-shay deroseier (sp?)
    2nd-denette hunt
    3rd-chelsey finley
    4th-lynsey new holy
    5th-shawna olsen

    jr. girls fancy
    1st-oksta win one star
    2nd-jaylynn bird
    3rd-shayla ?
    4th-amaya kingbird
    5th-coral gillette

    jr. girls jingle
    1st-dominic cloud
    2nd-tosha uses arrow
    4th-murtha ?
    5th-kayla ?


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      sr. mens grass
      1st-wayne fox
      2nd-todd ike
      3rd-mike one star sr.
      4th-? bearstail
      5th-ivan lonechild

      sr. mens tradish
      1st-charles hindsley
      2nd-lonny street
      3rd-orlando ike
      4th-steve yellow earring
      5th-EJ smith (?)

      sr. mens fancy
      1st-larry yazzie
      2nd-jerry cleveland
      3rd-dwight white buffalo
      4th-clay crawford

      teen boys tradish
      1st-anthony ?
      2nd-clayton st. clair jr.
      3rd-albert hindsley
      4th-adaki hindsley
      5th-louis little wind

      teen boys grass
      1st-johnny johnson
      2nd-isaac little wind
      3rd-brandon kills spotted
      4th-saunders youngbird
      5th-brian renville

      teen boys fancy
      1st-canku one star


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        I have to commend you on hanging in there that long to listen to the winners. We gave up about 10:30pm and took the babies back to the hotel....we heard it was about 1:30am before they started announcing winners!!!!


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          ^^Yeah, what was up with that? It seemed like a good 5 hours or so to tabulate. Gee, most of the stands were gone by the time we left! (lol)

          Was a good pow wow though, I enjoyed myself...


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            It was a great powwow....we've gone to the Veterans Wacipi in November, but never the summer powwow and we really enjoyed ourselves. The weather was just perfect, good singing, good dancing....yeah, the amount of time to tabulate was a little rough, but overall it was great and we are really glad we went.


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                was there a junior adult catagory for men. I only see the senior adult men posted.

                just wondering


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                  Originally posted by ndldy68 View Post
                  was there a junior adult catagory for men. I only see the senior adult men posted.

                  just wondering
                  yeah they had a jr mens category, but i left after they announced all the womens categories, was too tired by then so i dont know who won either


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