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Wikwemikong (Wiky) Powwow winners?

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  • Wikwemikong (Wiky) Powwow winners?

    Drum Contest:

    1st- Whitetail Cree
    2nd- Young Gunz
    3rd- Chippewa Travellers
    4th- Footprint

    Hand drum:

    1st- Peterborough Express (Chippewa Travellers)
    2nd- Swampwater (Whitetail Cree)
    3rd- Young Gunz

    Not sure of all the dance winners but maybe someone can fill those in.......good powwow just a little dusty.
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    i didnt go here either but this is what i heard.. lol

    Jr Womens Jingle
    1st- Shannon Beetso
    2nd- Lisa Marie Lavallee
    3rd- ?
    4th- Jennifer Cummings

    Jr Womens Fancy
    1st- Tracy Recollet

    Jr Womes Tradish
    1st- Tara Trudeau

    Jr Mens Tradish
    1st- Devan Kicknosway

    Jr Mens Fancy
    1st- Graham Trudeau
    4th- Chris Warner

    Sr Womens Jingle
    1st- Cheryl Jacobs

    Womens Smoke Special
    1st- Cheryl Jacobs

    Teen Girls Tradish
    1st- Sabrina Shawanda
    2nd- Cassidi Webkamigad
    3rd- Heather Watts
    4th- Zoey Trudeau

    Teen Boys Smoke Special
    1st- Tony Johnson

    Teen Boys Fancy
    1st- Tony Johnson
    2nd- Nimkii Osawamick
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      Wikychick - c'mon........ I know you wrote them down.


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        C'mon somebody, at least, post the winners in GA men.


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          Yea hurry post GA men winners! Kiwehnzii wants to see his name on! *L*
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            Not even......... I just wanna see if I shoulda went. Ayyyeee.


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              Golden Age Mens
              1st Peter Brule
              2nd Sherman Butler
              3rd William (Tim) McGregor
              4th Wilfred Trudeau

              Golden Age Womens
              1st Karen Pheasant
              2nd Deborah Pratt
              3rd Billie Brown
              4th Viola Recollet

              Sr. Womens Traditional
              1st Liz Webkamigad
              2nd Bernadette Shawanda
              3rd Hilda Paskemin
              4th Bonnie Mason

              sr. Womens Jingle
              1st Cheryl Jacobs
              2nd Geraldine Cameron
              3rd Lisa williams
              4th Cathy Creighton

              Sr. Womens Shawl
              1st Mariette Sutherland

              Sr. Mens Traditional
              1st Maheengun Shawanda
              2nd Ryan Gustafson
              3rd Harry Gegwetch
              4th Bruce Smoke

              Sr. Mens Grass
              1st Standford Tom
              2nd Ray Trudeau
              3rd Stephen Peltier
              4th Travis Brown

              Sr.Mens Fancy
              1st Samuel Left Hand

              Jr. Womens Traditional
              1st Tara Trudeau
              2nd Sara Loft
              3rd Kristol Abel
              4th Lynn Smoke

              Jr. Womens Jingle
              1st Shannon Beetso
              2nd Lisa Marie Lavallee
              3rd Winona Bird
              4th Jennifer Cummings

              Jr. Womens Shawl
              1st Tracy Recollet
              2nd Sandra Albert
              3rd Wahsay Pyawasit
              4th Amber Cook

              Jr. Mens traditional
              1st Devon Kicknosway
              2nd Alden Pompana
              3rd James Wrightman
              4th Gary Smith

              Jr. mens Grass
              1st Matthew Pheasant
              2nd Jesse Osawamick
              3rd Jiles Copenace
              4th David Trudeau

              Jr. Mens Fancy
              1st Graham Trudeau
              2nd Tyrone Shawana
              3rd Dallas Sinopole
              4th Chris Warner

              Teen Girls Traditional
              1st Sabrina Shawanda
              2nd Cassidy Webkamigad
              3rd Heather Watts
              4th Zoey Trudeau

              Teen Jingle
              1st Allison Begwetch
              2nd Cheyenne White
              3rd daynelle Pyawasit
              4th Cileena Sandy

              Teen Fancy Shawl
              1st Faith Deconte
              2nd Teshenna Dancy
              3rd Krista Osawamick
              4th Kehew Watanee

              Teen mens Traditional
              1st Alec Big Canoe
              2nd Kiigen Peltier
              3rd Niinehns Trudeau

              Teen Grass
              1st Jesse Gustafson
              2nd Bradley Henry
              3rd David Charrette
              4th Joshua Shaw

              Teen Fancy
              1st Tony Johnson
              2nd Nimkii Osawamick

              Girls Traditional
              1st Jade Gustafson
              2nd Makayla Webkamigad
              3rd Kaitlynn Recollet
              4th Brittany Manitowabi

              Girls Jingle
              1st Summer Hill
              2nd Chelsey Recollet
              3rd Skyesla Phillip
              4th Tiana Hignett

              Girls Shawl
              1st Hallie Snake
              2nd Justise-lee Cooper
              3rd Christine Hignett
              4th Kristen Jackson

              Boys Traditional
              1st Noodin Shawanda
              2nd Jalon White Eye
              3rd Ethan Corbiere-Roy
              4th Geordan Lewis

              Boys Grass
              1st Jenmee Bondy
              2nd Timmy Johnson
              3rd Miigwaanis Peltier
              4th Miles Sutherland

              Boys Fancy
              1st Miisheen Shawanda
              2nd Happy Gokey
              3rd Destin Snake

              Mens Smoke Special
              1st Fraser Sundown
              2nd Lyle Anderson
              3rd Alfred Keye

              Womens Smoke Special
              1st Cheryl Jacobs
              2nd Sandra Albert

              Boys Smoke
              1st Tony Johnson
              2nd Timmy Johnson

              Girls Smoke
              1st Summer Hill
              2nd Heather Watts
              3rd Cheyenne White

              Prairie Chicken Special
              1st Jiles Copenace
              2nd Travis Brown
              3rd Stephen Peltier

              Jesse Osawamick Grass Dance Special
              1st Jiles Copenace
              2nd Jesse Gustafson
              2rd David Trudeau


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                Congrats to all the winners.
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