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    More Winnerz

    Adult Men's Fancy (18-54)
    5th - Eric Youth, Phoenix, AZ
    4th - Jason Whitehouse, Madison Heights, MI
    3rd - Travis Thunderlovett, Atlanta, GA
    2nd - Gabe Bullock, Livingston, TX
    1st - Jerry Cleveland, Baraboo, WI

    Men's Grass
    5th - Keith Sharphead, Jacksonville, FL
    4th - Sante Knight, Thunder Valley, SD
    3rd - Darrell Bolton, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
    2nd - Buck Spotted Tail, Rosemont, SD
    1st - Terence Goodwill, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Men's Northern Tradish
    5th - Harlan Still Day, MN
    4th - Nicholas Birdshead, Alexandria, VA
    3rd - Edmond Navoquoya, Hadgetville, OK
    2nd - Gabe Cleveland, Wisconsin Dells, WI
    1st - Nathan Smith, Fort Cotton, ND

    Men's Southern Straight
    5th - Leonard Cashaway, Carnegie, OK
    4th - Wakeen Hamilton, Pawnee, OK
    3rd - AJ Leading Fox, Pawnee, OK
    2nd - Terry Tsotigh, Edmond, OK
    1st - Denny Medicine Bird, Geary, OK


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      Men's Smoke Dance (missed a few during radio commercial break)

      2nd - Cam Hill, Oswegan, Ontario, Canada
      1st - Lyle Anderson, Buffalo, NY

      Ladies Smoke Dance
      5th - Reese Bomberry, Oswegan, Ontario, Canada
      4th - Lisa Jonathan, Salamanca, NY
      3rd - Tisha Amarsley, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada
      2nd - Valerie Parker, Akron, NY
      1st - Kesa Lee Parker, Gonowaukee, Quebec, Canada

      Northern Singing
      5th - Many Voices, Dayton, OH
      4th - Young Gunz, Buffalo, NY
      3rd - Eagle Flight, London, Ontario, Canada
      2nd - Mandaree Singers, Newtown, ND
      1st - Stoney Creek Singers, VA

      Southern Singing
      5th - Cedar Tree Singers, Haymarket, VA
      4th - Blackbear Singers, Ada, OK (YEEHAW!)
      3rd - Southern Sons, Pembroke, NC
      2nd - Blackbear Creek, Pawnee, OK
      1st - Cozad Singers, Hominy, OK


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        We just got home. I'm working on photos. I have over 500 and a good bit of video.

        I'll start uploading tomorrow.

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          Well I am home now too! I was going to fly back tomorrow morning but I decided to come back a bit earlier. I finally got to meet Paul!! I also met a lot of other folks. I'll post some more tomorrow but now I'm going to sleep...Hope everyone is safely on their way home!


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              Anyone know the teen winners? lol
              Congrats to Star, Nahmi, Cam, Lyle, Reese, Tesha Emarthle, Keysa & Val Parker! Young Gunz, Stoney Creek & Eagle Flight too!
              ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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                Originally posted by **Summer_June** View Post
                Anyone know the teen winners? lol
                Congrats to Star, Nahmi, Cam, Lyle, Reese, Tesha Emarthle, Keysa & Val Parker! Young Gunz, Stoney Creek & Eagle Flight too!
                When I got tuned in to the LCO rez station broadcasting online they were just finishing the teen boys categories and I didn't get those transcribed in time, . Sorry if I butchered the namez, too...


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                  LOL.. im sure someone will know.. thats okay! lol i do it too!
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                    Stoney Creek is from N.C.


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                      CONGRATS TO THE CREEK CRU!!!! You guys rocked DC!!! Congrats to all the winners, Miss Melissa Montoya.....way to go gal!!! I'm so proud of ya!! & of course Denny Medicine Bird was STRUTTIN....Congrats on 1st!!!

                      It's monday morning & i have a serious powwow HANGOVER, but i had a great was good to see so many people...Paul, i didn't even get to take a pix w/you this time...guess i'll just have to go to MORONGO to get my pix w/MR.!

                      Oh & to Ponche, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU sooo much for the lawn gals....they were a big hit! Hope everyone has safe travels...see ya at Crow Fair :)
                      *BE EASY*


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                        talk about a SERIOUS powwow hangover... i'm singin' the monday blues today - whadda fun powwow!
                        i REALLY enjoyed those war dances... they were COOL (haha, that sounds cheap!)... very neat to watch!

                        i'd like to say congrats to my folks (and happy anniversary!), fams - way to rep out there... and ALL the other champs, esp. the creek crew!
                        ya'll jammed out (as always) and came back to claim that title - way to go fellas (is that 3? - 2 fa sho!)... can't wait to see ya'll at crow THIS WEEK!!!! stop by the camp - ya'll are always welcome!

                        kiwenzii (sp?) - thanks a TON for the mini-me lawn ornaments (i'd take it w/me to crow fair - but it'd get taken... haha!)!!!
                        kakeeya - so nice to finally meet you, i really love the way you dance! and it was fun to play w/ur granddaughter - she's a cutie!
                        whome - now that's how you do a pw! and u were lookin' sharp yesterday!!
                        smokin' - lovely as always, sorry it was so brief!
                        jibbs - dang girl it's been a WHILE! good to see you dancing!

                        it was good seein' the peeps and you too paul - can't wait to see what kinda footage you got!
                        "i don't like to walk fast man - i like to strut!"


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                          Originally posted by NorthofAda View Post
                          Women's Northern Tradish (cloth/buckskin combined)

                          2nd - Melissa Montoya, Mount Pleasant, MI

                          Congratulations to my bestest buddy! Now you can treat me to Genji's when you get back.



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                            I'm uploading photos now:

                            New to the site--Introduce Yourself

                            Find a Pow Wow Near You!


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                              Wooo hooo i was waiting on this! :)
                              The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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                                Congrats to Heather Watts on her first place win in teen girls tradish, Beedoskah Stonefish on her 1st place win & Waskwane Stonefish on her 3rd place win! Way to go girls!
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