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  • OKC Powwow

    OKC Indian Clinic 3rd Annual Powwow
    Oklahoma City 18th Aug 2007

    We went to this powwow last year and was impressed with the committee
    Well this year again the committee was stellar
    They fed 900 people in 30 mins!!!!
    That is better than most Army Chow halls!
    Good food too

    It was in the Cox Pavilion at the fairgrounds, I had not been to a powwow in this building but I must say it was one of the perfect places to hold one
    Long Building so plenty of room for the traders,spectators and dancers
    Air conditioning is a must here in Oklahoma in the Summer time...
    But it rained the whole day so we were nice and dry inside.

    The success was due to a large number of volunteers that roved constantly picking up trash, keeping the water coming and passing out fruit
    They kept a roving group of ice chests full of ice cold bottled water moving around passing out to anyone and everyone, spectators included!
    For supper they dished all the food into those cover boxes and that was the key to getting everybody fed quickly it also kept the food nice and hot!
    I was impressed with how fast they got everybody through the line!
    And they made sure all the elders sat and they brought the food to them!!!

    It was a contest powwow so of course that attracts alot of dancers
    We had a good time!

    I posted the results just click on the link contest results under this powwow:
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    It was a good dance, the committee did a good job. We had a nice time and it was good to see Josiah and Valerie as well.


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      OKC pow wow

      Sounds like that is a bad ___ committee. Shakopee needs to take some tips from these guys. This past week end at Shakopee it rained all days excent Fri evening. They squeezed everyone into this tiny ice hockey rink and there they stayed all jammed together like sardines. Also, there is something unique about the floor of the rink that is not conducive to dancing. There were people who kept falling down including elders who had to be taken to the hospital. Whose ever idea that was needs to be dealt with. With all the money that Mystic Lake hauls in, one would think that they could build a facility to accomodate a huge gathering without trying to make do when weather is not cooperating. Also, the feeding that could have been done like you guys in Oklahoma was amazing. To feed that many people in that length of time.

      Come on Shakopee, get with it and take some hints from a state that knows how to deal with pow wows.


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        Who won the dance contests?
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