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SC, NC, and VA Powwow Flyers Wanted

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  • SC, NC, and VA Powwow Flyers Wanted

    I need any and all available powwow flyers for SC, NC, and VA that are dated on or after Friday September 28th. The company I work for has a multicultural fair that I got Shanghied into doing last yea,r and the VP wants me to do the same thing for this year's fair. I would like to expand the setup I had by including powwow flyers to hand out. You can PM me , or leave a link to the powwow's website.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    just go to the PW.C's very own powwow calandar get information from there and lots of them have links to a printable flyer. there are listing at gathering on and at crazy crow too

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      Went to the calendar and got what was available, but some listed didn't have a flyer, and I know some powwows that don't post on here.


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        Email me at [email protected] and I can get you fliers for the Chickahominy Fall Festival/Pow-wow in VA in September and the Richmond Pow-wow in November.
        Becky B.


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          oh hell yeah, thats supposed to be a good one. i wanted to go last year but i was laid up and couldnt handle the drive down from dc

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            The Meherrin Indians

            You will find our flyer there and an updated one in the next two weeks.
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