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  • Akwe/Six Nay FallFairWinners

    Who's got the winner from Akwesasne powow and from the fall fair?? hmmm? hmnmmmm??? spill! lol
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    some akwe results

    drum contest

    1st blackbear
    2nd young gunz
    3rd eagle flight
    4th wemotaci

    young gunz and blackbear had a sing off for first

    hand drum was blackbear1st, peterboro express 2nd, and eagle flight 3rd

    Men's Traditional champ was Bruce Smoke, he had a dance off with Alden Pompana

    Women's Traditional champ was Lynn Smoke

    Men's Grass champ was AG Shenandoah

    Women's Jingle champ was Cheryl Jacobs
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      Here's the Six Nay Fall Fair Winners... quite a small powwow this year..

      jr girls trad
      1st- breanne hill?

      jr girls jingle
      3rd- adrianna douglas
      2nd- adalia plain
      1st- waskwane stonefish

      jr girls fancy
      3rd- jadyn bomberry
      2nd- kaitlyn douglas
      1st- beedoskah stonefish

      jr boys trad
      2nd- ? shawanda
      1st- keith green

      jr boys grass
      2nd- ? hedgepath
      1st- ??

      jr boys fancy
      1st- caden dreaver

      teen girls trad
      2nd- zoey trudeau
      1st- summer john

      teen girls jingle
      1st- cheyenne petoskey

      teen girls fancy
      1st- paula anderson

      teen boys trad
      1st- jeff porter

      teen boys grass
      2nd- philip thomas
      1st- timmy johnson

      teen boys fancy
      1st- dallas john

      17 & under girls smoke
      3rd- kanyatha?
      2nd- jamie doxtator?
      1st- kanotie ireland?

      17 & under boys smoke
      3rd- timmy johnson
      2nd- mason ?
      1st- keith green

      womens tradish
      3rd- kristol abel
      2nd- lisa hill
      1st- challis isaac

      womens jingle
      3rd- chantel porter
      2nd- shannon white
      1st- alexis albert

      womens fancy
      3rd- tesha emarthle
      2nd- beth ann hill
      1st- christina bomberry

      mens tradish
      3rd- ponchie plain
      2nd- dan isaac
      1st- will hedgepath

      mens grass
      3rd- dave trudeau
      2nd- niso shawanda
      1st- matt isaac

      mens fancy
      3rd- kevin bomberry
      2nd- sam lefthand
      1st- nigel schuyler

      womens smoke
      3rd- amanda bennett
      2nd- tesha emarthle
      1st- tia nicole smith

      mens smoke
      3rd- kevin bomberry
      2nd- solon spruce
      1st- andrew thomas
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