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  • Kansas Powwows?

    Alright, I'm editing the 2008 thread for 2009:

    Here I go, bugging y'all bout Kansas powwows again.

    I (still) operate a (very ghetto but effective lol) Kansas Powwow Calendar and I'm (still) having trouble finding all the powwows in the state (or surrounding areas) this year (now 2009). Does anyone have any info. on powwows going down in Kansas? Have any new dates for the annual powwows?

    This is most of what I had for 2007
    This is what I had for 2008
    Here's where I'm at for 2009! Like da new site? lol

    Any info would be VERY MUCH appreciated!
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    I was just shown this website. So I am a newbie. I live in Topeka. I am looking to find and meet ndns in this area.


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      Kansas City Kansas Community College Field House on Feb. 16


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        Yup, I got that one! And, I'm totally going to be there dancing! WOOT! Thanks!

        Has anyone heard about powwows for the MAAIC or HAIC?... I always enjoy da indian center powwows! I <3 my crazy urb ndn crew!!! XD
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          Originally posted by Falcon Spiritwind View Post
          I was just shown this website. So I am a newbie. I live in Topeka. I am looking to find and meet ndns in this area.
          You could hang out with my mom, she works at Washburn Univ. there in T-town (although she lives in KC)! hehe That's how come I'm so edumicated cos of my Professor mom! lol

          Also, the prairie band potawatomi rez is north of topeka and they have a fabulous powwow in the summer! I've got alot of pbp friends who work in Topeka so jus ask around! Then there's the lake shawnee powwow... its a good starter powwow in my opinion! If you're willing to drive a little further, I recommend the Kickapoo powwow, too.

          If I think of any other ways you could hook up with ndns I'll try and let you know
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            Originally posted by JinglnCrazyLilBird View Post
            Here I go, bugging y'all bout Kansas powwows again.

            I operate a (very ghetto but effective lol) Kansas Powwow Calendar and I'm having trouble finding about all the powwows in the state this year. Does anyone have any info. on powwows going down in Kansas? Have any new dates for the annual powwows?

            This is what I got for 2008
            This is most of what I had for 2007

            Any info would be VERY MUCH appreciated!
            > March 15, Birthday Dance for Carlyn Lomauhie Contact Nancy Blue 816-942-7497
            > April 4 -6 Time Out Pow-wow UND Campus, Grand Forks, ND 701-444-4291 University of North Dakota | Office Name
            > April 5 & 6 Jay, OK - I don't have info on this one yet I have e-mailed to get info let you know when I hear something.
            > April 5, Washington University, St. Louis, MO American Indian Student Association
            > April 18 & 19 Coffeyville, KS Kim Lay 620-252-7135 [email protected] or Virignia Miller 620-252-6426 [email protected]
            > May 3, 2nd Annual American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance Health and Wellness Pow-wow Johnson County Community College - Contact Sean M. Daley at 913-469-8500 ext 4823 or [email protected]
            > May 9, 10 - Haskell Pow-wow - Contact Manny King
            > May 23-25 Memorial weekend- Columbia, MO- Dona McKinney 573-896-8968
            > June 6, 7, & 8 - Red Earth - Homepage - redearth
            > June 14 Tinker Pow-wow Midwest City, OK
            > June 20, 21, 22 Peroria Pow-wow Miami, OK contact annette black 918-540-2535
            > June 20-22 Eldon, MO Seventh Annual Osage River Pow Wow, Eldon, Missouri Janet Dudley at (573) 369-2710 Or email Janet Dudley at [email protected]
            > June 27, 28 & 29 Tonkawa Tribal Pow-wow, TonkawaOK - Contact 580-28-2561
            > July 4-6 Quawpaw Pow-wow, 918-320-9186 Jennifer Lunsford
            > July 6 Indian Center Camp Pow-wow, Lee's Summit, MO Nancy Blue
            > July 9-12 National Pow-wow Vermillion County Fairgrounds, Danville, IL Jim Beuoy 330-497-4888
            > July 10-13 Sac & Fox Pow-wow, Stroud, OK 918-968-3370 [email protected], Sac and Fox Nation
            > July 18, 19 & 20 Sedalia, MO Robert Wolery Contact ANGEL HEADLADY
            > July 24-27 W'bego NE
            > Macy in August sometime too but not sure what the date is
            > August 1-3 Oklahoma Indian Nations Pow-wow, Concho, OK Christine Morton 405-262-0345 [email protected], Home | Official Site of Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma
            > August 1-3 Kaw Nation Annual Pow-wow, Kaw City, OK 580-269-2552 Betty Durkee [email protected], Welcome to the Official Website of the Kaw Nation
            > August 8,9, & 10 IICOT Pow-wow of Champions Tulsa, OK Dolletta Blalock 918-838-8276 [email protected], Intertribal Indian Club of Tulsa
            > August 29-31 Eufaula Indian Community Pow-wow, Eufala, OK George S. Tiger 918-689-5066
            > August 29, 30 & 31 Ottawa Tribal Pow-wow Miami, OK 918-674-2553
            > August 29-31 Lake Shawnee, Topeka KS Mike Ballard 785-272-5489
            > Sept 5, 6 & 7 Wyandotte Tribal Pow-wow Wyndotte, OK Sherri Clemons 918-678-2297 Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma
            > Sept 19, 20, 21 Oklahoma Indian Summer Pow-wow Bartlesville, OK 918-331-0934
            > Sept 26, 27, & 28 Standing Bear Pow-wow Ponca City, OK - 580-762-1514 Ponca City Tourism
            > October 4 & 5 Line Creek Art Show - Nancy Blue Contact 816-931-8831
            > October 11 Pryor Pow-wow, Pryor OK Mary Hayes 918-598-0583 [email protected]
            > November 7 Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory 8th Annual inter-tribal Veterans Pow-wow Topeka zoo - Mike Ballard 785-272-5489
            > December 13 Intertribal Indian Club of Kansas City Harrisonville Christmas Pow-wow - Nancy Blue 816-931-8831


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              friends of the keepter,inc

              May 17th, 18th, 2008
              HS-Parker Emhoolah
              HM-Sammy White
              HL-ThomasAnne Kaudlekaule
              HGD-Francis Sweetwater
              Dance contests
              650 North Seneca
              Wichita, Ks
              information call (316)706-9242


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                hey I'm going to the coffeyville powwow tomorrow! WOOHOO!


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                  Dang, I suck! I've been so crazy busy tryin to FINALLY graduate I've neglected everything! Thanks everyone for da updates, I'll try to keep better track! *kicks self* lol

                  I think I'll make it May 18th to the MAAIC Powwow.... I'd make it to the 17th as well if I wasn't walking across da stage to get my shiny piece of expensive paper that says I'm worthy of employment. hahaha But as soon as I'm done graduimating, I'm dun tossing my diploma in the back of the car and hauling booty to Wichita! lol

                  You all should give me a shout if you see me on da powwow trail... I'm really shy but I always need help finishin my taco. lol

                  Daaaaaaaaang Jwashee, you got connections! hahaha
                  ~*The only thing we know for sure is that we believe.*~


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                    C'mon peepuls! It's a new year to powwow! We've identified the "what" now we need a "when" and "where"!

                    I still need this year's dates for the coffeyville powwow, the kickapoo powwow, and the sac & fox and iowa tribe powwows (which I never get til the last minute lol). Also, I know MAAIC is renovating so they haven't been listing events but if anyone's got the inside scoop on when their powwows might be, do tell! Also, I've been posting powwows for HAIC and ICMN even though they have most of their powwows in MO but I <3 going to them so I'd love to have info on those. Is AIRHEA having the JCCC powwow again? Is Caney, KS having theirs? Etc. etc. etc.!

                    AAAAHHH I suck at scheduling... I missed alot of these powwows last year!!!
                    ~*The only thing we know for sure is that we believe.*~


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                      Haskell Welcome Back Powwow Is On Jan. 24th...


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                        Originally posted by Mike Hawk View Post
                        Haskell Welcome Back Powwow Is On Jan. 24th...
                        Thanks so much!

                        Ha, I'm getting back to KS from North Dakota on the 24th... a powwow would be a great way to defrost! lmao
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                          HASKELL WELCOME BACK DANCE

                          ><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a>
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                            here's my portion of the giveaway. Ayeeeee

                            January 24 - Haskell Indian Nations University Welcome Back Pow Wow
                            Coffin Sports Complex
                            Haskell Indian Nations University Campus
                            155 Indian Avenue
                            Lawrence, Kansas 66406
                            Hosted by: Haskell Student Senate
                            Vendor Info: Contact Janice Mendez @ (785)393-6993. Or they can be picked up at the Student Senate office located in Stidham Union.
                            Contact: Leona Whiteman, 785-749-8470, [email protected]
                            Website: Haskell Indian Nations University

                            February 14 - ICMN Annual Valentines Day Winter Powwow
                            7250 State Ave.
                            Kansas City, KS 66112
                            Vendor Info: Vendors may apply on line at Indian Council of Many Nations or call 913-888-1563. Sorry, no food vendors please. Contact: Dick Porch, 913-888-1563, [email protected]
                            Website: Indian Council of Many Nations

                            February 21 - Shawnee County Allied Tribes Winter Appreciation Dinner Dance
                            Topeka Zoo Gage Shelter House
                            Topeka, KS 66606
                            Contact: Chris Wagner, 785-969-7890, [email protected]
                            Website: Shawnee County Allied Tribes, Inc.

                            March 7 - LHS Native American Club Spring Powwow
                            1901 Louisiana St.
                            Lawrence, KS 66046
                            Other Information:
                            Host Southern Drum: Sizzortail, Shawnee, Oklahoma
                            Host Northern Drum: The Agency, Lawrence, Kansas
                            Grand Entry Times: 12:00 pm & 7:00 pm.
                            Head Man Grass Dance Special! 3 Places
                            Head Women All Ages Cloth Special!
                            Mens Chicken Dance Special! $500 Winner Take All!
                            Admission: $3.00
                            Vendor Info: Lawrence High School Native American Club is seeking vendors for this event. Vendors will have indoor space to set up! Fees: Arts and Crafts Booths $100.00 Informational Booths $75.00.
                            Contact: Marlene Bad Warrior, 785-832-5050, [email protected]
                            Website: Home Page ?(Lawrence High School Native American Club?)

                            March 28 & 29 - All Nations Native American Pow Wow
                            Agri-Business Building
                            712 West Washington Ave.
                            Arkansas City, KS 67005
                            Contact: 620-442-2113, [email protected]

                            Mar. 7 Peoria Stomp Dance, Ottawa/Peoria Cultural Center, 114 S Eight Tribes Trail, Miami, OK. Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma

                            Mar. 7 Western Heights Indian Education Powwow, 8401 SW 44th, Oklahoma City, OK 73179. Contact: Cathie Parker, 405-350-3428, [email protected]

                            April 4 - First Nation Student Association Pow Wow
                            Robinson Center
                            1301 Sunnyside Ave.
                            Lawrence, KS 66045-7567
                            Contact: 785-864-4350, [email protected]

                            Apr. 3-4 DCIYC Powwow, Bulldog Arena, Jay, OK. DCIYC Home Page

                            Apr. 4 UCO Spring Powwow, 100 N. University Drive, Edmond, OK 73034. Contact: Kathryn Toahty, 405-974-2224, [email protected]

                            Apr. 25 Talihina Indian Festival Powwow, Old School Gym (Hwy 271 N) Talihina, OK. [email protected]

                            April 4-5 All Nations Native American Pow Wow - Arkansas City - Gourd Dancing 2:oopm Opening Parade 7:00pm Inter-tribal Dancing 7:00 - 11:00pm ... more on All Nations Native American Pow Wow

                            May 9 & 10 - Haskell Indian Nations Commencement and Native American Pow-Wow
                            Haskell Indian Nations University
                            23rd & Barker
                            Lawrence, KS
                            other info:
                            May 9, Gourd Dancing-5 p.m. Grand Entry-7 p.m.
                            May 10, Grand -1 pm and 7 p.m., Gourd Dancing-3 p.m.
                            Admission: Pow Wow Admission $2
                            Vendor Information Contact: Patti Grant-Orosco, [email protected]
                            Pow Wow Information Contact: Manny King, [email protected]
                            Phone Number: 785-749-8404

                            June 12-14 - Prairie Band Potawatomi Pow Wow
                            Prairie Peoples Park
                            15402 M Rd
                            Mayetta, KS 66509
                            Contact: [email protected]
                            Phone: (785) 966-4005
                            Toll Free: (877) 715-6789
                            Web Site: Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
                            June 19 & 20 - Annual Wah-Shun-Gah Days Festival Kaw Inter-tribal Powwow
                            500 N Mission
                            Council Grove, KS 66846
                            Other Information:
                            June 19 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm
                            June 20 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm
                            Hosted by: the Kaw Nation Cultural Committee
                            Sponsored by: the Kaw Nation, Friends of Kaw Heritage, Inc., & City of Council Grove.
                            Contact: Phone - (620) 767-5410, Fax - (620) 767-5410
                            July 17-19 - 57th Annual Tulsa Pow Wow '09
                            Location: Spirit Blanket Event Center- Tulsa, Oklahoma.
                            Notes: NEW LOCATION!! SPIRIT BANK EVENT CENTER on 105TH & MEMORIAL. Honoring - Mogree Lookout, Osage; Head Man - Graham Primeaux, Pawnee / Sac & Fox; Head Lady - Geneva Horse Chief, Pawnee /Osage /Blackfeet /Pottawatomie; Head Singer - Vann Bighorse, Osage; AD’s: Bill Takes Horse, Crow / Randy Frazier, Prairie Band Pottawatomie; MC’s Mark Wilson, Cherokee / Tom Phillips, Kiowa; Gourd Society - Osage Gourd Society; Color Guard - Mvskoke Nation Honor Guard / Cherokee Color Guard /; Seminole Color Guard; Host Northern Drum - TBA; 2008 - 2009 Princess - Brittany Hill, Yankton Sioux / Muscogee Creek; 2009 - 2010 Princess - TBA.
                            Contact: For more information visit our website: Tulsa Powwow and the Tulsa Indian Club or Call Robert Anquoe 918-671-2417. Sponsors: Contact Dorcas Williams (918) 437-5115 [email protected]. Artist and Arts and Craft information: Sammy Haynes (918) 449-0344 or [email protected].


                            Sept. 4-6 19th Annual Traditional Intertribal Powwow, Reynolds Lodge, Lake Shawnee, Topeka, KS. Contact: Chris Wagner, 785-969-7890, [email protected], Shawnee County Allied Tribes, Inc.

                            2009 Ottawa Pow Wow & Celebration
                            September 4, 5, & 6, 2009
                            at Adawe Park, 11400 S. 613 Rd.
                            Miami, Oklahoma.
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