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Gateway to Nations 2008, Brooklyn, NY

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  • ndngirl70

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  • taani
    Originally posted by homi View Post
    Are these contest this year or no?
    Due to lack of funding, there will be NO contests @ Gateway this year, 2009.

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  • homi
    Are these contest this year or no?

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  • taani
    June 5-7, 2009

    Floyd Bennett Field
    Gateway National Recreation Area
    Brooklyn, NY

    Day $$ for dancers

    Kids Day, Friday


    More info [email protected]

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  • ndngirl70
    Do you have any info on this year's powwow?

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  • mrmnxcrew
    congrats to Mystic, Whitetail, Stoney Creek,The Alliance, Shekshay, Courage n errbody else who won......hoka!

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  • taani
    Originally posted by tallinjun View Post
    Wasn't there a Straight dance special???
    The Straight Special was going to be sponsored by we just turned it into a whole regular contest.

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  • tallinjun
    Wasn't there a Straight dance special???

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  • Coyot_In_The_House
    N muh best Lame Deer MT voice......

    Jr Boy! Jr Boy!

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  • taani

    I just wanted to make everyone aware that tabulations are open until 30 minutes after the powwow is over (I gotta get to cleaning up the grounds). The only thing you will not see are judges names. We try to run the fairest powwow by opening the is only fair and their ARE your points. There's no fee or judgement.

    I understand some ppl actually take down their pts for themselves just to see how they did, even if they won.


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  • taani

    Okay, I just got back to work (going on 4 hours of sleep). Didn't get back home from cleaning up the grounds and bringing back trailers til 5am this morning. I'm exhausted!

    Winners are....
    JR Girls
    1st - Seven BigMountain
    2nd - Joni Pompana
    3rd - Wakinyela Clairmont

    JR Boys
    1st - Delano Cleveland
    2nd - Garry Meeches, Jr.
    3rd - Nodin Jackson

    Teen Women's Jingle
    1st - Josie Red Wing
    2nd - Cholena Smith

    Teen Women's Fancy
    1st - Josephine Tarrant

    Teen Men's Tradish
    1st - Jay Silva

    Teen Men's Grass
    1st - Dustin BigMountain

    Teen Men's Fancy
    1st - Courage Bear Cleveland
    2nd - Terrance Cleveland
    3rd - Sherman Addi

    Women's Tradish
    1st - Melissa Montoya
    2nd - Carmen Clairmont
    3rd - Challis Isaax
    4th - Erin Lamb-Meeches

    Women's Jingle
    1st - Jackie Klein
    2nd - Mary Ahenakew
    3rd - Iliana Montoya
    4th - Katrina Fisher (former BigMountain)

    Women's Fancy
    1st - Tanski Clairmont
    2nd - Katy Isennock
    3rd - Jennifer Martin
    4th - Nyomi Cleveland

    Men's Northern Tradish
    1st - Charles Hindsley
    2nd - Alden Pompana
    3rd - Matthew Isaac
    4th - Honovi Smith

    Men's Southern Straight
    1st - EchoHawk Neconie
    2nd - Delano "Angelo" (forgot last name)
    3rd - Paige Burgess
    4th - Ray Silva

    Men's Grass
    1st - Keith Sharphead
    2nd - Eyje "AG" Shenandoah
    3rd - Ginew Benton
    4th - Josh Richardson

    Men's Fancy
    1st - Jerry Cleveland, Jr.
    2nd - Daniel Tramper
    3rd - Rick Cleveland, Jr.
    4th - Josh Hill

    1st - Mystic River
    2nd - White Tail
    3rd - Stoney Creek
    4th - Great Lakes Alliance
    Consolations - BlackBear & Bear Clan

    Men's Northern
    1st - Honovi Smith
    2nd - Larry Ahenakew
    3rd - forgot name
    Consolations - Charles Hindsley & Alden Pompana

    Men's Grass
    1st - Josh Richardson
    2nd - Keith Sharphead
    3rd - Dustin BigMountain

    Women's Smoke
    1st - Jennifer Martin
    2nd - Shantel Burning
    3rd - Liz Charlevois

    Men's Smoke
    1st - Mickey Sickles
    2nd - Adrian Harjo
    3rd - Eyje "AG" Shenandoah

    I wanted to thank EVERYONE that came out and dealt with the heat in their outfits. We're just getting back into contests, so sorry if things were a little mixed up (schedule-wise) on Saturday. I always try to get all you guys out early on Sunday but the Hawaiians/Polynesians slowed things down (traffic), that's why the cut on the teen and JR contests.

    Thank you once again!!!!

    FYI - the next 3 powwows ARE CONTESTS as well despite what you've heard.
    Last edited by taani; 06-10-2008, 03:07 PM.

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  • ndngirl70
    Didn't AG Shenandoah get 2nd in men's grass?

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  • ndneyez
    More Winners

    After some much needed rest, some of the winners names came back to me Here are some of the blanks that needed to be filled in.

    Women's Fancy:
    2nd: Katie (don't know her last name)

    Women's Traditional
    4th: Erin Meechis
    2nd: If Carmen Clairmont is Tanksi's mom, then yes :0)

    Women's Fancy Special:
    1st: Tanski Clairmont
    2nd: ?
    3rd: ?

    Women's Smoke Special:
    1st: Jen Martin
    2nd: ?
    3rd: ?

    Drum Contest:
    1st: Mystic River
    2nd: WhiteTail Cree
    3rd: Stoney Creek
    4th: Great Lakes Alliance

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  • Cgreen
    Drum comp

    Who won Drum Competition and what drums were there

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  • ndngirl70
    4th in Womens trad...I think her name is Erin Meeches. I took 3rd in women's smoke dance. It was a women's fancy special but I missed the winners...I was trying to cool down.

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  • Celena
    I want to share an interesting information for you
    by Celena
    I'll start out by saying the usual things were good about this powwow: the drums and the dancers. It's them that ultimately make or break a powwow, for the most part. There were some really great specials and the dancers really put up a good competition. The weather was mild, and it was not unbearably...
    09-23-2019, 11:54 PM

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