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  • Siksika Pow-wow

    I was just wondering if anyone had any info regarding the dates? and location?. All the essentials.

    Please and Thank-you.
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    I know they're having a world champion chicken dance special!!!
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    don't get mad at me im just a critic


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      Oops I forgot to mention that I am speaking of the one that is either this upcoming weekend or next weekend- not sure. I need more information .lol
      My Sun Keeps Shining Day to Day- You May Hate It. But No One Can Ever Take That Away.


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        Siksika Pow wow

        Greetings, There is a Pow wow the second weekend of Aug.[ Aug.8-10 ] this year. This is held every year. There are others through out the year but I think this is what your asking about.

        Safe journey to where ever you may travel


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          Siksika Pow wow

          I don't know of one this weekend. From what I understand the one next weekend [Mar. 28-29 ] also the one [ Apr. 12-13 ] are to honor the survivors of the residentional schools.


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            The Nick Breaker Memorial Powwow is going to be held on March 28 & 29, 2008.

            On April 11 & 12, 2008, there is another powwow. I think Education is hosting this one.


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              Siksika Pow wow

              Thanks for clarifying.


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                okay thanks everyone. No one knows location? grand entry times? announcers? lol
                My Sun Keeps Shining Day to Day- You May Hate It. But No One Can Ever Take That Away.


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                  Grand Entries - Usual times 7:00pm, 1:00pm and 7:00pm I guess.
                  Announcers - hmmm...the usuals for around here. Gerald Sitting Eagle, Eldon Weaselchild, maybe russel redcrow, or jason goodstriker.
                  Contest money - don't know. But their usual payout is $400 or $500 for first in adults.


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                    Oh yeah, location is the dome just off highway 22x.


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                      And where is this powwow @? Which weekened?


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                        does anyone have a poster?
                        My Sun Keeps Shining Day to Day- You May Hate It. But No One Can Ever Take That Away.


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