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Aamjiwnaang (Sarnia) Powwow June 28-29, 2008

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  • Aamjiwnaang (Sarnia) Powwow June 28-29, 2008

    Aanii! We're posting this to let everyone know that the date that was previously advertised for the powwow was changed to the last weekend of June. Flyers were distributed at CMU Powwow in Mt. Pleasant, MI and U of M Powwow at Ann Arbor, MI. All the other info will remain the same. So please spread the word as this is last minute! Thanks everyone!

    47th Annual Aamjiwnaang Powwow
    Bear Park, corner of Virgil Ave & Marlborough Lane
    Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

    June 28th & 29th, 2008

    Head Judge: Charlie Belisle- Dearborn, MI
    Arena Director: Jason Whitehouse- Madison Heights, MI
    Host Drum: Pipestone- LCO, WI
    Drum Judge: Tommy Cain- LCO, WI
    MC: Sandon Jacobs-Durhams, NC
    Head Veteran: Bobby Bird

    Grand Entries Noon & 6 Saturday, Noon Sunday

    Women's Jingle Dress Special sponsored by Shannon Beetso & Family

    Jr. Girls 12 & Under All Around Special Sponsored by 07-08 Jr. Princess Adalia Plain (3 Places)

    Teen girls All Around Special Sponsored by 07-08 Princess Jessica Devost

    Jr Boys 6-12 Traditional Special in Honor of Waasnoode "Big Son" Isaac

    Hand Drum, Spectator Dance, Baby Contest & More Specials TBA

    Golden Age & Adults Prize Money:
    Teen Prize Money
    Kids Prize Money
    Tiny Tots receive Honorarium

    Drum Contest:
    $3000-2500-2000-1500 + drum split for non placing drums

    *New this year... Cultural Tent with Traditional Craft & Music Demonstration**

    Host Hotel: Best Western - $99 a nite (located right after the customs, close to casino, newly renovated)
    Other hotels in the area:
    Super 8, Drawbridge Inn, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn

    Grand Entries @ Noon Both days

    Vendors Please Contact Cid Bearheart @ 519-383-8356 to Sign-up.
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    So the dates been changed back to the 28th & 29th?
    I'll be there! Sounds like its going to be a good pw!
    ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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      I'm planning on being there too. I always enjoy going to that one.


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        Can't Wait!

        We are the family hosting the Jr. Boys Traditional Special. We're excited to host this as my son will be leaving Tiny Tots and entering Juniors *tear*
        We have lots of cool prizes for this special so make sure you get your Junior Boy out there and ready to dance!!


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          Yeah, I had a good time there last year. Nice people up there... Looking forward to coming up...



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            this just in ..... sandon jacobs is our mc again. he did a great job last year it'll be fun to have him back again. also our grounds our being all redone to make the dance area a lil we hope it turns out good. aight peace


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              Awwww, I used to love this powwow!!! Haven't been there since 1990 or so...would be nice to go again but I think we are stuck at home that weekend.


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                Originally posted by Kayedos View Post
                this just in ..... sandon jacobs is our mc again. he did a great job last year it'll be fun to have him back again. also our grounds our being all redone to make the dance area a lil we hope it turns out good. aight peace

                That's awesome news - Sandon is one the funniest M/C's around these days - he keeps the pow-wow flowing...congrats Santa....sure you'll rock the mic!
                Everything is gonna be alright!

                Be blessed - got love???

                This b me.....



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                  Just trying to keep this on top as word of the date change is still spreading. I also updated the pow wow info on the top!


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                    So who's coming? What drums plan on making the trip? Looking forward to seeing my boys from Pipestone...



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                      Can't wait

                      I'm coming, I always go to Sarnia. I like the atmosphere there, it's not too big and not too small


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                        who won? I missed it this year was it fun? details details. lol.


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                          What I can recall...

                          Women's Traditional
                          1st: Melissa Montoya
                          2nd: Challis Isaac
                          3rd: Cassie Thomas
                          4th: Tara Trudeau

                          Men's Traditional
                          1st: Alden Pompana
                          2nd: Matt Isaac
                          3rd: Will Hedgepeth
                          4th: Devon Kinosway (sp?)

                          Women's Jingle
                          1st: Alexa FunMaker
                          2nd: Shannon Beetso
                          3rd: Maia Montoya
                          4th: Iliana Montoya

                          Drum Contest:
                          1st: Snake Island
                          2nd: Beh-Skaabii
                          3rd: Eagle Flight
                          4th: Young Gunz

                          Jingle Special
                          1st: Maia Montoya
                          2nd: Cheyenne Petoskey
                          3rd: Iliana Montoya

                          Teen All-Around
                          1st: Keysa Parker
                          2nd: Cheyenne Petoskey
                          3rd: Cheyenne White

                          Hand Drum
                          1st: Beh-Skaabii
                          2nd: Eagle Flight
                          3rd: Room 112 (aka Young Gunz)

                          And that's all I can remember :0)


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                            Many Thanks

                            I wanted to publicly thank the powwow committee for having me back again this year. Even though the weather was hit-and-miss, I think things went well... Good turn-out, good singing... And GREAT PEOPLE up there. Nim, Courtney, Chief Chris Plain, Ponchie, and everybody else, THANK YOU...



                            • #15
                              this is what i remember.. might have some winners in the wrong spot..

                              Jr Girls Tradish
                              4th- ??
                              3rd- Haylee Anderson
                              2nd- ??
                              1st- Maddie Douglas

                              Jr Girls Jingle
                              4th- Dajia Shinos
                              3rd- Adalia Plain
                              2nd- Adriana Douglas
                              1st- Waskwane Stonefish

                              Jr Girls Fancy
                              4th- ??
                              3rd- ??
                              2nd- Katelyn Douglas
                              1st- Beedoskah Stonefish

                              Teen Girls Tradish
                              4th- Zoey Trudeau
                              3rd- Ashley Maness
                              2nd- Summer John
                              1st- Robi Willliams

                              Teen Girls Jingle
                              4th- Ashley Ayers
                              3rd- Keysa Lee Parker
                              2nd- Cheyenne White
                              1st- Cheyenne Petoskey

                              Teen Girls Fancy
                              4th- ??
                              3rd- Jessica Deveau
                              2nd- Ally Watson
                              1st- Rachael Simon

                              Teen Boys Tradish
                              1st- Nodin Cottrelle

                              Teen Boys Fancy
                              4th- David White
                              3rd- Jojo Maness
                              2nd- Tony Klein
                              1st- Nimkee Osawamick

                              Womens Fancy
                              4th- Jen Martin
                              3rd- Zelda Elijah
                              2nd- ??
                              1st- Celina Cada-Metasawagon

                              Mens Grass
                              4th- Matt Isaac
                              3rd- Matt Plain
                              2nd- Dave Trudeau
                              1st- Matt Pheasant

                              Mens Fancy
                              2nd- Cam Johnson
                              1st- Adrian Harjo

                              Golden Age Women
                              4th- Evelyn WhiteEye
                              3rd- Debbie Klein
                              2nd- Joann Whitehouse
                              1st- Charlene Bomberry

                              Golden Age Men
                              4th- Bruce George
                              3rd- Joe Ponchie Plain
                              2nd- Ray Trudeau
                              1st- Bobby Bird?

                              Jr Girls All Around
                              3rd- Katelyn Douglas
                              2nd- Waskwane Stonefish
                              1st- Beedoskah Stonefish
                              ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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