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Black River Falls Anyone????

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  • Black River Falls Anyone????

    [SIZE="5"]The weather is looking nice.
    There are two singing contests.

    One for Ho-Chunk Drums and one for all other competitors Northern and Southern groups. They are both $5000.00 for first place.

    The Ho-Chunk Singing Contest will be run by the two lead singers of the Host Ho-Chunk Drum Groups.

    The Regular Contest for Nothern and Souther Singers will be run by Keith D. Smith - Red Lake Chippewa.
    Of course there will be contest dancing for all catagories.

    Visit [url= for more info......[/SIZE]
    "....remember that one song that one time?......"

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    Haven't been there in a long time. Got a new place to go though. Thief River Falls lol.
    Mr Oakley was here

    see my powwow videos here...


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      Regular Singing contest
      1. MNX
      2. SBZ
      3. Littleotter

      Ho-Chunk Singing Contest
      1. Bearheart
      2. Lake Delton
      3. Little Thunder
      4. Thunderbear


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        5. Bad Nation
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