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  • ~*for all the Tiny Tots*~

    Hey all you pow wow goers and pow wow mothers who have tiny tots.....

    My daughter is the 2008 Miss Tiny Tot Crow Nation and we are going to have a Tiny Tot special in her honor at the 2008 Crow Fair Celebration~August 15-17!!
    Winners for the 3 categories: Fancy Shawl, Jingle and Crow Style...sorry moms...has to be Crow Style!! Her dad said...aye!!
    Anyway I am inviting all tiny tots for the Tiny Tot Special In honor of Shaunita Nomee at this year's Crow Fair!!!
    See You all there!!!

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    What other specials are they going to have at Crow Fair?


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      Cool! I'll be there, so I'll have to bring my Tiny Tot along.

      Is your special just for the girls? is what it is...


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        To wyo_rose.....>>>'s for the little girls....there will be prizes for each category. We are also going to give a little something to the boys as well. Can't leave them out.

        To furstnayshun....the only specials I know of are a Teen Girls Jingle, Teen Girls Crow Traditional and MAYBE a Men's Grass. The Men's Grass is not for sure yet. But I'll let you know if I find out of others.......


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          Question for fancy4life...

          Do u know what day your special will take place?


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            The special is going to take place Saturday (8/16/08) after the evening Grand Entry...........sometime then.


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              hey!! sound like fun. thx for the info

              thats what u get 4 breaking my heart...


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                Originally posted by fancy4life View Post
                The special is going to take place Saturday (8/16/08) after the evening Grand Entry...........sometime then.
                Thanks for da information. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my tiny tot there if I can get my hubby 2 go. *L*


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