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The 29th Annual Grand River "Champion of Champions" Powwow - July 26/27 2008

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  • The 29th Annual Grand River "Champion of Champions" Powwow - July 26/27 2008

    The 29th Annual Grand River "Champion of Champions" Powwow

    Saturday July 26th & Sunday July 27th 2008

    Chiefswood Tent & Trailer Park
    Six Nations of the Grand River
    Brant County Road 54
    Ohsweken, Ontario

    Head Staff:
    Emcee: Dennis Bowen, Seneca, Tuba City, Arizona
    Host Drum: Tha Tribe, Kansas
    Smoke Dance Singer: Cam Hill, Cayuga, Six Nations, Ontario
    Head Male Dancer: Picked Per Session
    Head Female Dancer: Picked Per Session
    Head Male Dance Judge: Dave Trudeau, Ojibway, Wikwemikong, Ontario
    Head Female Dance Judge: Charlene Bomberry, Onondaga, Six Nations, Ontario
    Head Singing Judge: TBA
    Arena Director: Marty Pinnecoose, Ute, Oregon

    Dance & Drum Registration
    Fri. July 25 - 6pm to 8pm at the Pow-Wow Grounds at Committee Trailer
    Sat. July 26 - 9am to 1pm at Lower Parking Lot Nearest River
    Registration Fee - $10.00 (Tint Tots free registration)
    **Dance Registration includes weekend pass and meal tickets for Saturday and Sunday given out at noon Grand Entries)**

    Grand Entries & Drum Roll Calls
    Sat. July 26 - Noon Grand Entry - 11:45 am Drum Roll Call
    Sat. July 26 - 7:00pm Grand Entry - 6:45 pm Drum Roll Call
    Sun. July 27 - Noon Grand Entry - 11:45 am Drum Roll Call

    Prize Board
    Golden Age (50+) - Male Combined, Female Combined, Male Smoke Dance & Female Smoke Dance
    1st- $1000, 2nd- $600, 3rd- $400, 4th- $300, 5th- $200

    Adult (18-49) - Mens Trad, Mens Grass, Mens Fancy, Mens Smoke, Womens Trad, Womens Jingle, Womens Fancy, & Womens Smoke
    1st- $1000, 2nd- $600, 3rd- $400, 4th- $300, 5th- $200

    Teen (13-17) - Boys Trad, Boys Grass, Boys Fancy, Girls Trad, Girls Jingle, & Girls Fancy
    1st- $400, 2nd- $300, 3rd- $200, 4th- $150, 5th- $100

    17 & Under Boys Smoke & 17 & Under Girls Smoke
    1st- $400, 2nd- $300, 3rd- $200, 4th- $150, 5th- $100

    Kids (6-12) - Boys Trad, Boys Grass, Boys Fancy, Girls Trad, Girls Jingle, Girls Fancy
    1st- $200, 2nd- $150, 3rd- $100, 4th- $75, 5th- $50

    2008 Special - Hand Drum Solo
    1st- $400, 2nd- $300, 3rd- $200, 4th- $100, 5th- $80

    Drum Contest
    1st- $3000, 2nd- $2000, 3rd- $1500, 4th- $1000, 5th- $700

    Best Western, Holiday Drive Brantford - Official 'GR Pow-wow' Host Hotel
    1-877-341-1234 *Ask for Pow-wow Rate*
    Bears Inn - 4th Line, Ohsweken - 519 445 4133
    Quality Inn - Brantford - 519 758 9999
    Days Inn - Brantford - 519 759 2700
    Comfort Inn - Brantford - 519 753 3100
    Super 8 - Homestead St, Mt Hope - 905 679 3355
    Carson's Country Bed & Breakfast - 2nd Line, Six Nations - 519 445 2627

    Chiefswood Tent & Trailer Park - Site of Pow-wow - 519 752 3969
    Green Willow Trailer Park - 2nd Line, New Credit - 905 768 1448

    General Admission
    Adults- $10.00
    Children (6-12yrs)- $2.00
    Two Day Pass- $15.00

    For More Information:
    Pow-Wow Committee - 519 445 0887
    Pow Wow Grounds (July 21-28 ONLY) - 519 751 3908
    [email protected]
    Welcome to the Grand River Pow-wow Site

    Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on grounds! No Pets Allowed!
    Permissible to bring cameras & lawnchairs.

    **Note- I'm not on the commitee, was just posting off the flyer I received**
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    ~* Princess 2006-2007*~

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    winners that I remember

    Jr Girls Fancy
    5th- Aiyana Nahwegabow, Ojibway
    4th- Lara Lasley, Meskwaki/Ojibwe
    3rd- Kaitlyn Douglas, Mohawk, Six Nations
    2nd- Tavian Lasley, Meskwaki/Ojibwe
    1st- Beedoskah Stonefish, Pottowatomi/Odawa/Chippewa

    Jr Girls Jingle
    5th- Shay Schuyler, Oneida/Odawa
    4th- Summer Hill, Mohawk, Six Nations
    3rd- Ellen A. Morgan-Doxtator, Navajo/Oneida, Phoenix, Az
    2nd- Raena Lasley, Meskwaki/Ojibwe
    1st- Waskwane Stonefish, Pottawatomi/Odawa/Chippewa

    Jr Girls Tradish
    5th- Maddie Douglas, Mohawk, Six Nations
    4th- Haylee Anderson, Cayuga, Six Nations
    3rd- Aysia Grosbeck, Chippewa/Ojibwe, Muncey
    2nd- Dehmin Cleland, Ojibway/Odawa, Pontiac, MI
    1st- Tarlynn Tone Pah Hote, Kiowa/Oneida

    Jr Boys Fancy
    4th- Liam Sands, Cree/Ojibway/Oneida, London, ON
    3rd- Joe Alex Shawana, Ojibwe
    2nd- Brayden Doxtator, Mohawk
    1st- Alex Wrightman, Aamjiwnaang

    Jr Boys Grass
    5th- David Hinojosa, Ojibway
    4th- Quinton Qilson, Mohawk, Akwesasne
    3rd- Darnell Chee, Dine, Shiprock, NM
    2nd- Gavin White Eye, Aamjiwnaang
    1st- Jenmee Bondy, Ojibway, Wikwemikong

    Jr Boys Tradish
    5th- Tyrone Pompana, Dakota/Ojibway, Winnepeg, MB
    4th- Brandon Hinojosa, Ojibway, Walpole Island
    3rd- Buddy Tone Pah Hote, Oneida/Kiowa, Quaker Hill, CT
    2nd- Donovan Chee, Dine, Shiprock, NM
    1st- Talon WhiteEye, Aamjinaang

    Teen Girls Fancy
    5th- Tameka Thompson, Mohawk, Akwesasne
    4th- Jolene "Jewelz" Bird, Ojibwe
    3rd- Aleshia Fisher, Ojibwe
    2nd- Tekatenyes Doxtator, Oneida, Southwold, ON
    1st- Rachael Simon, Ojibwe

    Teen Girls Jingle
    5th- Chelsey Recollet, Odawa/Ojibway
    4th- Keysa Lee Parker, Mohawk/Seneca
    3rd- Cheyenne White, Oneida, Oneida, ON
    2nd- Cheyenne Petoskey, Chippewa/Odawa
    1st- Denette Chee, Dine, Shiprock, NM

    Teen Girls Tradish
    5th- Makayla Webkamigad, Ojibway/Odawa/Pottowatomi, Sault Ste Marie, ON
    4th- Robyn Tone Pah Hote, Kiowa/Mayan, Danboro, PA
    3rd- Summer John, Cayuga/Ojibwe, Six Nations
    2nd- Cassidi Webkamigad, Ojibway/Odawa/Pottowatomi, Sault Ste Marie, ON
    1st- Janelle Chee, Dine, Shiprock, NM

    Teen Boys Fancy
    3rd- Jojo Maness
    2nd- Tony Klein
    1st- DJ White

    Teen Boys Grass
    3rd- Lightning Clark, Choctah
    2nd- Paul Getierrez, Oneida WI
    1st- Dave Charette

    Teen Boys Tradish
    3rd- Jeff Porter, Six Nations
    2nd- Jonathan Johns, Six Nations
    1st- Nodin Cottrelle

    17 & Under Girls Smoke
    5th- Logan Booth, Seneca, Onondaga NY
    4th- Asia Hill, Tonawanda/Seneca, Buffalo NY
    3rd- Jamie Doxtator, Oneida, Oneida ON
    2nd- Monica Papineau
    1st- Monique Powless

    17 & Under Boys Smoke
    5th- Timmy Johnson, Mohawk, Six Nations ON
    4th- Brady Doxtator, Oneida, Southwold ON
    3rd- Jacob Dowdy, Seneca
    2nd- Lindyn Hill, Mohawk, Six Nations
    1st- Allan Dowdy, Tuscarora

    Womens Fancy
    5th- Rain Williams, Ojibwe/Delaware, Walpole Island
    4th- Denelle Stanley, Ute/Navajo/Shawnee Creek, Fife WA
    3rd- Star Lasley, Ojibwe *Dance off with Rose*
    2nd- Rose Track, Pima Assiniboine Sioux, Oneida WI
    1st- Carol Melting Tallow, Blood, Standoff ALB

    Womens Jingle
    5th- Faye Doxtator, Oneida, Oneida ON
    4th- Alexarae Funmaker, Anishinabe, Suttons Bay MI
    3rd- Cheryl Redeagle, Mohawk, Cajon, California
    2nd- Jasmine Philips, Oneida
    1st- Grace Pushetonequa, Meskwaki, Tama IA

    Womens Tradish
    5th- Tara Trudeau, Ojibway, Wikwemikong ON
    4th- Monica Raphael, Anishinabe/Sioux, Suttons Bay MI
    3rd- Liz Webkamigad, Ojibway/Odawa/Pottowatomi, Sault Ste Marie, ON
    2nd- Sara Loft, Mohawk, Tyendinaga, ON
    1st- Challis Isaac, Navajo, Sarnia ON

    Mens Fancy
    5th- Walker Stonefish, Delaware/Pottawatomi
    4th- Wes Cleland, Ojibway, Pontiac MI
    3rd- Jason Whitehouse, Shoshone/Paiute
    2nd- Nigel Schuyler, Oneida/Odawa
    1st- Darrell Hill, Oneida

    Mens Grass
    5th- Brian Hill, Oneida, Oneida ON
    4th- Dale Metasawagon, Ojibway
    3rd- Jay Lomax, Dakota, Tipi MAN
    2nd- Matthew Pheasant, Ojibway, Wiky ON
    1st- Darryl Bolton, Tsimshian, Lethbridge ALB

    Mens Tradish
    5th- Devan Kicknosway, Mohawk/Pottawatomi, Walpole Island
    4th- Edmond Nevaquoya
    3rd- Will Hedgepeth, Cherokee
    2nd- Jerry W. Cleland, Nishnaabae, Pontiac MI
    1st- Alden Pompana, Dakota/Sioux, Sioux Valley MAN

    Golden Age Men
    5th- Ted White Sr, Ojibwe, Aamjiwnaang
    4th- Sherman Butler, Ojibwe
    3rd- Joe Plain, Ojibwe
    2nd- Amos Key Jr, Onondaga Clear Sky, Brantford ON
    1st- Dennis Francis, Saulteaux, Merrit BC

    Golden Age Women
    5th- Debbie Klein, Oneida, Taylor MI
    4th- JoAnn Whitehouse, Shoshone
    3rd- Debbie Plain, Anishnaabe, Sarnia ON
    2nd- Orlann Caldwell, Menominee/Ojibwe, Keshena WI
    1st- Karen J. Pheasant, Anishnaabe

    Mens Smoke
    5th- Charles Jacobs, Mohawk, Lewiston NY
    4th- Tony Johnson, Mohawk, Six Nations
    3rd- Solon Spruce, Seneca
    2nd- Jordan Smith, Mohawk
    1st- Lyle Anderson, Mohawk, Six Nations

    Womens Smoke
    5th- Tesha Emarthle, Tuscarora, Six Nations
    4th- Brooke Kennedy, Seneca, Salamanca NY
    3rd- Valerie Parker, Tonawanda/Seneca, Akron NY
    2nd- Emily Regis, Mohawk, Kahnawake QC
    1st- Tia Nicole Smith, Cayuga, Six Nations

    Golden Age Mens Smoke
    *No Contestants

    Golden Age Womens Smoke
    5th- Patricia Hill, Mohawk, St Thomas ON
    4th- Jayne Beatty, Oneida, Fort Myer FL
    3rd- Donna Philips, Oneida, London ON
    2nd- Rebecca Bowen, Seneca, Salamanca NY
    1st- Gloria Sky, Cayuga, Ohsweken ON

    Drum Contest
    2nd- Whitefish Jrs
    1st- Snake Island

    Solo Hand Drum Contest
    1st- Harvey Dreaver

    Champion of Champion Winners
    Tie with 690 points
    Jr Girls Tradish 1st place winner Tarlynn Tone Pah Hote & Teen Girls Tradish 1st place winner Janelle Chee
    ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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      Go Joe Plain Go!!!
      The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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        Womens Jingle
        3rd- Cheryl Redeagle, Mohawk, Cajon, California

        Yayyy !! GOOO CHERYL !! woohoo. lol that's my sister-in-law.
        Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.
        Oscar Wilde


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          Congrats to all my ol' powwow buddies!!
          Sara L.
          Karen P.
          Dennis F.
          Ponchie P.
          Man, you guys are making me miss that circuit up that way!!
          *BE EASY*


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            Congrats to my brother Will.....3rd in Men's Tradish and to my long lost friend Cheryl 3rd in Women's Jingle!!!


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              Grand River was a good powwow but it rained almost all weekend.. We were moved inside on Saturday and didnt dance until 6 pm. It rained in the afternoon on Sunday just as they were finishing adult contests. I have the adult winners and some others.

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              Sorry for any spelling mistakes or errors, was kinda hard to hear.
              Good weekend despite the rain!

              Jr Girls Tradish
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              4th- Haylee Anderson
              3rd- Dehmin Cleland
              2nd- Maddie Douglas
              07-27-2009, 02:06 PM
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              2nd: Donovan Chee
              3rd: Ta-Koma King
              4th: Donovan Collins

              Jr. Boys Grass
              1st: Jakobi Omeasoo
              2nd: Darnell Chee
              3rd: Gavin White-Eye
              4th: Wambdi Clairmont

              Jr. Boys Fancy
              08-04-2008, 10:07 AM
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              3rd pl Battleriver Red Lake MN
              4th pl Cozad Hominy Ok
              5th pl Mandaree North Dakota

              Women's Golden Age

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