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    Anyone going to Sioux Valley this weekend?

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    I haven't heard to much about this pow-wow. for while it was said to have been canceled, then back on, then canceled and now back on again.

    Prize money as follows: Adults - $1,000.00, $800.00, $500.00, $300.00
    Don't know what the teens and jr's are though.
    Drum contest - $5,000.00, $4,000.00, $3,000.00, $2,000.00, $1,000.00
    Drum split for non placing drums - $3,000.00

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      Wouldn't Miss It

      I will be there as always with the entire clan......


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        always a good powwow, I see they dropped the invited drums thing. I didnt mind it, it was good so hear drums that dont normally come up this way, specially the southern drums. But, it should still be bad ***.


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          the pow-wow was really good. they manged to keep everything going with all of the rain they kept getting. There was alot of good dancers and good drum groups there. High Noon, Dakota Hotieen and all the other groups were jammin hard all weekend.

          I didn't get to stay to see the winners had to head back so I could go to work today. So I'm feeling all rugget today, got home around 5am.

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            some of the winners
            womens jingle
            1.Jen YB, rolanda taylor, melody white, gabe assinaboine
            womens trad
            1. ???. marylou O, dianne mkay, ??

            Mens grass,
            1, Rodney Isnana, marcel Isnana, jason cook,??? Jason should have did better,,,he was jammin
            mens trad
            1. Jim red eagle,
            sing contest
            4 dakota travels, wolf trail, bad nation, and high noon took it..
            over all pretty good pw...


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              mens grass:
              jason cook... yeah i totally think jason should have taken it. i think that bryson shoulda placed too! i had no clue who to watch for that category lol kept watchin jason, then would watch bryson.. it was good when they danced near each other haha

              but yeah... the pw went pretty smooth i'd say. good turnout for it being put together on such short notice. hope everyone comes back next year! it's singing contest again, and this time there's mens chicken dance category!! lol

              oh! and womens trad.. i think it was krystal bigsky that won 1st.. then mary lou olson, dianne mckay, then ally laplante [yeah, they let her cross the border! lmao jks girl! congrats on the win!]
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                Originally posted by mztaylor View Post
                but yeah... the pw went pretty smooth i'd say. good turnout for it being put together on such short notice. hope everyone comes back next year! it's singing contest again, and this time there's mens chicken dance category!! lol
                Yippieeee! I think it was good of the family that stepped up and put on a Chicken Special at the last minute. High Noon put out some really good songs for that special, some classic chicken songs. Congrats to the winners: 1st Henry Garrett, 2nd Jim Red Eagle and 3rd Colby Tootoosis.

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