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Redbird Powwow July 18-20

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  • RedbirdsVision
    started a topic Redbird Powwow July 18-20

    Redbird Powwow July 18-20

    Children of Many Colors Powwow
    July 18 -20, 2008
    Moorpark College Athletic Field
    7075 Campus Road, Moorpark, CA 93021
    Native American Arts, Crafts and Food Vendors and Non Profits
    Everyone Welcome – All Powwow Drums and Dancers Welcome
    Friday Evening Potluck, Open Flute Circle 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
    Saturday Gourd Dance, Intertribal Powwow 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
    Sunday Gourd Dance, Intertribal Powwow 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

    Raffle! Chief Joseph Pendleton Blanket, donated by Michael Reifel,
    as well as other great prizes. Get your tickets at the powwow!

    "The Next Seven Generations" - Our powwow program includes the
    voices of contributors from throughout the western hemisphere on the
    future of our planet and our people. At 32 pages, we could barely
    staple it! Powwow programs are just $1.00, so be sure to get one.

    Happy Birthday Saginaw! Saginaw Grant will be celebrating his
    birthday with us again this weekend. Saginaw has attended every
    single Redbird powwow, including our very first in 1994.

    Friday Potluck, Saturday Feed, Sunday Morning Breakfast
    We don't want anyone to go hungry! If there is enough food on
    Saturday night, we would like to offer the vendors something to eat
    as well as our singers, drummers, dancers and special guests. These
    feeds are a community effort – we will need volunteers to help serve
    on Saturday night, and some hearty souls to help with the dishes

    Vendor Set-Up should be available by noon on Friday. We will be
    sharing the parking lot with Moorpark College athletic activities
    until approximately 4 p.m., but they were kind enough to alter their
    own practice schedule so that we could access the field Friday

    Singers and Dancers - You can put your dancer canopy on the arena as
    soon as the circle is marked on Friday. Drums coming on Saturday
    can set up their canopies Friday; drums coming on Sunday can set up
    their canopies when they arrive on Sunday.

    Showers will be open for vendors, singers, dancers, tipi people and
    volunteers from 7 a.m. to noon both Saturday and Sunday.

    Visitors – We have designated two canopies and rented chairs for our
    guests, but you may want to consider bringing your own

    Head Staff 2008

    Host Northern Drum
    Wild Horse
    Host Southern/Gourd Drum
    Hale and Company
    Invited Northern Drum
    Blue Star
    Head Man
    Sam Bear Paw, Apache
    Head Woman
    Marcie Patterson,
    Head Girl Dancer
    Starr Greensky-Fairbanks
    Head Boy Dancer – Saturday
    Eli Cordero, Chumash
    Head Boy Dancer – Sunday
    Gregory Whitehorse, Apache
    Head Gourd Dancer
    David Patterson, Sac and Fox
    Eagle Staff
    Saginaw Grant, Sac and Fox
    Master of Ceremonies
    Michael Reifel, San Carlos Apache
    Arena Director
    Vic Chavez, Dine'
    Whip Man
    Randy Guzman Folkes, Chumash
    Special Guests
    Alan Salazar, Storyteller, Chumash Nation
    The Young Chumash Dolphin Dancers
    Southwest Kwapa Bird Singers, Somerton, AZ
    Steve Villa and Company, Southern California Bird Singers
    Simunu Dancers and Singers

    - RedBirds Vision -
    email: [email protected]
    phone: 805 217-0364
    mail: Redbird, P.O. Box 702,
    Simi Valley, CA 93062
    This is a family event hosted by Redbird, a 501(c)(3) non-profit
    $2.00 per vehicle suggested donation

    If This Is Your First Powwow…

    First and foremost, welcome. A powwow is a celebration of Native
    American culture which the public is welcome to attend.

    A powwow is part social gathering, part ceremony, part celebration,
    and part market place. It is one of the ways in which cultural
    traditions and community values are passed down from one generation
    to the next.

    The Children of Many Colors Powwow is hosted by Redbird, a Native
    American and Environmental non profit association based in Simi
    Valley, California. The name "Children of Many Colors" has its
    origins in the words of Onendaga Turtle Clan Faithkeeper Oren
    Lyons. At a gathering at Claremont College in 1994, Lyons
    said "Every woman is a mother, and every man an uncle, to every
    child, no matter what color they are." He offered this as a way for
    us to understand that we are all responsible for the fate of all the
    coming generations, and our planet.

    The powwow is Redbird's signature event, and our single most
    powerful tool for fostering understanding, respect and tolerance
    among people of all nations. We hope you will not only enjoy
    yourself this weekend, but take away good thoughts and good feelings
    that stay with you long after the last drum beat fades into silence.

    Around the dance arena are the canopies of the dancers and their
    families. These are their personal spaces for the duration of the
    powwow. You will also find an area for visitors, with shade
    canopies and chairs. Help yourself to a chair, or bring a blanket
    to sit on and enjoy the singing, drumming and dancing.

    The arena will be blessed before we begin. Please do not walk
    across the arena to get from one side to another, or let your
    children run and play in the arena.

    There are a number of social dances, such as the Round Dance, in
    which the public is definitely welcome to join in. This is a simple
    dance that doesn't require a lot of fancy footwork, so when the
    Master of Ceremonies calls for a Round Dance or Friendship Dance,
    don't be shy. Come and join us.

    There will be times throughout the powwow when a blanket is placed
    in the arena. Blankets are set out as ways to honor a drum, a
    dancer, a singer, or perhaps a family going through a crisis. You
    will see people putting money on the blanket; this is both an
    honoring and a tangible gift that can be used for gas, food, or
    sometimes a special need such as medical bills. Generosity is one
    of the core values of traditional native people. Any time there is
    a blanket in the arena, you are welcome to come out and make your
    offering. There is no amount that is too small if it is given in a
    good way.

    The Master of Ceremonies will do his best to explain what is going
    on in the arena. If he says everyone is welcome to come out, then
    everyone is welcome; including you.

    At some very large powwows, intertribal dances are reserved for
    dancers in regalia, and visitors are not encouraged to come out. If
    you would like to come out into the arena during an intertribal
    dance this weekend, you may. You will notice that women usually
    wear a shawl or blanket around their shoulders. This is a showing
    of modesty, respect, and a symbol of our special relationship to
    Mother Earth. We are the life-givers and the care-takers. If you
    are a woman and you have a shawl or blanket, you can wrap it around
    your shoulders. It does not need to be fancy, native-made or have
    fringe. We will understand your offering of respect.

    For those of you taking pictures, please listen to the Master of
    Ceremonies who will indicate when it is or is not okay to photograph
    the activities in the arena.

    Most dancers carry fans, which serve three purposes; as a cooling
    device, as a sun shade, and as a way to block their face from
    photographers. If someone covers their face with their fan when
    they see your camera, they are trying to indicate that they would
    prefer not to be photographed.

    Sometimes there are spiritual reasons that people do not want their
    pictures taken. Sometime the sheer number of cameras being pointed
    at you gets unnerving, especially for children. It's rather like
    being an exotic animal in a zoo; a de-humanizing experience. And
    sometimes, you just don't feel like having your picture taken. The
    dancers may be hot, and tired, or focused on their prayers which, to
    many, dancing is.

    If you want to photograph an individual outside of the arena, please
    ask their permission. If you are really good at taking pictures,
    get the dancer's name and address, and send them a copy. Who
    doesn't like a flattering photograph of themselves?

    If you enjoy what you see, hear and feel this weekend, let us
    know. Our website has a list of other Native American gatherings
    in Southern California, as well as information about who we are,
    what we do, and why it is important.

    Redbird is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) federally recognized non
    profit. Gatherings like the Children of Many Colors Powwow are made
    possible entirely by donations and by the dedication of our friends,
    old and new, native and non-native. We welcome you into our circle.

    - RedBirds Vision -
    Redbird, P.O. Box 702, Simi Valley, CA 93062

Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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