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Southern California Indian Center Powwow

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  • Southern California Indian Center Powwow

    The Southern California Indian Center Powwow was to be held
    in Griffith Park, next to the Gene Autry Museum. I was there
    all day and all evening Saturday, but when I tried to go back
    on Sunday, all of the entrances to the park were blocked, and
    people were leaving the park in droves. I tried to ask a police
    officer at one of the blockades what was wrong, but he just
    told me to move on; he would not answer any questions. Was
    there another fire in the park, and, if so, how close was it to
    where the powwow was being held? (There was a bad fire
    there last year; about 20% of the park was burned.)

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    Yes, there was a small-ish fire on the mountain just behind the powwow. According to the marshal, the fire was *contained* around 330-ish.
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      so was there a pw on sunday? Or did the fire people keep everyone out?
      Are you taking me to sizzler??


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        From what I heard, they continued the pow-wow as usual on Sunday but wrapped it up early.
        The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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          I heard Yellow Hammer hosted, did they rock the house?


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            Oh yeah Yellowhammer ROCKED the house this year. The Host Northern Drum Young Spirit was awesome too!!!! We are going to have some sample sound clips on our website soon. Southern California Indian Center

            Also, check our website for photos from the pow wow. We should have the sound clips and photos up within the next couple weeks.

            We had a great pow wow this year and if you missed it, then come next year because we are already getting ready for it.

            For our 40th Anniversary we crowned our new princess, Alendra "Middy" Logan. Congrats Middy!!

            I will have the list of winners posted shortly.


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              Winners from SCIC

              Jr. Boys-Combined
              4th Anthony Nibbs
              3rd Shawn Michael Campos
              2nd Harrison Whitecloud
              1st James Ray Esquibel

              Jr. Girls-Combined
              4th Cheyenne Felix
              3rd Victory Randall
              2nd Nanabah Kadenehii
              1st Jaydean Randall

              Teen Boys-No/So Combined
              2nd Josef Perdiguerra
              1st Eric Bohay

              Teen Boys-Grass
              2nd Auston Crow’s Breast
              1st Christopher Eaglestar

              Teen Boys-Fancy War
              3rd Nathan Logan
              2nd Fabian Phoenix
              1st Raymond Sanchez

              Teen Girls-No/So Combined
              4th Cathy Jimenez
              3rd Kandi Eaglestar
              2nd Alendra Logan
              1st Larissa Bohay

              Teen Girls-Jingle
              2nd Jennifer Jackson
              1st Breanna Morningbear

              Teen Girls- Fancy Shawl
              4th Monica Bartelf
              3rd Heather Singer
              2nd Shaneesha Mountainsheep
              1st Numu Wockmetooah

              Men’s So. Straight
              4th Kelly Yackytoonahipah
              3rd Steve Campos
              2nd Chris Denehdeal
              1st Lewis Perkins

              Men’s No. Traditional
              4th Winston Toby Jose
              3rd Pearson Tahuka
              2nd Dakota McGurk
              1st Dean Lightfoot

              Men’s Grass
              4th John Youngbear
              3rd Jeremy Meyers
              2nd Joseph Mango
              1st Jackson Tahuka
              Men’s Fancy War
              4th Rick Yazzie
              3rd Luke Whiteman
              2nd Mylan Tootoosis
              1st Dennison Brown

              Men’s Golden Age
              4th Saginaw Grant
              3rd Giles Bullshields
              2nd Barry Hamiliton
              1st DeWayne Tofpi

              Women’s No/So Cloth
              4th Annette Rice
              3rd Leah Brown
              2nd Regina Charles
              1st Yvonne Sadongei

              Women’s No/So Buckskin
              4th Tesa Dee Roubedeaux
              3rd Sandra Logan
              2nd Virgie Tsosie
              1st Keri Jhane Noise Cat

              Women’s Jingle
              4th Pam James
              3rd Jovelle Pacheco
              2nd Bessie Medicinebird
              1st Celeste McGurk

              Women’s Fancy Shawl
              4th Heidi Navarro
              3rd Shirley Hill
              2nd Crystalena Pacheco
              1st Jolynn Begay

              Golden Age Woman
              4th Toni All Runner Hawk
              3rd Nancy Roubedeaux
              2nd Sharon Haymond
              1st Sammye Dominguez

              Drum Contest
              4th Red Hand
              3rd Red Buffalo
              2nd YB Style
              1st The Singers


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