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    About 200 in the Grand Entry tonight. Drums present: Eagle Bear (Host?), White Hawk, Redtail, New Agency, Wild Spirit, Wild Rose, Red Sand, Lone Scout, K-Town, Indian Nation are the contest drums. Sunrise-Sunset, Parker Dam, Frog Island and a few others make up the non-contest drums. I think first place in the singing contest is 8K. Their schedule also listed a one man singing contest tonight and a three man cntest tomorrow evening. No info on prize money though.

    Drum contest results:
    2nd-Wild Rose
    3rd-Red Sand
    4th-Wild Spirit
    5th-Dancing Eagle
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    Leo Charlie took one man handdrum

    White Hawk & Empero Corral took the 3 Man/Woman Handdrum

    Golden Age Men:
    1. Norman Largo
    2. Gary Greene, maybe
    3. Dave Brown Eagle
    4. Lloyd Rider, or Floyd, can't r'member
    5. Les Wahsise, maybe switched for 4 and 5

    Golden Age Women:
    1. Ruth "Mush" Jim
    2. Velma Bahe, maybe
    4. Janet George

    Jr. Men's Tradish Straight:
    1. Adrian Kline
    2. Russel McLeod
    4. Sheldon Shebala

    Men's Contemp Tradish:
    1. Colby White
    2. Shonto Pete
    3. Blue Jay ***
    4. Richard Walks Over Ice

    Jr. Men's Grass:
    1. Walden Tewawina, maybe
    2. George Growing Thunder
    4. Darren Todichinii

    Jr. Men's Fancy
    1. JJ Meninnick
    3. Leo Charlie
    4. Butch Nomee

    Prairie Chicken:
    1. Guy Fox
    2. Richard Pacheco

    Sr. Men's Tradish:
    3. Irvin Tso, I think
    4. Gary Comes At Nite

    Sr. Men's Grass:
    1. Phil Wilson, I think
    2. Josh Umtuch
    3. John Meninnick
    4. ** Walsey

    Sr. Men's Fancy:
    1. Luke Whiteman
    2. Stan Whiteman

    Jr. Women's Tradish:
    1. Bobby White
    4. Katrina Walsey

    Jr. Women's Jingle:
    1. Taunie Cullooyah
    can't r'member the order; Thea McLeod, Paula Shebala, Sophie White maybe

    Jr. Women's Fancy:
    1. Susie Walsey, might be 2nd...
    2. Dezbah White, maybe
    3. Mildred Jones
    4. Bubbus George

    Sr. Women's Tradish:
    1. Sarge Tillequots
    2. Wilma Buck, maybe

    Sr. Women's Jingle:
    1. *** Begay, I think she's a Totus or Walsey
    2. *** Red Bear, Thea's mom I think

    Sr. Women's Fancy:
    2. Lynn Pinkham
    3. Jana Henry

    Women's Jingle Special
    1. Thea McLeod
    & Sophie & Paula

    Prairie Chicken 17 & Under:
    1. Jordan Yazzie
    2. Sterling Paul or Desmond Madera??, I dunno
    3. Bryon Adams, maybe
    4. Dakota Madera

    Clown Dance Contest:
    1. Buck Wallahee
    2. Lyle Doorman
    3. Dave Madera
    4. *** Begay
    5. Randy George

    There's a few more specials I don't r'member...
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