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Winners List from Harbor Springs, Mi

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  • Winners List from Harbor Springs, Mi

    Please forgive me for any spelling errors in names...

    Boys 6-12 Tradish:
    1st - Brandon Hinojosa
    2nd - Alonzo Oldman
    3rd - Lil Bird Benton

    Boys 6-12 Grass:
    1st - David Hinojosa
    2nd - Anthony Pelletier
    3rd - Zackary Jackson

    boys 6-12 Fancy:
    1st - Caden Dreaver
    2nd - Arlan George
    3rd - Cauy George

    Girls 6-12 Tradish:
    1st - Aerius Phoenix Benton
    2nd - Emma Schwander
    3rd - Dehmin Cleland

    Girls 6-12 Jingle:
    1st - Waskwane Stonefish
    2nd - Dajia Shinos
    3rd - Maya Schuyler

    Boys 13-17 Tradish:
    1st - Austin Benton
    2nd - Jaime Begay
    3rd - Michael Begay

    Boys 13-17 Grass:
    1st - Buster Benton
    2nd - Anthony Bear
    3rd - Quinten Schwander

    Boys 13-17 Fancy:
    1st - Tony Klein

    Girls 13-17 Tradish:
    1st - Alicya Wix
    2nd - Jaquoya Wix
    3rd - Cassidi Webkamigad

    Girls 13-17 Jingle:
    1st - Cheyenne Petoskey
    2nd - Daynelle Syrette Pyawasit
    3rd - Shay Schuyler

    Girls 13-17 Fancy:
    1st - Rita DeVoy
    2nd - Cassandra Gibson
    3rd - Roxanne Crihfield

    Mens 18-49 Tradish:
    1st - Charles Belisle
    2nd - RJ Smith
    3rd - Edmond Neuaquaya

    Mens 18-49 Grass:
    1st - Harvey Goodsky Jr.
    2nd - Leroy Eshkawkogan
    3rd - Jesse Oldman

    Mens 18-49 Fancy:
    1st - Nigel Schuyler
    2nd - Tyrone Shawana

    Womens 18-49 Tradish:
    1st - Milissa Montoya
    2nd - Liz Webkamigad
    3rd - Monica Raphael

    Womans 18-49 Jingle:
    1st - Iliana Montoya
    2nd - Jackie Klein
    3rd - Shema Yearby

    Mens Golden Age:
    1st - Stephen Pelletier
    2nd - Justin Yearby
    3rd - Willie Trudeau

    Womens Golden Age:
    1st - Karen Pheasant
    2nd - Debbie Klein
    3rd - Marie Trudeau

    Drum Contest:
    1st - Ojibwe Park
    2nd - Eagle Flight
    3rd - Star Lodge
    It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but an entire life to forget them

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    swweeettt.....CONGRATS TO CHARLES AND ILI!
    "Talk Is Fine- If You Got The Time, But I Ain't Got No Time To Spare...."


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      I forgot, Girls 6-12 Fancy:
      1st Beedoskah Stonefish
      2nd Miigwaans Smith
      3rd Alexa Oldman
      It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but an entire life to forget them


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        Good Job Miigwaan and RJ....

        Men's Tradish was stacked!!!


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          I had a great time. The LTBB Odawa people were great host.


          They have awesome 50/50 pots!!!


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