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  • Grand Ronde Winners

    Jr Girls Jingle
    5th $25 Elisa Peacock Cherokee/Blackfeet
    4th $50 Decole Wilson Klamath
    3rd $75 Heaven Bull Waskawitch Cree
    2nd $100 Nixa Rice N.Cheyenne/Tilingit
    1st $150 Rose Pigsley Siletz/Blackfeet

    Jr Girls Fancy

    5th $25 Carissa Jackson Klamath/Yakama
    4th $50 Larae Ellenwood Nez Perce/Blackfeet
    3rd $75 Kateri Whitehead Siletz/Kootenai
    2nd $100 Arcelia Johnson Paiute
    1st $150 Autuma Johnson Paiute

    Jr Girls Traditional
    5th $25 Enecia Timmen Nez Perce
    4th $50 Sierria Rain Harris Navajo
    3rd $75 Margoe Wilson Nez Perce
    2nd $100 Katrina Blackwolf Warm Springs/Yakama
    1st $150 Destiny Summers Klamath,Paiute,Wasco

    Jr Boys Grass
    5th $25 Sikoya Scabbyrboe Blackfeet/Cree
    4th $50 Jaedis Manyheads Siksika
    3rd $75 Marcel Allen Jr Grand Ronde
    2nd $100 Manny Hawley Chippewa Cree
    1st $150 Treleigh Scabbyrobe Blackfeet/Cree

    Jr Boys Fancy
    3rd $75 Shyden Pinnecoose Southern Ute
    2nd $100 Nathan Ream Grand Ronde
    1st $150 Ila Pinkham Nez Perce

    Jr Boys Traditional
    5th $25 SanPoil Whitehead Siletz/Kootenai
    4th $50 Logan Butler Siletz
    3rd $75 Josh White Cree
    2nd $100 Devyn Leigh Cherokee/Blackfeet
    1st $150 DeMarcus Pacheco yakama/pueblo

    Teen Girls Jingle
    5th $100 Mia Peacock Cherokee/BlackFeet
    4th $200 Halona Butler Siletz
    3rd $300 Latesha Jackson klamath/Yakama
    2nd $400 Elise Metz Sho-Ban
    1st $600 Talina Reasoner Seminole

    Teen Girls Fancy
    5th $100 Tiasoom Rice N.Cheyenne/Tilingit
    4th $200 Dominique Ali Spokane
    3rd $300 Willow Kipp Sho-Ban/Blackfeet
    2nd $400 Latrishia Scabbyrobe Blackfeet Cree
    1st $600 Regine Wilson Nez Perce

    Teen Girls Traditional
    5th $100 Raedawn Wahl Klamath
    4th $200 Andraya Trujillo Yakama/Navajo
    3rd $300 Jessica Brondreau Umatilla
    2nd $400 Shalene Johnson Gros Ventre
    1st $600 Temi Meninick Yakama/Nez Perce

    Teen Boys Grass
    5th $100 Eric Reasoner
    4th $200 Hardo Lopez Warm Springs
    3rd $300 Junior James Sto Lo/Cree
    2nd $400 Mario Hawley Chippewa Cree
    1st $600 Creighton Scabbyrobe Blackfeet/cree

    Teen Boys Fancy
    2nd $400 Jared Johnson
    1st $600 WindDancer Waskawitch
    Onion Lake Cree

    Teen Boys Traditional
    5th $100 Leland Butler
    4th $200 Steven Paul Nez Perce
    3rd $300 Red Bear McCloud Puyallip/Dakota
    2nd $400 Jordon Yazzie Yakama
    1st $600 Earnest Morning Owl Yakama/Crow

    Womens Fancy
    5th $200 Crystal Howell
    4th $400 Shamaray Littlechild Navajo
    3rd $600 Shaylen Manyheads Siksika
    2nd $800 Michelle Kipp Sho-Ban
    1st $1100 Roseanne Greene Nez Perce/Salish

    Womens Jingle
    5th $200 Gwen Point
    Sto Lo Chillewack
    4th $400 Venessa Pete Colville
    3rd $600 Crystal Lane Lummi
    2nd $800 Birdy Scabbyrobe Lummi
    1st $1100 Thea McCloud Dakota

    Womens Traditional
    5th $200 Joeann Scott
    Warm Springs/Puyallip
    4th $400 Siciley Scott Warm Springs/Sioux
    3rd $600 Violet Olney-Scabbyrobe Yakama
    2nd $800 Wilma Buck Yakama
    1st $1100 Tisa Matheson Nez Perce/Cree

    Mens Traditional
    5th $200 Jason Stacona
    Warm Springs
    4th $400 Deshawn LittleEagle Warm Springs/Navajo
    3rd $600 David Spotted Eagle Blackfeet
    2nd $800 Russel McCloud Puyallup/Yakama
    1st $1100 Adrian Klein Sr Ojibwa/Oneida

    Mens Fancy
    5th $200 Kieran Hill
    4th $400 Stanson Yazzie Navajo
    3rd $600 Marvin Pinnecoose Southern Ute
    2nd $800 Cory Johnson Warm Springs
    1st $1100 Perry Thompson Dine'

    Mens Grass
    5th $200 Lyle Crookedneck
    4th $400 Junior Waskawitch Cree
    3rd $600 Victor Harry Squamish
    2nd $800 Shawn Scabbyrobe Blackfeet/Blood
    1st $1100Colton Tohannie Shoshone/Ute

    Womens Golden Age
    5th $200 Janet Billey
    Grand Ronde
    4th $400 Ruth Jim Warm Springs
    3rd $600 Audry Olney Yakama
    2nd $800 Nancy Tailfeathers Warm Springs
    1st $1100 Louise Scabbyrobe

    Mens Golden Age
    5th $200 Abby Summer
    4th $400 Don Moccasin Nakota
    3rd $600 Stan Greene Nez Perce/Salish
    2nd $800 Moses Spear Chief Blood
    1st $1100 Peter Olney Yakama

    Womens Traditional Special
    1st place Thea McCloud
    2nd Tisa Matheson
    3rd Wilma buck
    it was Thea's first time dancing in family is so proud of her

    Mens Traditonal Special
    uhh..I wasnt around but I think it
    went to Adrian Klein Sr
    2nd went to Russel McCloud

    Teen Boys Grass Special
    1st place went to Mario Hawley
    2nd went to WindDancer Waskawitch..I of them Waskawitch boys
    sorry again

    the host drums sounded goot
    first time Red bull singers was invited to Grand Ronde Oregon
    Edmund Bull,Arnold Pete,Brian,Irvin,Junior Waskawitch
    Deliah Waskawitch had killer back up voice
    they sounded exactly like back in the old days...back in the 80's
    they was jammin out the whole crowd
    goot thing I recorded them on Video
    post them on youtube later

    Perfect Storm and Black Lodge
    sounded perfect

    loved Grand Ronde's New casino buffet....

    The weather was cool friday
    hot Saturday then got cold that same night
    Sunday was cool
    but harsh winds before the powwow ended
    so this powwow had strange weather
    but it was all goot!
    at least it wasnt that hot eh
    also they had new powwow grounds
    right in the sticks
    new shower rooms/restrooms
    never saw a portapotty in sight which is a goot thing!! aye

    see yall next year at the powwow

  • #2
    wow.......thank you NativeChick509 for postn da winners

    hey congrats to all the winners lots of good singing, huh? did you get sum goot recordn??


    • #3
      yeah I did
      took me all night to upload 2 videos
      black lodge and red bull
      couple more to add

      Grand Ronde is thinkin bout
      adding 4 host drums for next year
      they wanna invite red bull again
      so we'll see what happens next year


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