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Crooked River Powwow,OH

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  • Crooked River Powwow,OH

    It was wonderful seeing such a well done job by a first time powwow.

    The Drums present provided the best.
    Ok ok, I'm tired traveled all night and just got up (for sure a sleepy head)

    Seeing the couple presented with a blanket on Saturday was nice. The smile that the couple owned, was precious and I pray the best for that couple in their life together.

    The turnout for dancers was the best for a first year powwow that I have seen in a long time.

    To see so many bloods turn out, yes I am extremely impressed.

    The honor dance for the brother who is leaving was a nice touch. I have watched this man for a while now.
    While there is a person out there who likes to stir rumors and hate against this fine warrior, she will get hers as My Nieces will be letting me know what that woman is up to. I feel I must say this. The warrior who was honored has always been there for people (not counting a specific time when he was pulled by wannabes to see another way) I have asked many people to tell me their thoughts on this Warrior. He is a true warrior and always ready to help anyone. He mentors the young and has always taken the time to help teach the right ways. A good friend and a shoulder to lean on, many see him as Brother and Uncle. This is a good thing. The woman who is choosing to talk bad words on him, she hides behind false faces, and lies. She will continue to be watched as well as her daughter. (Correct me if I am wrong but Jingle dancers should live up to specific morals and scruples as the dance is a Medicine dance?)

    Prayer songs will be sung for this warrior and his family quietly cared for by many.

    This powwow allowed a great thing when they encouraged this honoring. My hat is off to the committee and volunteers.

    My travels have me coming to Ohio again, will see some of you on the circuit.

    I look forward to this powwow next year. You never know who will come dance.


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    Hey Mary, what did you do to get so many red beads?

    Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

    "When I was young man I did some dumb things and the elders would talk to me. Sometimes I listened. Time went by and as I looked around...I was the elder".

    Mr. Rossie Freeman


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      Originally posted by Joe's Dad View Post
      Hey Mary, what did you do to get so many red beads?
      Maybe Mary likes red. Maybe others like to give her red beads.

      Anyhoo...... I did sound for that powwow and is was a great time. We had a little rain but everything went on on time. The rain was overnight and in the early morning stopping about 10:00AM. The park area was in somewhat of a residential area. People were saying they could hear the drums a few blocks away.

      Saturday at about 9:00AM a guy came up from the housing development across the road and inquired what was going on. He also stated that it was a little loud for 9:00AM on a Saturday. Well, I told him my neighbor uses his chainsaw at 7:30AM on a Saturday and I don't complain about it. Besides we had a permit for the powwow. So that means that we can start the sound system at 7:00AM and shut it off at 11:00PM. It's an NDN thing. I was running CDs of Yellowhammer, Black Lodge, and a few others. He didn't need to understand.

      Now who here can complain about my music selection????? If it's our northern or southern boys on the drum, there is no need to complain about 5000 watts worth of drum rattling windows a few blocks away. No one at the powwow had a beef with the sound! Besides a good drum always draws a crowd. We were packed with spectaters from the neighborhood. They loved it!!!!!

      It's all GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

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