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Powwow n Vegas....

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  • Powwow n Vegas....

    does any1 happen to kno if deres a pw in las vegas dis wknd?.. let me kno a.s.ap!.. thanks'

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    The only pow wow's coming up in the Vegas area is Nov. 1 & 2, in Moapa, NV, about 30 miles outside, heading toward Salt Lake City on I-15.

    Then on Nov. 8 & 9, the Veteran's Pow wow in Henderson.

    I think on Thanksgiving weekend in Pahrump or the weekend before.


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      mmmk so deres no pw dis wknd???...
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        arent they havin the INFR there this wkend??? dk bout the pw..tho
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          No powwow, just the rodeo. Would've be awesome if they had a powwow to coincide w/ the rodeo.......but we ain't that lucky!!!

          Anyone know any results of last nights performance (rodeo i mean)? All my contacts are still passed out this morning


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            yeah the INFR is always pettty fun if i was anywhere near there id be all lookin good in my cowboy clothes.. haha and squeezin some honey somewhere.. haha ayes *those were the days*
            thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

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              INFR back to Las Vegas 2009

              Congrats to all the newly crowned champion Cowboys and Cowgirls. The rodeo was great! I hadn't been to a rodeo in ages. I would have thought the crowd would have been more energetic but there was tons of space at the center. Not much advertisment. But for only $25 bucks general admission and could sit anywhere it was great. Will definately go back next year. Hope to see more spectators to cheer on their Native Cowboys and Cowgirls.


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                So are there any powwows for Martin Luthar kingz bday...hehe....gaaaahhht....

                but no seriously....what is goin on this weekend...3 day weekend YO!
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                Does anyone know when it is?
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                I hear there is a pow-wow in Loon Lake, Sask this weekend (May 22, 23). Can someone tell me what day it starts...I am hearing conflicting times. Does in start Friday or Saturday?

                Thank you for any information...
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                Has anyone ever been to the Richmond, IN powwow that is coming up this weekend? It's been going on for a few years so I thought I'd take a chance and see who'd been there. We've never been and I was wondering if it was any good or not. We're planning on going and camping.
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                I want to share an interesting information for you
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                I'll start out by saying the usual things were good about this powwow: the drums and the dancers. It's them that ultimately make or break a powwow, for the most part. There were some really great specials and the dancers really put up a good competition. The weather was mild, and it was not unbearably...
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