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Chamber's Farm or Hart Springs

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  • Chamber's Farm or Hart Springs

    I'm trying to decide where to go for a Thanksgiving weekend powwow. I'm interested in your opinions.

    November 28 - 30, 2008 ~ Firewalker's Legacy Thanksgiving Pow Wow

    Hart Springs Campground ~ Bell, Florida 32619


    FREE Admission, FREE Parking, FREE Camping for Dancers - Host Drum - Family Drum; MC - Gunny; Head man & Lady - Rick & Pam Wilson; AD - Mike Serio; Contact: Helen Blair - 352-463-7321 [email protected] ; Nancy Poucher - 352-284-1347 [email protected] ; Patty Davis - 352-284-0037 [email protected] Paint the Pony! Live Music, Storytelling, Drumming, Dancing, Food

    November 27 - 30, 2008 ~ Chambers Farm Pow Wow

    22400 CR-315 - Ft McCoy, Florida 32182

    MC - Ric Bird; Head Lady - Maria Whitehorse; Host Drum - Billy Evans Horse; AD - Art Hoover - more info Michael Brill 513-464-1746
    J.L. Benet

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    Is this your first powwow in FL? If so you're in for a real treat. I'd skip the Hart Springs powwow. Sounds like a real dud. Normally, I'd even say skip the Chambers farm powwow...but what you'll find is a few good indians and well I won't say what the others are. If you go...take a moment to speak with the headlady dancer. She's a good family friend and a super nice lady. My mom tries to make a habit of going to this just so she can see her a few of her real native friends that get together at this event. You'll see what I am talking about....most of the natives will be sitting at the drum or sitting behind it.


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      Morton all the way..


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        It won't be my first powwow in Florida, but I've never been to either of these two. The powwows I have been to in Florida have been a mixed bag. Some have been awesome experiences, others were rather off-putting.
        J.L. Benet


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          PrairieTX is right, Chambers is much better, my Uncles are on the host Drum and there are some hokey people there but then you have alot real indians there and there all real nice, The Head Drum is awesome, and I'll be going this year, and the only reason I'm going is because of the people who will be there, and its a good time, Chambers all the way, just trust me on it.


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            Originally posted by J.L. Benet View Post
            It won't be my first powwow in Florida, but I've never been to either of these two. The powwows I have been to in Florida have been a mixed bag. Some have been awesome experiences, others were rather off-putting.
            Let me guess the awesome ones were coordinated by the Seminole tribe. LOL. My mom was kicking herself b/c she was here in TX visiting me when the powwow was at the Fairgounds. I heard that one was really great. My sister and brother went but my poor mom who goes just to shoot the breeze with her friends missed the whole thing b/c she was taking care of me. :) Poor mom. If you havent...sometime in March there is a pretty decent powwow in New Port Richey. It is small but usually has some real natives which is basically how I rate powwows there.


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              Chambers, Chambers, Chambers. And hopefully the weather will hold up.
              Don't ever stop dancing


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